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Posted in: How do fans in Japan feel about the new 'One Piece' Netflix live-action trailer? See in context

Ah more woke garbage, I forsee another massive money loss and no second season. Yet to see a good adoption of an anime to film, maybe that's a sign that they should just leave it alone.

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Posted in: Tech industry allowing 'deluge' of misinformation: Reporters Without Borders See in context

This article is dubious at best.

You can't tell me that New Zealand is ranked highly I read the local dominion post everyday here and it's completely biased the same as the ABC in Australia. The tactic of labelling anything counter to the prevailing narrative as misinformation or disinformation is just seen as a boring old ploy nowdays. You don't read the paper to find out what's happening because it's just one giant editorial nowadays, everyone knows the stories are garbage and biased at this point that's why most media outlets are dying and why they promote extremes of both sides.

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Posted in: Raising Black biracial children in Japan See in context

I also believe there is racism in most Asian countries against white people too, but so much of that is for a good reason

Seems like your interpretation of racism is that it's bad unless it's white Europeans then it's acceptable? Funny I always thought racism in any form was abhorrent.

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Posted in: Djokovic's father won't attend semifinal after Russia flag controversy See in context

I smell the same nonsensical fear that was spread about Japanese Americans during the second world war in the US, that ended with people in camps. Are we to fear and hate people now because they are Russian? I would be happier with more Russians and less military contractors in the world personally.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

He makes valid points. Russian won't loose the war they have already taken less casualties and expended less resources and control the ground. Any one who claims otherwise is either regurgitating propaganda or is a fool.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

There were more protesters at the antilockdown protests and it didn't get nearly as much positive media as this seems to get, strange.

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Posted in: Ex-ruling party lawmaker fined ¥1 mil over political fund scandal See in context

How come he doesn't get jail time? How come none of them get jail time?

If someone robs a Bento from a convenience store in Japan they throw the book at them and yet when white collar criminals embezzle money, commit insider trading or cronyism gaining millions of yen of tax payers money the only get a fine?

Another example of how justice systems the world over seem to disproportionately punish the poor whilst allowing wealthier criminals to continue to gain the system.

Not sure how Japan can claim to have a fair and just system, if that was the case Abe and his cronies would have been in jail instead he gets a state funeral at the tax payers expense.... what a joke.

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Posted in: New Zealand announces changes to agricultural emissions scheme to help farmers See in context

NZ has the least corrupt govt in the world and are lucky enough to have a govt that works for the people and not 'power' (for the most part).

Sorry that's completely inaccurate, I am from New Zealand and that's utter garbage. The current government is perhaps the most untransparent and least honest that I have ever seen.

Not only are there several allegations of bullying from within party ranks with no investigation that led to an mp having to resign but they also tried to smash through legislation for undemocratic policies that they didn't even go to the election with, the two prominent ones being three waters and co -governance which have proven to be extremely unpopular with the people of New Zealand because they are not democratic policies, add large stimulus spending which fueled the current inflation crisis and ridiculous housing prices, shady deals with tech companies, links to including harvesting personal information from ots own citizens and implementing a draconian vaccine pass system that infringed on the countries own bill of rights.

New Zealand's contribution to climate change is negligible compared to the outputs from other developing nd developed countries not to mentioned its producing agricultural prodcuts we all need not iphones and these changes will not even make any real tangible difference to climate change either. This is simply another garbage tax and restriction making it harder for everyday people to make a living. And making it easier for large companies to fill the vacuum of farmers having to sell up and creating a corporate farming hellscape.

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Posted in: New Zealand announces changes to agricultural emissions scheme to help farmers See in context

What a load of garbage. New Zealand's output is negligible, these measure won't have any significant impact on anything except making farmers poorer and less efficient. How about they scrap it completely as well as the other undemocratic policies like three waters and co-governance, this is nothing more than a power grab trying to take away people's ability to farm and live.

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

Can you hear that? It's the sound of minimum mandatory military service. Available in Taiwan and China and soon Japan.

Not necessarily anything wrong with it from a personal development perspective however anything feeding the militarily industrial complex at this point is something to be avoided as is the propaganda.

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Posted in: Police seize on COVID-19 tech to expand global surveillance See in context

Hmm suprised this article made it on here. I remember when many people were raising the alarm about this when it was being implemented and people said they were nutters and conspiracy therosists. Cats out of the bag now, you can't roll a system back like this as easily as implementing it, not much of a stretch to draw a link between this and the my number system here here in Japan or the various identity legislation bills being rammed through in other countries. People point the finger at China being a horrible authoritarian state that has Orwellian control of its population whilst at the same time silencing people trying to raise awareness of the warning signs happening in their own country. This type of system can serve only one purpose and that is control and enslavement of a population by the few who control it. They might not come for you know but they will eventually come for you and by then it's too late.

