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Posted in: Australia cannot strip citizenship from man over his terrorism convictions, top court says See in context

u_s_reamer (sic)

Stripping people of their citizenship is what despotic governments like to do

They don’t usually go to that much trouble, despotic regimes usually just ‘disappear’ people, murder them abroad or shoot their planes down.

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Posted in: Australia cannot strip citizenship from man over his terrorism convictions, top court says See in context

Surely the law could be revised to allow the court to review submissions from government ministers and agree or dismiss them. It seems a nonsense in country that allows dual citizenship, that a migrant refusing to accept constitutional law they’ve agreed to follow, can’t eventually have their adopted citizenship revoked.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context


The Prius is a hybrid, i.e., a petrol car that runs on petrol. It is not an electric car you plug in. Its extra battery is about 1/20th of the size/capacity of an electric car's.

Plug-in hybrids, including the Prius plug-in version generally have a reasonable enough range for a daily electric only city commute. They go on forever too so perhaps best of both worlds? For now.

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Posted in: Are EVs (electric vehicles) good for the environment? See in context

Had to click ‘Don’t know’ because as yet EV battery production and disposal is no friend of the planet.

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Posted in: England grind Japan down to win 34-12 at Rugby World Cup See in context

England were disjointed in the first half, couldn’t string much together. They did find some form after the weird second try but they’ll need that for a full game if they want go much further.

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Posted in: France take down All Blacks 27-13 in Rugby World Cup opener See in context

 France is not known for playing Rugby

Not a rugby fan then?

Good to get this game out of the way early doors so that both France and the All Blacks can get on with seeing the rest off. Fancy South Africa meself.

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Posted in: Osaka police mistakenly arrest man in revenge porn case See in context

42 days, which means the prosecutors office have looked at the police evidence and followed by a judge too. Beyond that they must have rearrested him on further suspicions, with this evidence also going up the chain of command. Awkward.

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Posted in: Stray cat seen with arrow sticking out of its body See in context

Oh Jay, the irony is palpable…

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Posted in: Japanese company: 'High probability' lander crashed on moon See in context

deanzaZZRToday  08:27 am

China's moon missions have all been successful including the most recent one that returned Moon samples to Earth. 

Strictly speaking China had its fair share of Long March 5 rocket failures causing delays to both the space station and lunar programmes. And in fact the Chang’e 5’s ascender damaged the descent vehicle so that it had to shut down. The mission was overall a great success but not without its problems.

Space really does appear to be hard. Best wishes to ispace, success is born from lessons learned in failure.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching employee at pachinko parlor after being asked to wear mask See in context

64 year old violent loser. Punching a man in the back, really tough eh, old jerk?

Not to condone the man’s behaviour but at least he was there and not bravely lashing out from the safety of his bedroom.

Masks were still a thing on Sunday, and from Monday, private businesses have every right to require masks. Private citizens also have the right to make a protest by not spending money in the business.

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Posted in: Police close case on attack on sociologist Miyadai; no motive found See in context

Do they still have 99% conviction rate in case, suspect deceased?

He isn’t going to put up much of a defence.

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Posted in: 'Wholesome' South Korean reality TV proves a global hit See in context

As long as they maintain production quality and keep innovating I’m sure Korean reality TV will prosper. When they start to portray the awful human beings we see on many western shows, I’m off!

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Posted in: Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who and under what circumstances? See in context

I met the then Prince Charles when he visited my trade school.

I met the actor Edward Fox when he brought his car to me for a service.

I’ve seen a very few others knocking about, Gary Newman, Bon Scott, Emma Thompson but we had no interaction.

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Posted in: 56-year-old man found dead in apartment by doctor See in context

A man appears to have been killed. That’s an important issue. That’s a concerning level of detachment.

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Posted in: New Zealand group wanting voting age set at 16 wins in court See in context

Well it’s definitely age discrimination, which I think is all the court ruling says. But, discrimination is an important part of decision making. I agree with the premise that adolescents are, for the most part, still establishing their value set. Few people have fully matured by 18 but they have started to settle. 18 seems arbitrary, I would suggest it’s a reasonable and fair age at which to discriminate.

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

WeiWeiToday  05:43 pm JST

Is that really an arrestable offence?

