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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

The poor quality of comments here shows how narrow-minded and cynical people can be without even knowing who PewDiePie is.

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Posted in: Short look See in context

A lot of people here get awfully ahead of themselves. Oh, let's just all assume this girl is a Japanese nationalist going to celebrate the memory of all buried war criminals during the 74th anniversary of Japan's surrender in WW2 and waving the Rising Sun flag up high and proud.

..Or perhaps it's just a 20-something young woman who bought a tiny flag without thinking any more about its long, partly tarnished history and wanted to visit a shrine during a warm summer day of August like people tend to do in Japan.

I'm sure it was in fact the photographer who wanted to convey a message to viewers by perhaps creating a contrast between loosely tied relationship of a representative of younger generations and once so powerful symbol of old but not forgotten generations.

Leave the mockery and hatred aside for a moment and look what's in front of you.

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Posted in: 災 chosen as kanji character best representing 2018 See in context

Next year will be better.

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Posted in: 2 Bulgarians referred to prosecutors over Hiroshima peace park graffiti See in context

Ganbare Japan!Nov. 14  08:17 am JST

I am angry that some Bulgarians would hate Japan to do this. Why?

Proper hate mongering here. It's not about hate, it's just vandalism/an act without thinking about the consequences.

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Posted in: Man who killed koban police officer, security guard to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

Train people to kill, they will kill.

Umm, it doesn't work like that.

Even a toddler can kill under certain circumstances. They don't teach people to particularly kill others in military, or SDF for that matter.

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Posted in: 55-year-old woman arrested for pinching baby's eyelid at supermarket See in context

While I agree the old hag should get punished for this horrible act. Children running around in a store shows the lack of basic parenting. A mother should tell her kids not to run in a store. I see it so often. The store is not a place for kids to run and bother other customers. It's the parent's responsibility.

Yes I'm sure the mother didn't say anything at all to her children and just let them deliberately run around to annoy people. Good job on blaming the victims here.

Children act like children whether you tell them to behave or not, it makes me sad to see someone trying to justify such defiant act like this assault.

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Posted in: Glass shattered by stone on JR trains two nights in a row See in context

I hope this isn’t on national news, otherwise this could be copycatted.

I recommend you to visit Romania, England or US if you think this is any news to the world

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Posted in: Kyoto creates infographic to show tourists how to visit politely See in context

By sporting a hat and sunglasses almost around the year while living in Kyoto few years back, I never had any problems with the locals. If there ever was anything that might have made Japanese people feel uncomfortable around me, it was then my stature and strongly built appearance.

If possible, I would provide here a photo of me sitting in a train, surrounded by natives who absolutely didn't give a **** about what I was wearing.

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