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Posted in: Asia News Weekly - Analysis of what is happening in Asia See in context

A good analysis of what is happening in Asia but the compiler could consider covering notable happenings from more countries in the region!

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Posted in: Nestle 'hiring' 1,000 robots to sell espresso machines See in context

An interesting experiment and could become common in the years ahead in a work force shortage scenario forecast by pandits!

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Posted in: China says it will be good host to Japan during APEC See in context

A good gesture which can go a long way in improving ties between the two countries!

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Posted in: Politics of the Nobel Peace Prize See in context

The article projects a true picture of Nobel Peace Prize and the way it has been awarded in recent years! There is indeed a shift from West-base to World-base but some degree of bias is evident though perhaps inevitable!

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Posted in: Momentum building on TPP deal despite U.S.-Japan impasse See in context

While such trade agreements are welcome as a way to promote free trade, one wonders whether there are far too many of them and if they may have some negative impact on WTO which is supposed to promote free trade in the entire world!

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Posted in: Passenger arrested for sexual assault on Hawaii-Japan flight See in context

Such outrageous behaviour of passengers do deserve the utmost punishment under the law!

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Posted in: Abe meets Chinese PM amid furor over lawmakers' Yasukuni Shrine visits See in context

Yasukuni Shrine visits by Japanese officials including political heavyweights should be left alone or untouched by other countries as a purely personal affair as people all over the world have the right to choose their religion and places of worship! Mixing politis with such matters is inappropriate and earlier it is done away with the better for all! The latest meeting between the premiers of Japan and China should pave the way for a diplomatic solution to prolonging disputes between the two countries over some disputed islands as both have a lot to benefit by focusing on major economic issues which will benefit people of both the countries and the world at large!

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Posted in: 2 Americans, German win Nobel Prize in chemistry See in context

Scientific research in every field is a never-ending process and without the concerted efforts of scientists across the world we would not be what we are today health-wise and hospitals wouldn't have been what they are today being able to provide modern treatment to patients suffering from various diseases. Of course, medical field is only one of the beneficiaries of such research as there are many others like the electronics industry which has immensely benefited from inventions such as LED technology for which the Nobel prize for Physics has been awarded to three highly deserving Japanese scientists!

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Posted in: 2 Japanese, American win Nobel Physics Prize for blue LEDs See in context

The invention of LED technology has already lifted the electronic world to a new level and it is indeed a boon to consumers across the wold! The scientists behind the discovery do deserve the coveted Nobel prize for their concerted efforts for a noble cause benefitting millions of people around the world! Hearty congrats to all!

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Posted in: Japan nuclear restart would hit oil importers hardest: survey See in context

The use of nuclear energy as a major source to meet power needs is inevitable around the world and if that leads to a decline in use of fossil fuel it should be considered a blessing in disguise for environmental protection!

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Posted in: What’s wrong with English education in Japan? Pull up a chair See in context

Language is for communication and learning one other than mother tongue could be a challenge to many. This is common not only in Japan but in many other countries too! English language today is perhaps the only one which helps bind people from around the world! So, efforts in mastering it will not be a waste of time! The Japanese youngsters are pretty hardworking and if they will they can too achieve proficiency in English language!

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Posted in: Scientists find potential way to treat cold-triggered asthma See in context

This is indeed good news for those millions who suffer from asthma!

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Posted in: Underwater search for Malaysian airliner resumes in Indian Ocean See in context

What a tragedy, what a mystery! It is indeed unfortunate that the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft remains unspotted. Hopefully, the efforts this time around will be successful!

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Posted in: Doctors perform cataract surgery on patient's wrong eye See in context

How could they be so careless though cataract surgery usually involves both the eyes but not at the same time? And, it sounds outrageous for a hospital spokesman to brush it aside as “a simple mistake” of the surgeon!

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Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan? See in context

The chances of ISIS hitting Japanese shores are remote though one cannot say with certainty the internal home grown terrorist groups if any in the making!

