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Posted in: Japan industry minister asks firms to consider joining new Sakhalin 2 operator See in context

They could btw. even additionally step into the now vacant 27.5%. But that’s maybe a bit difficult to decide between politically forced pre specifications due to the Ukraine conflict and the original goal of stable energy supply.

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Posted in: Kremlin says Griner prisoner swap must be discussed without publicity See in context

My guess is, the pro sports and international publicity attempt is only the clever camouflage of that obviously excessively tattooed drug addicted and dealing person. I’m for that prisoner exchange, if she really wants it, because nine years in a Russian prison might be or maybe not even harder than at a US facility, that should be her choice, but granted only under the condition that she then similarly sits the full nine years or the average US jurisdiction timespan for such crime in her home country.

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

Sounds like a communist Gulag, hard working is of course not forbidden, but breaks are held in time slots and without communication, everyone sitting in the same direction and forced to be silent. ‘Positive’ side effect, those silenced slaves can’t even make schedules for union meetings or demanding higher wages for balancing the hyperinflation.

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Posted in: 'Living with COVID': Where the pandemic could go next See in context

Anyone who says they can predict the future of this pandemic is either overconfident or lying," said David Dowdy

Or he’s just capable of multiplying simple transition matrices, like for example I am.

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Posted in: Japan reports 233,769 coronavirus cases; 37,767 in Tokyo See in context

Every pandemic in human history has 'resolved' itself in a few years and become endemic

So it’s the fault of the 6 millions dead and still daily dying ones that they only didn’t wait long enough while leaving suffocating at the ECMOs patiently instead of waiting until it becomes harmless and endemic? Insane, your logic when it comes to pandemics like this one.

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Posted in: As inflation bites, Japan's PM finds unlikely ally in labor unions See in context

Galleys’ owners, sorry, an autocorrect typo. lol

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Posted in: As inflation bites, Japan's PM finds unlikely ally in labor unions See in context

The galore owners already installed a drummer for the chained rowers. Nothing has changed for thousands of years.

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Posted in: Ohtani homers twice in Angels' 8-7 loss to Oakland See in context

Yes, very important news. -not- I also sometimes lost a chess match when I was young, although managed to keep my Queen and the Towers. Doesn’t make sense and is of no use, if you lose anyway, like here those two whatever great homers of Ohtani. lol

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Posted in: China cancels bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 Taiwan statement See in context

Boycotts are of course an option, but they obviously don’t work , not in North Korea, not in Russia and highly probably also not in China. You hit only quite some dependent 16 hrs hard working factory workers and their families, but surely not at all the CCP elite in Beijing. Those regimes just only understand and therefore urgently need adequate, immediate and symmetrical responses, that’s all. If they don’t like to meet and talk, don’t meet and talk too. If they fire missiles into EEZ then intercept them and send also one or two into or near their acclaimed EEZ and so on. In principle it’s only an image game, not really such dangerous as they loudly announce. Of course they also don’t want to die for no reason and risk strikes onto their area or population. They want a strong image in their countries for demonstrating power and keeping their people silent. That image has to be attacked, for instance by just shooting down any of their missiles and sending the same number. That would stop it, because they don’t want to lose face in the first place.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Yes, of course. The bombings with at those times completely new devastating and mass killing weapons should have been announced beforehand so that the civilians had a small chance to evacuate and only military targets or installments being hit. If nowadays the Russians hit a kindergarten or hospital in Ukraine it’s called a war crime, so the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki surely were war crimes too.

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Posted in: Chinese-fired ballistic missiles fall into Japan's EEZ: gov't See in context

Putting scientific knowledge into real life practice I would strongly recommend a well-known method from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research and modeling. It’s very useful and called Early stopping.

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Posted in: Japan to extend additional surveillance drones to Ukraine See in context

30 camera toy drones, when the Ukraine is that huge in area (like size of Texas or so) and already the front line has a length of about 1,000 km or even more? That’s just another big ‘game changer’ -not- like those few HIMARS launchers, which probably also die more from loneliness in that big area than from being taken out by Russians.

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Posted in: ASEAN-plus-3 foreign ministers begin talks, focus on Ukraine war See in context

Well, just let them meet and hold such numerous useless talking sessions one after the other. If they are busy with those meetings they have no time for conflicts , occupations or shooting on each other’s countries.

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Posted in: UK brings in ownership register for property held by foreign companies See in context

They have their properties seized. Mansions, football clubs, yachts, bank accounts.

Maybe you mean their property has been temporarily frozen. If it has really been finally seized without any payments to the owners, that would simply be copying countries like China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea etc, as it would be completely contradicting to common procedures in capitalist countries like the UK is one or at least states to be one. Even the Nazis paid the Jews a small formal lump sum for the seized valuable properties. So I don’t believe that those Russian oligarchs get nothing or are left with empty hands.

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Posted in: Webb telescope captures colorful Cartwheel Galaxy See in context

Scientists are using it to better understand the history of the universe! Isn't that something worth knowing about?

Exactly that, it’s of no measurable use, isn’t worth anything and also is not even possible knowing about. The money and resources have all to be used instead to solve problems here and now, on this planet, for our and future generations.

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Posted in: Ukraine President Zelenskyy says China must not help Russia See in context

Demanding full independence and free decisions or intentions of NATO or EU memberships , massive weapons and money support etc for the own country Ukraine is very easy, but it seems to be very difficult to grant the same for the other sided block, to understand that also countries like China then make own independent and free decisions in their interests, whatever contradicting, very good or really bad and dangerous those might turn out to be. He’d better only care for his area and neighborhoods, that’s already difficult enough, he’s not of enough size or in the position to open a new political conflict or front with far away and so far more or less almost neutral China.

