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Posted in: Woman hits infant with car, claims to be eyewitness See in context

Obviously the father was not near by watching his curious one year old if the woman was able to lie to him about hitting the child. What parent would leave a year old baby outside, that late none the less, without supervision? I hope the child makes a full recovery. Last I want to hear about is another child death that could have easily been prevented if the parents would keep their young away from rivers, open windows, roads, or anything obviously hazardous.

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

I believe the writer is not comparing stores accurately. In the West, if you go to a Walmart you will get the terrible service described. If you go to a more professional shop like H&M, a finer clothing shop, you will get a more personal and professional experience.

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Posted in: Seven dead in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting See in context

I would like to know if the shooter obtained them legally or illegally. If they were obtained illegally then making gun laws more strict may do more harm then good because honest citizens cannot protect themselves. Criminals rarely use legally purchased guns. There is a underground market for everything. However, if they were obtained legally like the Colorado shooter, then I would say enforce the gun laws. I do not believe they should add laws making it more difficult to obtain a firearm because that will do more harm than good as well. Unless these killers had severe obvious cases of mental illness, it's nearly impossible to pin point threats. And it's not easy adding to gun laws in fear of violating our "right to bare arms".

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

' By being so offended that it promotes "homosexuality" it is discouraging homosexuality, and if people truly feel they are gay, seeing it being accepted by the media may help them feel more confident rather than be harassed and later commit suicide. All people should feel comfortable with their sexuality. This should be a way of saying "its ok" than anything, Its a Japanese commercial, I am not surprised or shocked. Japan has had many suggestive advertizements over the years, so why is this so special? If this offends you, read the manga your daughter is reading, I am sure that has weirder stuff than homosexuality.

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