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Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

United Kingdom economy based on import and immigrants, the people comes from different part of the world in different immigration categories from which the UK government earn exorbitant fee and as well as different Taxes. The people come from different sectors bring the different skill and experience which support in the development of the country. This government hinders the immigrants by making harsh policy and making exorbitant fee for specially spouse visa for only non European citizen. This is the open racist policy of the UK government.

The current financial requirement at least is £18600 gross annual income for employed with extra £ 3800 for the first child and £2400 for every onward child, if you have cash saving should not have less than £62,500- 16,000 then divide by 30 months i.e. equal to £18,600 which is totally unfair with honest & Geniune families who want to live and give British standard life to their children, it seem look like the government making policy to keep away the next generation from their home country culture. How can a person concentrate in his employment while the spouse and children are living in another country and the person struggling to full fill the so called financial requirement of the world class country, it is known as human rights country feel safe. They don’t change the policy like in Australia no one new comer can apply the benefit for 2 years except the current financial requirement.

The average non professional income of a single person in the United Kingdom is £ 1000 per month so why have made the policy to maintain £ 1550 and the government knows since the 9/11 all we have been facing the unemployment or maintain the employment as previously provided.

The financial requirement required only for non European citizen because as my take on this is that the British government wants to drastically reduce immigration but their hands are tied when it comes to the EU countries so they decided to take a draconian approach to non-EU countries. Come 2015 they will be able to appeal to potential UKIP voters by saying how much they have cut immigration. People like me and others in this story/thread are simply collateral damage. This will not change until EU membership terms are renegotiated or Britain exits the EU, I don’t think there are sufficient numbers of people (voters) affected to create a lobby group with any impact.

The lack of growth in the UK economy comes from the financial crisis and the country's failure to invest in itself not immigrants. The UK needs immigration just to stand still let alone pay for pensions for future retirees. Stopping migrants, and especially stopping returnees from bringing their energy, experience, ideas and of course the next generation will just hasten the UKs isolation. The idea that the migrant population is a drain on resources is populist nonsense. The contributors far outweigh the spongers. Now if only the same could be said for the generations of locals who've had their lives nicely subsidised by state benefits.

What's happened here is that David Cameron wanted to look like they were doing something about immigration, so he made a target based on net immigration, ie the difference between the number of people coming in and the number going out. The hitch is that he hardly has control of any of the things he'd made a target about, because the main drivers are British people retiring to warmer, cheaper countries and EU people coming into Britain to work, which can't be restricted because the UK is in the Single Market. People were probably imagining that he'd be stopping low-wage people from poor, non-EU countries moving to Britain to work, but Gordon Brown had already done that back in 2008 when he realized the immigration issue was killing him with working class voters, so there wasn't much low-hanging fruit left for Cameron to pick.

That meant the new rules had to fall on the very limited number of people he could control, people coming in from outside the EU with their families. Cases like the one described here are a big win for David Cameron, because his net immigration numbers include the British person and both the kids, so he's keeping four people out of the numbers he'll fight the election on.

PM David Cameron says these kind of laws are necessary to prevent a drain on the British taxpayer, and that even some EU people should be prevented from entering the Uk because they are basically "benefit tourists" but Cameron and his gov't are just trying to hide the real figures. In Jan. 2012, 371,000 people claiming working-age benefits were non-UK nationals, and from that figure 258,000 were non-EU nationals, so only 113,000 were EU nationals. In Nov. 2012, 5.6 million people were claiming working-age benefits. The 113,000 EU people claiming were just 2% of that total. The total 371,000 non-UK people were just 6.6%. So 93.4% of claimants are British born nationals.

The population of the UK is about 63 million, from which 5.6 million or 8.8% are claiming work-age benefits. 371,000 or 0.58% claimants are non-UK persons. 113,000 or 0.17% are persons from other EU countries. 113,000 or 0.17% are persons from other EU countries. not what you would call "benefit tourists?" There are 2.3 million people from the EU living in the UK and 113,000 (4.9%) are claiming work-age benefits. 2.4 million people living in the UK are from outside the EU and 258,000 (10.75%) are claiming work-age benefits. 4.7 million people or 7.4% of the population are from outside of the EU.

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