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I'll just leave this research from the UK here.

Also from the Danish Health Authority Director:

When Søren Brostrøm visited 'Go' evening Live' on TV 2 on Wednesday night, he was asked if it was a mistake to vaccinate children.

- With what we know today: yes. With what we knew then: no, was the answer.


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The spouse visas they are giving are just labeled "Temporary Visitor" in your passport, which I've heard are the exact same as the tourist visas. The local consulate told me to bring my koseki with me at all times.

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Wow, what a slap on the wrists for TEPCO. About $1000 for each plaintiff and that's before taking out attorney fees....

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rainydayToday  07:19 am JST

I’d like to see this law changed. Its worse for people who are born with dual nationality. My kids are dual citizens (Japan from mom, Canada from me) and this stupid rule will force them to choose to reject half of their own identity when they are 22. And for what? This rule serves no useful purpose that I can see. Its just an arbitrary way of screwing with people. And it hurts Japan too. Its by no means guaranteed that my kids will choose to keep their Japanese nationality and if the law forces them to give it up then that is two less young people for Japan, something the country can ill afford to be losing.

I know of a few who have dual citizenship (US/JP) and when they were coming back to Japan, immigration demanded they make a choice. The choose Japanese but the US views that as coercion, so their US Citizenship did not get revoked and their US Passport is still valid. Apparently, and take this with a grain of salt, the only way to give up US Citizenship in Japan is if you do it at a US Embassy/Consulate or when you are in the US.

It also seems like they go through the same thing every 5-10 years. JP Immigration says choose, they choose JP, US doesn't recognize it and their dual citizenship stays intact...

MeiyouwentiToday  07:34 am JST

Among other countries, the Netherlands and Norway also ban dual citizenship. Keep wasting your time, Ms Kondo. If your Japanese citizenship was so important to you, you shouldn’t have given it up in the first place.

I think you need to research a bit more about dual citizenship.

The Netherlands doesn't exactly ban all dual citizenship. If you are married to someone with a different citizenship you can have dual. Also dual citizenship by decent is allowed. So kids born to parents with different citizenships are allowed to keep both forever.

Also as of Feb 3rd, 2020 Norway allows dual citizenship.

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