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SwissToni comments

Posted in: Eight arrested after climate activists breach German airport See in context

Corey, no summary justice in Germany. Be patient, they’ll be charged, go to court and if found guilty, fined. One step at a time.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

It’s completely unacceptable for a business to charge one group more than another for exactly the same product or service. Local authorities imposing a small tourist tax in order to fund suitable facilities or even to limit tourist numbers is not unreasonable. Price gouging tourists just “because” when they’re bringing money and jobs to the country is opportunistic and short sighted. Advertising that you gouge tourists is plain stupid.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

Let's hope they take their driving licenses away and keep them off the roads.

No doubt they will. But I guarantee they will still have a lower accident rate than the 18-25 age group.

Dementia’s not a nice thing and it’s not like sufferers forget there’s something wrong. I’m putting my hopes in Vitamin D, lifestyle improvements and medical science.

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

It’s very difficult to manage tourists on the public highway. Only the Police can enforce no stopping on the road and they can’t be there all the time. There’s no real resolution to the issue unless the barriers are made permanent or a building goes up to spoil the view. That spoils it for the locals too who no doubt love their view. Of course if people are climbing on private property that’s trespass and a job for the plod. The Lawson franchisee, or the HQ management aren’t going to want to pay for private security forever.

If you encourage tourism to the area you must also provide facilities too. Maybe some of the tourist taxes can be diverted to provide some public parking and a viewing area?

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Posted in: 89-year-old Japanese man rides bike 600 kilometers to visit his 61-year-old son See in context

I like this. In fact, as retirement approaches, I think I’m inspired.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl stabbed; mother also has knife wounds in possible murder-suicide attempt See in context

There is never any justification for an adult taking out their misery against an innocent child 

I’ll say it again, you don’t know what happened!

You don’t know if the mother tried to justify what she did. You don’t know the reason for her actions. You don’t know if she’s reasoning at all. All you know is that the mother stabbed both her child and herself.

That family clearly needs help.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl stabbed; mother also has knife wounds in possible murder-suicide attempt See in context

Fighto!: I'll never cease being infuriated at suicidal adults murdering or attempting to murder precious and innocent children. ZERO excuses for harming children.

You have no idea what’s going in those peoples lives. The only thing you can surmise from the limited information given is that the mother lost control.

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Posted in: Universal Studios in Osaka to double foreign employees by year-end See in context

"We will push forward the hiring and nurturing (of foreign employees) by focusing on quality,"

Im surprised he got to the end of that sentence! What nurturing of short term working holiday visa employees?

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

Years in academia contemplating his country’s navel and 15 years as a governor without a positive achievement. Some would call that an unproductive, wasted life.

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Posted in: Should airlines be allowed to overbook on flights (selling more seats than available to account for the likelihood of no-shows)? See in context

Mr Kipling

I am referring to any seat. or as you put it... "carraige".... Thats how they do it...Read the small print

I do read the small print, that’s how I felt enabled to pull your leg.

You implied the airline doesn’t guarantee to take you on the flight you’ve booked, this is where you are incorrect. An airline ticket is a contract like any other. So when the airline overbook and a passenger who, having correctly fulfilled the requirements imposed by the airline, has to be bumped, they are breaching the contract. The law compels the airline to find the passenger the earliest possible flight and pay compensation for the delay.

Airline margins are very tight, so when they see a route with a regular percentage of no shows they will take the opportunity to over book knowing that on occasion they will have to placate the odd passenger. On balance the airlines trouser a bit of extra cash even when being generous with the compo. If the ticket didn’t guarantee carraige, you could safely bet airlines wouldn’t be so generous.

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Posted in: Should airlines be allowed to overbook on flights (selling more seats than available to account for the likelihood of no-shows)? See in context

Mr Kipling: If you read the small print before agreeing to the terms and conditions... Your ticket does not guarantee you a seat on the plane.

I think you’re mistaken there. Your ticket guarantees you carraige, but does not guarantee you the seat you have selected. As currently no commercial airlines are allowed standing passengers, I think that pretty much guarantees you a seat.

Airlines don’t refund no shows as a general rule. Overbooking in the hope of filling a no show seat is simply a method of generating extra revenue. It’s pretty naive to think a commercial business does this for any other reason than to maximise return on investment.