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Posted in: 'Brain fatigue' caused by information overload See in context

Maybe that brain fatigue is just only simple a LongCovid mass symptom. There always has been quite an information overload. Look into the old history and science notes or books from very ancient times, Persians, Greek antique, Roman Empire, all the famous world explorers like Columbus, DaGama , the scientists like Gauss, Newton, Curie, Einstein and so many other famous ones more. They all had such an immense and even greater information overload to be exposed to and managed to make great research and discoveries. I don’t think that it is a valid theory, blaming IT, Internet, Smartphones and all that for causing significant widespread brain fatigue.

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Posted in: Climate change intensifying water cycle, bringing more powerful storms and flooding See in context

History books are full of warming periods, heavy rainfalls and devastating floods, long before any emissions caused by humans. They shouldn’t just stop to mix up all those developments, only to propagate their de-industrialization efforts from the green agendas. And it also won’t help, because even in the best scenario it only could postpone those effects a little bit, not avoid them.

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Posted in: Lawyers decry ban on 'menacing' eyewear at Japan prison See in context

On TV also that killer of former PM Abe was to seen walking around handcuffed , but his glasses taken away. I’m not against harsh trials or death penalty in severe cases, but up to the last second they have to be treated like humans and supplied the minimum of basic needs. That includes giving them fitting glasses, because not only 80% of all senses are visual, but also directly regarding to their case and jurisdiction , they have to be enabled to read the accusations, verdicts and all those papers from the lawyers or courts etc. It’s really even quite disturbing me, when they obviously take glasses away systematically from suspects and prisoners.

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Posted in: Spreading COVID-19 infections among aides to Kishida raise caution See in context

It’s a simple math thing. The viruses are small but outnumber us humans more and more. So if you continue to embrace with them, they’ll just suffocate us individuals as well as in in economy and society. But I don’t expect enough people to be capable of even only simplest math, so they’ll all highly probably continue with statements like we have to ignore that and go on living happily with the viruses. The problem is, it that just can’t and won’t work.

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Posted in: Japan reports 249,830 coronavirus cases; 38,940 in Tokyo See in context


I can't believe people on here are still promoting nocovid despite leading experts the world over recommending the very opposite.

Sorry, but after now already in the 7th infection wave, the concepts of your so-called ‘leading experts’ are more then ripe for throwing into the garbage can quickly and trying something else, which not even hasn’t to be the very opposite, but obviously at least something quite different.

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Posted in: Webb telescope captures colorful Cartwheel Galaxy See in context

Yes, beautiful and amazing, like a painting of Monet too. But it’s finally of no use and only causing massive costs. That big amount of money for ‘space exploration’ is better spent on all those real problems on our planet.

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Posted in: Britain's Conservative Party voting for next PM delayed after hacking alert: Telegraph See in context

Nothing is free, also not any medical child birth costs or paid benefits for the parents. That’s even in the best cases either paid by the tax payers or by the health insurance members. Spare us such wishful theories or communist like arguments. There isn’t such a thing in real practice like paradise or real communism, nowhere and never.

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Posted in: Japan reports 249,830 coronavirus cases; 38,940 in Tokyo See in context

No, we only have to go one step, the NoCovid one. Because you might already know or just still learn, that only NoCovid is good Covid.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister to attend ASEAN talks in Phnom Penh See in context

Why is America included? It’s not in Asia and has bombed and nuked most of the members.

Of course it is in Asia, it has embassies in all or most countries, aircraft carriers and flotillas all around , big economic ties , large shares and other investments, is selling many of their products and so on. There’s no reason to discuss an inclusion or exclusion, everyone should be welcomed who earnestly contributes or wants some current problems in Asia to be solved.

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Posted in: We want people to stop disposing of batteries as burnable trash. See in context

Yes, everyone or let’s say most people know that very well. It simply lacks an alternative used batteries collecting system. It has to be installed at places everyone can easily reach, be reliable for example accessible always or long hours, and of course also made known to the public by announcements or if it has to be with those cute yurukara mascot campaigns. Here and there a small collection box invisible or in the farthest corner of a shop, when everyone sees it, thinking, oops what a pity, I could have my batteries disposed here but didn’t know, that kind of random system obviously doesn’t work well.

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Posted in: Do you think use-by dates on labels cause people to toss out food and drinks too soon? See in context

There’s a good reason for those expiration dates printed on products’ packages. But feel free to take any challenges, especially now in extreme summer heat, you’ll probably ’love’ it, while you still can. And now a few words to those proposals to lower the safety standards and printing expiration dates farther in the future or not at all anymore. What will happen? Exactly, most people lose then trust in them, estimate the real date from their former experiences and throw everything away even days or weeks earlier than it is then printed on the packages. The result, even more food waste and those who abide to the new postponed expiration dates or again add some time, will become more often really sick or at least have stomach aches quite often. Of course I also sometimes decide case by case to use, eat or drink something when the date has a bit expired, but in general I wouldn’t recommend to change the current situation. How’s the saying? Don’t touch a working system.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party says parliamentary speech for ex-PM Abe postponed See in context

My guess would be that the postponement is just only made for waiting a bit if something else or still unknown is popping up or crawling onto surface.

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Posted in: Nature is the world's original pharmacy – returning to medicine's roots could help fill drug discovery gaps See in context

The Amazon natives know which plants they need when sick.

That’s not true. It’s only valid if they would have their area kept intact in size and biodiversity and additionally have not the slightest interaction with our overwhelming rest majority of mankind. Anything or anyone disturbing and coming into or near their area from outside and they immediately get severely sick and have just zero knowledge and possibilities to handle it.

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Posted in: California governor declares monkeypox state of emergency See in context

Of course it’s wildly spreading now in that rainbow state and especially in SF. The question is which moron has allowed or promoted the mass import from African areas where that viruses developed and originally stem from.

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