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GreenPeas, my earlier response was a little impatient and appears to have been removed. In answer to your question, yes it is and I refer you to my previous posts to explain why.

And just to reinforce my point, the Active Denial System operates at different frequencies to 5G phone systems and also at high power.

The basic physics is that different atoms resonate at different frequencies. The resonance frequencies of atoms is known, as is the make up of the human body. This information is used to decide frequencies and power ratings during design. The many massive cohort studies done across the world to date back this up.

To others reading this and who may have questions. Don't just accept the hyperbole, do some balanced research.

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GreenPeas, I guess when you can’t refute my statements you attack me. No studies provide absolute certainty, including those submitted by your 252 scientists, but there is no suggestion anywhere of the impending health disaster of which you speak.

The uninformed claptrap to which I refer, “5G uses a millimetre wave and the body absorbs the energy just like a microwave oven to cook your food”, could possibly be called misinformed claptrap if you prefer, other than that I stand by the statement.

There are many hundreds of studies published in respectable journals for you to seek out. No study is perfect and the research goes on. But we know what we know and that is that low power radio is not ionising, doesn’t cause cancer and isn’t mutagenic. Research and testing has shown 5G to be safe enough to roll out.

Cancer Research UK

4G or 5G networks rely on radio waves to work just like older mobile phone networks. The difference with 4G or 5G networks is that they use higher frequency waves than older mobile networks, but they still don’t have enough energy to damage DNA to cause cancer. 

US Department of Health National Cancer Institute

The only consistently recognized biological effect of radiofrequency radiation in humans is heating. Radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use does cause heating to the area of the body where a cell phone or other device is held (e.g., the ear and head). However, it is not sufficient to measurably increase body temperature. There are no other clearly established effects on the human body from radiofrequency radiation.

The Million Women Study

During 7 years’ follow-up, 51 680 incident invasive cancers and 1 261 incident intracranial CNS tumours occurred. Risk among ever vs never users of mobile phones was not increased for all intracranial CNS tumours, for specified CNS tumour types nor for cancer at 18 other specified sites. For long-term users compared with never users, there was no appreciable association for glioma.

Lönn S, Forssén U, Vecchia P, Ahlbom A, Feychting M. Output power levels from mobile phones in different geographical areas; implications for exposure assessment. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2004.

The Interphone Study. International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the WHO).

Johansen C, Boice J Jr, McLaughlin J, Olsen J. Cellular telephones and cancer: a nationwide cohort study in Denmark. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2001; and it’s update, Frei P, Poulsen AH, Johansen C, et al. Use of mobile phones and risk of brain tumours: update of Danish cohort study. British Medical Journal 2011.

Inskip PD, Hoover RN, Devesa SS. Brain cancer incidence trends in relation to cellular telephone use in the United States. Neuro-Oncology 2010.

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GreenPeas, 5G systems sit on the shoulders of all the work previously done on earlier communications systems by hundreds of thousands of engineers and scientists. Radio is well understood. The problem is you’re conflating high power, low power, RFR, EMF, microwaves, mobile phones and selected out of context pseudoscientific blah blah from conspiracy theorists and concluding mobile phones will cook people’s brains. You’re doing the 2 + 2 = 5 thing.

The 252 scientists appeal to the U.N. is about the levels of unnatural radio, microwave and EMF emissions in the background which they see as increasing further with 5G and are calling for more research. They are not calling for a stop to the 5G roll out. So far any increase in cancers and other problems due to radio emissions and EMF, if there are any, have been so insignificant as to be unquantifiable. Particularly in the face of the more obvious carcinogens from fossil fuels.

None of this is to say that life is perfect and some new horror won’t be unearthed. That is why research continues. But to say mobile phones act like microwaves on the brain and to insist 5G is a health disaster waiting to happen is uninformed claptrap.

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GreenPeas, no I looked for the results of credible research and found nothing other than unsupported assertions and claims. Like yours.

Microwave radiation in an oven is high powered and set at a frequency (2.4GHz) that resonates with the atoms of water molecules. They are emitted from different directions to form standing waves which excite the water molecules to heat your frozen dinner. 5G frequencies are 410MHz to 7125MHz and 24.25GHz to 52.6GHz and low power (hence the requirement for more transmitters). To the best of anyone’s knowledge, these frequencies don’t resonate with atoms within the human body and are transmitted rather than focussed so no, people cannot be cooked as you assert. Also, far as I can tell it’s only ionising radiation that impacts DNA when passing through or being absorbed. Radio is not ionising radiation.

Always willing to alter my thinking when presented with good evidence but remain sceptical enough to fact check.

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Been talk of problems from RF radiation for donkeys years. There’s been lots of assertions and misinformation but in fact there’s no evidence to suggest any health risk.

The Swiss Re report earlier in the year discusses the political, cyber and espionage risks. The health risks it discusses were also faced by the 3G and 4G implementations. The WHO notes RF radiation as a potential health hazard (possibly carcinogenic to humans). However a potential hazard that never manifests represents no risk.

