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Posted in: Gov't considering national award for star figure skater Hanyu See in context

What about the girl who won two gold medals in 3 days at Pyeongchang Nana Tagaki (speed skating)

lol do you know at least that Hanyu has only 1 medal possibility since he only have 1 category to participate in which is "male individual" it's not like athleticism where you can earn more medal because you have more category like 100m 200m etc....

Hate to break it to you, but figure skating isn’t exactly a sport(?) 

oh please we are in 2018 how can people still say that figure skating isn't a sport...those who are thinking that are just clueless about it .

"Best athlete of all time"? Not by a very, very long shot.

well I'm sorry for you but he's already considered as one if not the best figure skater of all the time and that make him one of the best athletes off all time. I'm sorry but the addition is quite simple here .

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Posted in: Olympic champion Hanyu wins world figure skating title See in context

one of the best free skate of all the time , nothing more to say , he's a miracle .

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Posted in: Flawless Fernandez leads at men's figure skating worlds; Uno 2nd, Hanyu 5th See in context

"put in his place" ... for someone who is saying that figure skating is not even a sport, you don't have the right to say that you know.. after, it seems like a lot of Japanese are thinking like you, but for figure skaters like me he's already a role model for a lot of us , Japanese media were maybe wrong to repeat "absolute champion" everywhere because it leads people to say that he's finish just because he's not first anymore, I'm sorry but nobody is forever 1st , plushenko / yagudin / yuna kim are legendary but all of them were beaten, that's normal it's how sport evolve .

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Posted in: Hanyu accuses rival of deliberately colliding with him See in context

Hey these who are saying that he have some anger problems , are we really talking about the same person here seriously ??!! he is one of the most self-controlled skater that I know .He is one of the best mannered young man in this field .There is video that clearly shows Ten cutting Hanyu twice the night before ,he was negligent

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