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Posted in: Asia News Weekly - Hong Kong at a crossroads See in context

Hong Kong is in its electoral transformation and the present turmoil is just a prelude to the opening of a new page in the territory's democratic ambitions! What goes on now are just teething problems common in any evolutionary process!

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Posted in: China warns of chaos if Hong Kong protests persist See in context

It is in the interest of a stable and prosperous Hong Kong that the present political stalemate should end peacefully!

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Posted in: Thai Airways increases baggage allowance in all classes See in context

It is interesting that while many other airlines especially in the American zone charge for the second baggage, this Asian airline has thought it fit to offer additional baggage allowance! Serrano wonders why the allowance does not apply to USA, the reason is almost all airlines flying to USA offer two pieces of baggage each weighing not more than 23 Kgs. for economy class and proportionately higher allowance for other classes!

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Posted in: Abe presses campaign for meeting with China's Xi See in context

The efforts of the Japanese Prime Minister are in the right direction as a summit between Japanese PM and Chinese President can go a long way in resolving the current differences of opinion between the two countries on several issues, notably on the disputed islands! All success to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe!

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Posted in: U.S., 5 Arab countries begin airstrikes against IS in Syria for first time See in context

The suggestion by another commentator for the US ground forces to be part of the operation may not be forthcoming based on past experience of US forces in the region!

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Posted in: Maglev train reaches 500 km/hour during first public test See in context

Amazing jet speed which should be a challenge to aviation industry!

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Posted in: U.S. opposes linking Iran cooperation on Islamic State to nuclear talks See in context

Halting the growth of Islamic State militants and their growing influence in the region should be in the interest of not only all countries in the region but the entire world and as such their unconditional support to efforts at hand now in that direction especially at this critical stage is highly important and essential! The Iranian nuclear energy development is another issue and should be dealt with in the same way it has been on for a considerable while now. Undoubtedly, legitimate interests of Iran should be given due consideration in resolving the issue. Also, at the end of the day, having committed to co-operate, it will do no good to Iran to place conditions and act otherwise!

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Posted in: Scientists unveil magnetic cure for bad blood See in context

Traditionally magnet has been used to treat various forms of ailments in many parts of the world. This new invention to treat bad blood should be a welcome news to people all over the world! And, the efforts of the scientists are highly appreciated!

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant offering all-you-can-drink Asahi beer for 12 months See in context

What a sales gimmick to attract customers!

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

While the concern of these countries in the region are pretty understandable, increasing defence expenditure will mean decreasing investments to boost economic growth! And, the defence spending involves mostly procuring defence equipment from the West, notably the US, and that will only benefit the economies of those countries meeting the thirst for better defence preparedness in the region! At the end of the day, it all takes the world to square one where one finds an eventual re-emergence of arms race in the entire world!

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Posted in: Vanilla Air to begin Hong Kong flights in November See in context

Competition in air travel is always welcome and appreciated by the travellers subject to provision of acceptable service standards!

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Posted in: Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress? See in context

The president of the United States seems to have super powers to handle emergency situations such as the one in question here and may resort to extreme actions as he deems fit!

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Posted in: Apple iPhone 6 shipments delayed amid record orders See in context

There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding the new I-Phone announcement, reported record online order, delivery delay which itself is tantamount to breach of contract and one wonders what is in store on 19 September when the new gadget hits the retail shelves! Fans and customers of the new gadget are well advised to be cautious as true worth of pudding is in tasting! The consumer protection agencies around the world should also keep an eye on related developments!

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Posted in: Why the world should care about Scottish independence See in context

There is all evidence to suggest UK will soon become DK (divided kingdom)! The Catche-22 question - what is the future of British Monarchy?

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Posted in: Auto seat detects drowsy, drunken driving with new sensing technology See in context

Yet another superb invention emanating from the Japanese auto industry! Drivers beware, no more escape routes!

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