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JuminRhee, the Starliner used more fuel than estimated to stabilise itself and get into orbit. Attaching thrusters to an orbiting spacecraft isn’t a simple thing.

If Boeing get the Starliner back safely, the mission can still be a success of sorts.

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Not sure I believe the TMPD has 166,000 officers to mobilise.

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It doesn’t say he committed a fraud, so unless he can be directly tied to creating an atmosphere where it’s ok to defraud customers, resignation or the sack is the least that should happen. Beyond that the authorities should get involved stop Japan Post from selling this type of insurance and ensure they compensate all those they missold policies to.

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No one knows why these people were travelling to the U.K. I would speculate it’s less likely they’re economic migrants seeking a better life, more probably they’re victims of modern slavery trafficked by organised criminals through a soft port.

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I Love Coffee, piecework is a crude strategy that leads to corner cutting and lower quality. In the case of the Police see that as increased graft and corruption.

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Were France to veto an extension to the deadline, the UK’s only option would be to rescind Article 50. I think Mr Macron would be less happy with that result.

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Given the already very low tariffs between the US and the EU it’s hard to see how this will compensate for the increased cost of trading with our nearest neighbours. I suppose it could open the doors to hormone injected beef, chlorine washed chicken and GM crops. Yum! lower food standards, just what we’ve always wanted.

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BackpackingNepal, haven’t seen any evidence to suggest the cancer survival rates in China, India and Africa are better than Japans. We do know that research based cancer treatments are improving survival rates all the time.

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Hard to believe this is still the situation in New Zealand. It’s about time.

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This by election doesn’t show much that we don’t already know.

Conservatives rallying to save their party from oblivion; Labour suffering from Jeremy Corbyn and his lack of leadership; Brexit Party soaking up the UKIP vote and Remainers rallying around the Lib Dems.

The political deadlock continues.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

The rule isn’t that difficult, just the explanation. In my opinion taxing basic essentials is taxing the poorest most heavily. These should be tax free. Eating out, whether at a restaurant or take away is not essential, taxing at the full rate is fine.

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This isn’t just about Brexit now. The Torys are so riven by division and the coup by the ERG that they are close implosion. Boris has less interest in getting out of the EU in October than in keeping the party together and staying in power. He is positioning himself for a general election by buying the North and trying to show the EU’s consistency and solidarity as intransigence.

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As controversial it may be, he defended

he did not defend himself, he attacked the staff from the store that he was stealing from. He went armed and used his weapon. No ifs

no buts no excuses. He went prepared to do harm for a few books. He needs punished.

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Putting that in your pocket can’t look good.

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Can’t fathom why there’s no jail time here, the fraud, coercion and slavery of hundreds of women is clear evidence that this man and his fellows are a danger to society. What is a criminal justice system for if doesn’t pluck these odious fe*#ers from our midst?

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Here comes the Brexit Party.

Triffic, a political party with no membership and only one policy and led (at least on the surface) by a pretend ‘man of the people’ who’s done nothing productive in 20 years. The future is looking rosey.

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The problem is, for all of the hyperbole about the leave vote being the ‘will of the people’, there was little no clear mandate given. Hence the gridlock.

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Who’d a thought that in a group where Brexiters are always going to be front runners, the ‘scruffy under-performer’ would be considered the moderate’s choice?

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He probably is favourite...sadly. He won’t be PM for long. Looks like he might attempt a no deal Brexit which will be rejected by Parliament and prompt a vote of no confidence in his government. A general election in the near term would more than likely devastate the Tories.

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Zichi, technically the UK is an empire. You may not like it but facts is facts. The important thing to remember is that the colonisers are long gone and the honours system for the most part remains to reward effort.

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Griff Rhys Jones Got an OBE. Good on him!

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Understand if he’s a threat to the national interest but the authorities should make this clear. Prevaricating serves no purpose.

If he’s a taxpaying citizen he is entitled to consular support when he travels, particularly in the job he does. In these days of “fake news”, a journalist’s job is not simply to report that one side says “it’s sunny outside” and the other says “no it’s not it’s raining”. He should open the window and take a look.

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Excuses excuses.

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Bass4funk we feel more pride and vindicated than ever.

Pride for the man that refuses to call out Neo Fascists? Pride for the man that lied while standing next to the British PM about the protests outside the very building he was in.

Shame, shame!!

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This has had a big impact in other markets. For example when the charge was introduced in the UK, bag usage dropped by 85%. Charging is compulsory and the revenue is put to use by environmental groups. It’s a start.

The issue of wrapping meat and fish products is an important one as this helps prevent cross contamination. Banning use of plastic bags for this would require an alternative, such as paper, to be used. Unfortunately there are not yet sufficient supplies of sustainable and recycled paper to meet demand.

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