Really? You don’t think vandalism and intimidation at the home of a lone female are arrestable offences? I imagine the woman was really quite scared. That’s no small matter.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to his death from 4th-floor apartment See in context

Wow Bungle, have you brought forth Lex Luthor? The vast majority of child locks defeat most kids until they’re passed the age of awareness of common dangers.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to his death from 4th-floor apartment See in context

Climbing aids and window locks are commonly forgotten or even misunderstood. In public housing the local authority should have a duty of care to ensure window locks or restrictors are fitted. In fact it amazes me that manufacturers aren’t required to ensure simple safety features are included as standard.

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Posted in: Astronomers are captivated by brightest flash ever seen See in context

Sven Asai, it’s basic research like this that helps people understand the natural world. It brings about innovation and enables you to futilely whine on and name call people you don’t even know.

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Posted in: Sex-scene experts help reshape Hollywood power dynamics in #MeToo era See in context

It undermines instinct and spontaneity

Probably true. However, acting on “instinct” (maybe The Method taken a bit too far) seems likely what’s brought the problem about. Actors will have to act their way around some of those instincts. To say cinema should exclude sex scenes is a bit childish, no doubt a by-product of relentless superhero rehashes. Sex is sometimes central to a story. So if sex coordinators is what it takes to have a good story fully explored, then fair enough. The important thing is that nobody gets hurt for a couple of hours of story telling.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

@memoryfix around 80 lost to heatstroke this year.

The potential for 500mm of rain in a single day is a real cause for concern. I hope you won’t mind too much if they treat the storm seriously and take precautions.

Keep your heads down people.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

It’s dreadful but true, targeting civilians is an inevitable consequence of Total War. Whole populations get turned to support the war effort and any attempt to weaken such an enemy makes them a military target.

So yeah, use of nuclear weapons is a war crime now. But in the context of the time, I’m not qualified to judge. It’s crucial that the horrors of World War 2 are remembered as we’re headed the same way again.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Not a politician I was much in agreement with but there is no place for gunplay in a democracy. My sympathies to his family.

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Posted in: Biggest rail strike in 30 years brings UK to standstill See in context

KariHaruka - considering that the wages of the lowest paid (Rail travel assistants) is £33,310

Not true I’m afraid. Quick look on gives the salary of a Gateline Assistant at London Waterloo as £19,497 pa. No doubt there is a £2k or so London allowance on top of that but it falls far short far short of the riches you seem to think they get. That’s no salary for an adult trying make a life for themselves in London, regardless of the cost of living crisis.

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Posted in: Omicron less likely to cause long COVID: UK study See in context

Reckless, if you’ve never tested positive for Covid but have experienced symptoms that would give anybody cause for concern, you should talk to your doctor.

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Posted in: Osaka's mental health discussion resonates at French Open See in context

Whining and complaining at someone with a mental health condition is as irrational as the behaviour of the person in question. Negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle. Perhaps it’s time some of you spend a little less time in keyboard combat and start to talk about the problems that have laid you so low.

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Posted in: Do you think Ukrainians who have come to Japan because of the Russian invasion of their homeland should be referred to as "evacuees" or "refugees." In Japan, "refugees" can be granted long-term residency, while "evacuees" are viewed as people who will eventually have to leave. See in context

Well they’ve fled war in their home country and stopped running in Japan, so refugees.

As to their long term status that should depend upon their wishes and the situation at home. I imagine that once hostilities have ceased many will want to return home. For those that wish to remain, I hope that Japan would give a little helping hand to those that want to stand on their own two feet and make a good life for themselves.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,048 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 40,500 See in context

Still wise to take sensible precautions and practice good hygiene, especially in crowded spaces. But with hospitalisations at manageable levels, unless you’re vulnerable it’s probably good for all of us to get back to as near normal as possible.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi to work with Shell in producing green hydrogen See in context

Intriguing comment Sven Asai, but there’s nothing to get to grips with. Can you explain yourself?

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Posted in: Rural Japanese town overrun with elderly zombies in attempt to control wild boar population See in context

Disappointed. I was hoping to learn that wild boar respected, nay, feared a zombie. Bugger!

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