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I can just see the 29 year old driver in his compartment going... "WTF - where is that w@nker - if he doesn't get here on time and open those doors I'm leaving without him and the passengers - no way I am getting canned for his sloppy job "...

Mwah ha ha ha Too right Fredster. I don't really know why the hell people are commenting on japanese efficiency or slating the system when one poor dude messed up one time. Like none of these guys have ever zipped up their trousers too fast?

Fadamor - You are spot-on mate!

If you delay one train outside the allotted window for traversing a particular section of track, that starts a domino effect of other trains having to delay.

It is my opinion that only the conductor should've been disciplined because the driver kept the system flowing. Besides... shouldn't the conductor have his little JR East schedule booklet on hand at all times?

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Well... I will make quite sure I mark the cycle in my diary. Wouldn't mind being the lucky blighter who gets to park off in paradise for half a year, singing it's praise and investigating it's issues.... and writing about it.

Where the bloody hell are you? Hamilton Island, mate!

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Essentially, people are crying about not being able to make a killing off of a limited creative output.

While I don't think anyone should profit from the work of another, I think the long tendrils of copyright shouldn't allow people to abuse people who are essentially their patrons so that they can get paid for the same job until they pass on.

That's quite true, but (oh, how I love conjunctions that agree to disagree) copyright is, in essence, there to protect people like me. I am a writer, a single project takes up to year to complete. By the time you are smoothing out draft number 5, and you haven't had an income for twelve consecutive months, you really are grateful for the royalty-check that is ensured by your previous project's COPYRIGHT. That way you can get enough fuel in your car to get to that meeting with those sharp-toothed execs that want nothing more than to maximize their own profit... but all hail! You, the poor, literally starving writer, can wave copyright in their faces and say "No, it's mine. You want? You pay!"

And that is what feeds you until next year.

Although your arguement holds true for many "Arts" and the Distributers thereof, I would say generalizing, and then altering the nature of copyright across the board, will kill many arts. (Mainly through famine)

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