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Haha, I like Babymetal but best metal album this year?! the new Slipknot album is much better and thats "real" metal imho.

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I must say that I prefer the Japanese laws over my own country Sweden. Correct me if I'm wrong but Tokyo for example, people are only allowed to smoke in designated areas and the property owner decides whether its okay to smoke in their restaurant or not. I think that gives you the freedom to avoid smoke if you want to and can choose restaurants where smoking is not allowed.

In Sweden its pretty much the opposite. People are allowed to smoke anywhere in public areas but it's illegal to smoke in restaurants. That makes it really hard for non-smokers to avoid smoke when they're out on the streets. I'd prefer if they changed it to the Japanese way, that way people has the option to avoid smoking areas and smokers have their spot where they can smoke. Much more liberal.

But then again, I might've gotten it all wrong.

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