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Posted in: Wireless stereo speaker system See in context

Or are console for the existing radio, TV and computers - portable? IF IS ARE BESTSELLER PRODUCT.

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Posted in: Charge your mobile phone in times of emergency See in context

Why do not heat converted to electricity and charge the phone?

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Posted in: Kyocera donates solar power generating systems to schools in Tanzania, Uganda See in context

thermodynamics of the sun is the future with optics. much more energy from the heat. KENYA

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Posted in: Infrared ray-controlled miniature helicopter See in context

why is not controlled with WI-FI?

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Posted in: Rio Tinto puts largest 'red' diamond on market See in context

real market of the future are not luxury diamonds. but diamonds are accessible to everyone. means a mixture of kitsch and diamonds at low cost.

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Posted in: Going global: Success factors for finding the right talent See in context

About going global just type I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU, on amazon.com, this book is for free in next four days, and is very good for who want exploit global market.

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Posted in: Android, Samsung extend smartphone lead: survey See in context

why do not exploit this big market, on Android, YOU JAPAN born?

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Posted in: Wireless display connection set See in context

It is for global sale? on which www. page?

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Posted in: Multi-channel integrated amplifiers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, MHL See in context

Why is so big? We have now habits to buy small, like Samsung S3. Why you do not develop microchips and made small sexy elegant products? or nanotechnology???

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Posted in: NEC unveils new business-oriented PC lineup See in context

when will be for sale in Europe?

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Posted in: Dry ice vacuum cleaner robot bound for Fukushima See in context

Converter.sunlight into electricity - heat is possible.radioactive rays into electricity is possible.if you need a converter, you would have developed

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Posted in: Researchers unravel mechanism behind cause of depression See in context

drug addicts and alcoholics do not do anything to you, free of movement, speed and improve your body. in life take advantage of you. in sex do not take advantage of another. as likes weak victims of the system.

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Posted in: Vietnamese noodles: a cultural pho-nomenon See in context

continually raising the standard: recipe for becoming rich and capitalist.

First: Tea in bags

Second: cook tea in wine

Third: extract antioxidants

4th: antioxidants in delicious tablet sales - more than you eat, the more weight you lose.

5th: antioxidant mixing pills in iced tea and sale

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Posted in: Toyota, BMW working on new battery technology See in context

why not car floating soil?using the weight of the car in a floating position, the entire weight transformed into energy. as power becomes a car. basics of gravity. you ready for the revolution?

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Posted in: Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs See in context

industrial revolution was only capital machines - economic growth. computers are only fun - economic downturn.

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Posted in: Walkman for swimmers See in context

if I have a return on the purchase of a larger growth than if I buy a consumable product?

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Posted in: Tomato compound tied to lower stroke risk: study See in context

Eat directly antioxidant like www.optimah.com is more smart

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Posted in: Finance leaders to discuss global economic threats See in context

If i am happy i have all and do not need to innovate. Developed countries have all and do not need more innovation with mean development. If you do not develop yourself you do not need innovation of nike for example.

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Posted in: 2-day conference on disaster risk management begins in Sendai See in context

New Orleans was built with plans for the city by the river but the sea. This is paid with their lives. what can we learn? Architecture in Japanese can not be equal architecture in the United States, must be adapted to weather, sea and earth shaking. original could be you Japanese if you want to survive in the wild circumstances. your inner market should be more advanced than the global market for products with only the Japanese.

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Posted in: Facebook and Twitter more tempting than sex: study See in context

buy a new samsung s3 is the same as sex. adrenaline, may succeed, maybe not. maybe it's a good buy, maybe a scam.

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Posted in: Japan forum to discuss nuclear-free energy future See in context

you sun warms the earth, convert waste heat into electricity for industry and services and solve two problems in one. translate knowledge into money, and not money from a limited budget to work long.

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Posted in: World's first technology for wireless communications and power supplies on a single sheet See in context

Warm for power it is a big business

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Posted in: Anime-themed car navigation system See in context

remember the time when mobile phones were in the car option? Today could be the e-mail option on the dashboard.

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Posted in: Sumitomo invests in Calif desert solar farm See in context

sun is power. mean suns heat is power. develop thermo voltaic is do business with knowledge. investing in usa is spending money in the name of stupidity. when darcy exploration company was in petroleum feldes, you are in U.S. search the gold.

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Posted in: Robot artist learns masters' brush strokes See in context

no sense, no market. if robots were a tool for manufacturers of robots would be able to say that they understand the market.

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

why do not you go ahead in time and build productive automated production without workers?

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Posted in: Robot artist learns masters' brush strokes See in context

start sell at advertising agency this.

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Posted in: Edano says Japan must quickly phase out nuke energy See in context

WHAT IS BETTER TO SELL AT JAPAN THERMO VOLTAIC PLANTS WHICH FROM suns heat made electricity, or promote development of thermo voltaic plants in japan?

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Posted in: Kokuyo, Murata, Intel develop wireless charging desk See in context

wireless charging desk prototype - if the source is the sun? imagine intel in 2080 which create a new products sun powered with 0.1V of suns heat. 1900, electricity CABLES 220V. 2000, electronic BATTERY 4V. 2080, inteltronic NOTHING 0.1V.

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Posted in: For Japan's carmakers, Europe market worth the struggle See in context

japan cars are better like ferrari are, but south korean cars attract with price. satisfactory quality it is a key.

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