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Posted in: Seoul, Tokyo bickering days before 3-way summit with China See in context

I don't know about these guys but I had a great 3-way with a Korean and Chinese

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Posted in: Fishing union boss shot dead in Kitakyushu See in context

Yes, organized crime and organized labor go hand in hand. You should also note that before the end of the calendar year is budget submission (usually by the end of november) which means problems do arise..

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Posted in: Abe says women are key to Japan's economic revival See in context

Most companies don't want to hire women because they know they are going to get married, pregnant, and leave. Until there is some law that prevents companies from releasing their female employees when this happens, this just talk.

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OrangeXenon 1) For Tokyo, yes. But it is sakura season further up north.

2) Entertainment management companies in Japan are usually owned by parent/shareholder companies with deep political affiliations. The celebrities themselves don't have a choice about how they are used as political propaganda tools in Japan. If they are going against it they are going to have personally pay for the loss in projected revenue based on the publicity.

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Posted in: 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' service offers simulated romance See in context

Wait, can someone tell me how this is news? Date courses in Japan have been available in Japan since the beginning of prostitution

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Posted in: Susan Boyle to appear on 'Kohaku' See in context

ruins the honour or pride of doing the show for the other serious artists.

Oh you mean like NYC BOYZ and Arashi? Yeah, these guys are real virtuosos huh.

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