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Posted in: Dodgers, Cubs to open 2025 MLB season in Japan See in context

Carefactor 0%

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Posted in: Statue of young Hiroshima A-bomb victim Sadako Sasaki stolen from Seattle park See in context

Washington state residents will probably soon be joining The Greater Idaho movement to split with the chaos in urban centers of the state.

More likely to beg Canada to let them confederate as their 11th province.

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Posted in: De Niro slams Trump at press event outside courthouse See in context

Actor that played Godfather slams Trump? That's why this article in entertainment section.

That was Al Pachino. You think all mafia movie actors are the same?

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

You can see SEA people coming here on shopping spree.

They come by ship?

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Posted in: Singapore Airlines revamps Premium Economy Class See in context

Maybe for the airlines you fly with, let me guess Southwest or United?

Wrong. There's nothing wrong with SQ vanilla cattle class.

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Posted in: Lucrative practice of 'sugar daddy dating' goes international See in context

The woman in this article is a trollop.

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Posted in: Foreign English teacher in Japan calls student’s ability garbage; says it was an 'American joke' See in context

He's honest

Correct. The ability of even basic English is appalling given how much school time is spent on it. Korea's kids have far more ability at a young age because they're not embarrassed about making a mistake. You'll never learn a language unless you do!

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Posted in: Legal battles loom as first Mickey Mouse copyright ends See in context

Give me Bugs Bunny any day over the overrated rodent

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Posted in: Daihatsu suspends production at all plants in Japan due to safety test scandal See in context

Rubbish cars. Always have been.

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Posted in: WHO asks China for more data on respiratory illness See in context

Cancel all flights to mainland China now!

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Posted in: Japan's two major airlines log profit jump as COVID curbs removed See in context

No surprise there. Tweedle dum and tweedle dee are world class price gougers. Charging the world's highest airfares.

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Posted in: Tokyo Station Hotel to sell accommodation package with original suitcases and mini trunks See in context

priced at 570,000 yen

You've got to be joking. That's a business class flight outta here to somewhere nice!

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