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Posted in: Hip hop and R&B surpass rock as biggest U.S. music genre See in context

I hope I'll be proved wrong but I don't see rock getting up off the canvas any time soon. Did anyone notice U2 put out a new album recently? I realize their expiration date is well passed but if their not causing ripples, there's little chance someone else will either.

Maybe, as some are alluding to, the problem is finding the music or the music finding us. Who knows.

Luckily, there's a treasure trove of older material still out there to discover. Like most, I trashed and ignored everything that came before I 'discovered' music but I have since sobered up and am enjoying the living hell out of decades of great works. "Alexa, play me some..."

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Posted in: 40-year-old man becomes 1st Japanese to make unassisted solo trek to South Pole See in context

Wow, what an accomplishment. Good for him.

Probably warmer down there than in some parts of the US. Temperatures are hovering around 0 F (-17 C) on the east coast. Factor in the wind... Yikes!

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Posted in: 90 crows found dead in Saitama parks See in context

As I've had to deal with a growing number of pesky crows in my park for the past several years, I must admit I wish we had this same 'problem.' Amazing, intelligent creatures, yes, but a real nuisance ever since they moved into our part of the park after major construction pushed them out of their old stomping grounds. Hatching season seems to be in the spring which becomes a nightmare trying to walk the dog while also keeping an eye out for attackers. I manage but I feel bad for people, especially kids and older folk, just trying to enjoy the park.

Finally, no way these starved to death. These things are way too smart for that. We discovered crows burying food (Mochi and a chunk of meat, in fact) in our outdoor potted plants to retrieve later. We only discovered the scheme because our dog found the stash sniffing around one morning. (It also solved a mystery of why there was so much dirt around our pots.) My dog is pretty smart too. She goes to check the same pots, first thing, every day, when we let her out. Unfortunately for her, the crows must have found a new spot. (I guess that makes her kind of dumb now...) I'll be very interested to see what the cause is.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese tourists to Guam plunging on N Korea missile scare See in context

Have add a couple wonderful holidays with the family in Guam. It's not an A-level destination by any measure but it serves its purpose. Good luck to all of Micronesia through this tough time.

I'm confused though... Didn't Trump say all this would boost tourism ten fold?

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