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Posted in: For Japan's carmakers, Europe market worth the struggle See in context

in Europe is also competition from vendors who offer better loan or leasing.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils robot helper See in context

I need a robot that will walk beside me and me wore a tool. or when I go shopping, consumer goods.

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Posted in: Facebook switches off facial recognition tool See in context

facebook must connect with UEFA champions league for sponsors. imagine facebook in real time with big screen and football for example: Barcelona: Milan and i made comment via facebook with my facebook friend regard the match.

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Posted in: Twitter channels TV viewers: chief See in context

i imagine send SMS with my i-phone directly to the web - twitter. and connect the two world.

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Posted in: Rakuten to begin mobile data communications service See in context

why you do not do business with cannon or nikon cameras for store images in real time on the web. like amazon kindle, when i made a picture, it transfer directly on my i- cloud.

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Posted in: Digital SLR camera D600 See in context

missing the 3G internet connections to store images on i-cloud in real time. missing i-cloud.

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Posted in: Japan will go nuclear free, Noda insists See in context

japan must will go energy free. sun s heat is free. develop thermo voltaic engine. lead the world. focusing lens on black heather produce electricity for free.

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Posted in: Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't See in context

because you not with development of return of investment - market-oriented innovation. you do not have APPLE, what do you have in 2012???? in global products??? cars? telecommunications rise - where are japan companies? the serbian miloševič choice, nationalism, closed market!

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Posted in: Asian territory disputes could trigger war: Panetta See in context

weak global market demand for .japan and china products are covered with this war.

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Posted in: Ear pick for children’s ears See in context

develop return of investment is linked to market-oriented innovation.

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Posted in: Japan cuts economic view for 2nd month on weak global demand See in context

it is not weak global demand is it YOU DO NOT HAVE MARKET ORIENTED INNOVATION on the market timely. ask apple?

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Posted in: Cheeky new underwear for men hits stores See in context

not for sale on freshpair globally, only in japan, please.

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Posted in: Japan to abandon nuclear power by 2030s: report See in context

the sun rise in the water and creates a river, the sun is the reason for hydropower. how much is the power of the sun? why not direct sun with thermodynamics?

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Posted in: Internet has no 'off switch,' says web inventor See in context

www is without defense against cyber attacks. a big invention.

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Posted in: Apple in talks for free Internet radio See in context

it is opportunity for japan entrepreneurs to develop YOURADIO. like you tube on YOURADIO people to give proper speak. overtake the old apple.

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Posted in: One in five big Japan firms want zero nuclear power by 2030: poll See in context

the galaxy is full of energy, it is necessary only to make the converter to electricity.

4 elements open galaxy

energy rocks water knowledge

Energy can not be created nor destroyed and, it can only convert - read advantage. in most of the Galaxy the energy is today unused, virgin. advantage can only be with knowledge. knowledge of the earth is small. knowledge in the second level is a prerequisite imagination - a continuation, which could be an innovation open circle more knowledge in the first level of the earth is the exploitation of free energy from the sun, convert it into money increasing the total amount of money and the emergence of new business and direction.

Energy is power everything, this is the first level of knowledge, able to exploit the free energy that attracts our galaxy. knowledge and second knowledge level is a continuation, you imagine products than in 1800 OTTO engine with petroleum was a base which can become innovation - read standard. FREE as a set of patents in Apple products, today, but sophisticated, continuation telecommunications phone are also innovate in Apple. FREE because man has the potential targets, only aims not. if the financial crisis on earth that just means that people are aimless, closed without enthusiasm to discover new galaxies from bare to clean their own personal imagination, it is mainly to show Steve Jobs.

development of the land will never be proportionate, best to disable formed in schools to the existing 100 annual companies, and able to enables the creation of new companies with great innovations sequels, innovation.

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Posted in: Robot cat Doraemon receives residency in Kawasaki See in context

i will buy dragoon ball robot if he learn me martial arts with movement.

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Posted in: Cool biz, cool feet See in context

valeverde shoes work naturally very good, and are a global product.

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Posted in: 3.5-inch HDD for consumer products See in context

all now are using the facebook cloud for store image and made visible to others. who need this product? better idea will be for toshiba develop in japan cloud and made competition to u.s. companies with better price and speed.

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Posted in: Shock-resistant watches See in context

it is better idea than shock, the net , web access watch, we have all the watch on smartphones or tablet, we need the next big thing, the watch with witch we will be connected to the web 3G or similar.

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Posted in: Sliding foldable Bluetooth keyboard See in context

at a time when they may give Apple the following year on the market keyboard that will work on the acoustic voice commands

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Posted in: Casio electronic dictionary See in context

why not do casio software like google translate? we all already connected to the Internet, buy internet access, and we need internet programs such as compilers, lexicon, dictionary ..

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Posted in: Sony's cell phone division cutting 1,000 jobs See in context

all in 2012 competing for the same thing, Powered by the 4v battery, why just do not take the start in the year 2080 and start producing products with 0.1V solar heat?

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Posted in: Sony, Panasonic team-up on next-generation TVs See in context

everybody have a glass on window at home. glass is everywhere on cars... idea is a device which transmit a TV program via antenna or broadcast on glass. you simply attack the device on glass and connect to antenna and the TV start. the problem of TV, IS LIGHT. so you have enough light from sun on glass, it is invert of normal TV, you must convert light into shadows and shadows are picture.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL to provide in-flight Wi-Fi on international routes See in context

why ANA do not install a camera on planes and via web made possible a real time look from 10.000 meters ? imagine a set of 20, 30 cameras in real time you see the soil of earth. i think is a big idea.

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Posted in: Fujitsu introduces docomo with series F-09D ANTEPRIMA See in context

for japan today.com: NEW PRODUCTS your every day fresh article is good. but why you not develop your page? start sale the new products via web, or your web page in real time. you promote new products globally, why you do not sale when you promote? be first to do this. and you will have a global web newspaper with web shopping of NEW PRODUCTS. imagine, i am from slovenia, europe, thank you, i will be the first to have a new product which is not yet for sale outside japan. and new products will made a test for global market.

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Posted in: British man dies after jumping from Eiffel Tower See in context

sick people gain attention, sympathy. suicidal acquire their 5 minutes of fame. both are freed from a certain mode of life...

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Posted in: Drug costs become bigger issue in cancer care See in context

prevention as acids, Tabasco eat every day, vitamins and do not eat the bases.

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Posted in: Toshiba to develop next-generation thermal power system with NET Power, Shaw and Exelon See in context

innovative is thermal power plant with collecting lens at sun which produce or increase suns heat for convert in into electricity.

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Posted in: Japan draws up plans to protect economy if Greek elections cause eurozone turmoil See in context

Eurozone turmoil will not take away from the global market for adidas, BMW, Citroen, Siemens ... eurozone progress will not bring the production of innovative global trends in Greece

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