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Posted in: Woman, baby daughter die after being hit by train in apparent murder-suicide See in context

A terrible tragedy for both. Difficult to imagine being so unable to cope with life that you feel the only way out is to end it. Depression is so prevalent, and mostly untreated.

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Posted in: Woman robbed as she returns home in Sapporo See in context

I would just gave him money and not reported to the Police.

He wasn’t asking for food, he waited for her, attacked her and took her money. Having cleaned her out once is she just supposed to wait for him to come back and rob her again? No, it’s a police matter.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher beats up student for making fun of his body by calling him anime character name See in context

I have some sympathy for the teacher but it’s clearly time for him to find a different line of work.

Seems like the lad is a bully, he should probably be excluded too.

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Posted in: Takarazuka Revue director to quit post after death of actress See in context

This has taken a very long time, but it’s a start. If bullying and harassment resulting in a death is admitted, an Intention to apologise is not good enough. A serious crime has been committed, where are the police?

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Posted in: Worker dies after falling through roof of station building in Yokohama See in context

Albaleo, unfortunately construction workers in the UK also break the rules.

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Posted in: Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up See in context

Herve L’Eisa: Yet, with far less advanced technology NASA successfully put HUMANS on the lunar surface several times

With an unlimited budget and two people on board you can do amazing things. The object of the IM lander is to do these things for a small fraction of the cost. It’s a learning process but silly mistakes (like switching on the LIDAR properly) aside, IM can get there.

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Posted in: Private U.S. spacecraft is on its side on the moon with some antennas covered up See in context

Didn’t end up on its roof, that’s a win. There’s two more of these planned so opportunities for quick improvement.

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Posted in: YouTubers split over OpenAI's video tool Sora See in context

YouTubers complaining about making use of other people’s work is painfully ironic. Not the first jobs to be threatened by the march of technology.

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Posted in: Western officials and Kremlin critics blame Putin and his government for Navalny's death in prison See in context

What are they thinking? This is just further evidence of the Fascist nature of Putin’s Kremlin just to stick two fingers up to the West.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus doubles to ¥20.63 tril in 2023 See in context

Quick! Bung some of the extra into our pensions.

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Posted in: Donations by companies, which do not have the right to vote, infringe on people's suffrage. See in context

Her party is what it is. Wouldn’t changing its name make he dishonest?

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Posted in: 81-year-old driver arrested after killing two pedestrians on highway in Okinawa See in context

A car isn’t a weapon, it’s a conveyance, but like other machinery it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Ťheres no reason elderly people shouldn’t drive if they’re capable. There’s a good case for more regular testing beyond 70.

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Posted in: Driver says she took her eyes off road to pick up smartphone when she fatally hit 87-year-old man See in context

Everybody thinks it’s fine to do whatever they want to do, until it’s not. The only safe rule is, Engine On, Phone Off.

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Posted in: 2,678 traffic fatalities reported in 2023; first increase in 8 years See in context

After a particularly low number of deaths due to road accidents during the pandemic, it’s inevitable that numbers will rise as casual users take to the roads again. In real terms, fatalities per head of population and or per vehicle on the road, are impressively low compared to other nations. It’s not unusual older people make up a disproportionate number of the fatalities. Crudely put, being more fragile, older people die more frequently at any risk level.

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Posted in: Japan’s Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People holds anti-Christmas protest in Tokyo See in context

Think they do this for Valentine’s Day too. Another unpopular demo with almost no attendees. Bit of a waste of effort really, unless the plan is to get off with each other.

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Posted in: Australia cannot strip citizenship from man over his terrorism convictions, top court says See in context

u_s_reamer (sic)

Stripping people of their citizenship is what despotic governments like to do

They don’t usually go to that much trouble, despotic regimes usually just ‘disappear’ people, murder them abroad or shoot their planes down.

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Posted in: Australia cannot strip citizenship from man over his terrorism convictions, top court says See in context

Surely the law could be revised to allow the court to review submissions from government ministers and agree or dismiss them. It seems a nonsense in country that allows dual citizenship, that a migrant refusing to accept constitutional law they’ve agreed to follow, can’t eventually have their adopted citizenship revoked.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context


The Prius is a hybrid, i.e., a petrol car that runs on petrol. It is not an electric car you plug in. Its extra battery is about 1/20th of the size/capacity of an electric car's.

Plug-in hybrids, including the Prius plug-in version generally have a reasonable enough range for a daily electric only city commute. They go on forever too so perhaps best of both worlds? For now.

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