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Posted in: 'Let's open our eyes' to rising xenophobia, Macron warns See in context

How does that saying go "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". Governments taking away citizens rights, supressing protesters, crushing farmers and private businesses should be the last to preach about Xenophobia and oppression, what hypocritical garbage.

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Posted in: Sunak says UK's 'golden era' with China is over See in context

That's OK, under Sunak I am sure the UK will move towards a global order along with Macron and Justin parroting propaganda from unelected officials.

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Posted in: To mask or not to mask? G20 gathers nations with divergent COVID rules See in context

I remember when I first came to Japan back in 2015 and people were wearing masks, they said it stopped the spread of influenza. I checked through the evidence and no journal article or study proved that masks stopped the spread of influenza and flu viruses. In fact it was a pretty strong consensus that they were not effective at stopping transmission at all. Japan has had flu seasons and viruses since then and masks haven't done anything to stop them spreading except now the same stupidty has spread to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Planet Earth: 8 billion humans and dwindling resources See in context

Should there be some sort of notice on this article that says, "brought to you by the WEF, you will own nothing and be happy slaves!"?

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Posted in: Anime shop offering ¥300,000 reward to anyone who can help them catch graffiti vandals in video See in context

How about we focus on punishing most of the white collar and corporate criminals and politicians in Japan?

Seems like as long as you steal money from thr public and through taxes it fine but if you spray paint something or steal some food they throw the book at you what a hypocritical load of garbage.

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Posted in: Japan has stopped printing its current yen bills; Mt Fuji only element to be retained in new set See in context

If the BOJ keeps devaluing the currency at the rate they have been then soon toilet paper will be worth more than yen notes regardless of how new and pretty they look.

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear chief says radioactive waste recycling is 'difficult' technology See in context

No, Fukushima is difficult responsibility.

Fukushima had nothing to do with recycling waste, in fact I don't think there has ever been an incident with nuclear waste that I can remember (happy to be corrected if I am wrong)

Most plants are already required to store waste securely and in an accessible fashion anyway, should the technology become available to recycle it in the future and use it in new reactors etc.

Whilst Fukushima was a tragedy and the after affects will linger for lifetimes, it was largely caused by poor safety standards and maintenance that was not properly enforced by the regulator and TEPCO, i suspect this is due to the appropriate hands being greased which is all to common in cronyistic Japanese goverment but that's another issue.

Ideally I would like to all the reactors in Japan updated to safer ones and where possible completely rebuilt or new SMRs built, however the goverment won't spend money on that as they are to busy inflating the currency to infinity buying yen and Japanese shares and keeping their buddies companies going.

The only way japan and much of the world will be able to keep electricity supply going whilst reducing carbon output is through nuclear, there is no other baseload option that will fulfill this need, you only need to look at the energy density argument for that. Germany's a great example of this, their wind and solar has not been a reliable baseload hence why they had a gas pipeline with Russia, not they are keeping their reactor powered on for this winter and burning coal....

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Posted in: Japan steps up push to get public to sign up for digital IDs See in context

This is just an excuse to implement digital IDs that can be linked to digital currency and social credit. People don't trust it because it's an obvious attempt to take more control over the population and remove their freedoms.

You can modernise the whole paper work process without implementing digital IDs.

The issue was never not having a centralised linked digital ID it was to do with outdated processes, double and often triple handling of documents and a general inability of managers and employees to be able to use technology.

This is just a power grab pure and simple, they implement this authoritarian system under the guise of fixing an issue that its not actually going to fix. I hope the entire population pushes back.

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Posted in: How bad is red meat for you? Health risks get star ratings See in context

What a bunch of propaganda BS, meat isn't bad for you, highly processed foods and fruit and vegetables swimming in pesticide and herbicide are bad for you, not exercising is bad for you. This is just more WEF propaganda in line with their stance on the environment and meat, ironically most of the WEF members are happy eating meat, just not happy with us plebs eating it.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap current non-digital health insurance cards in 2024 See in context

No doubt this will be linked to the social credit system and CBDC already in the works across the globe.

Much easier to control and manipulate people when you have all this information at a central point, once the CBDC kicks in they will be able to turn of your money and ability to do anything... I notice they don't mention the option to opt out of the system.

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Posted in: Things to keep in mind before marrying a Japanese salaryman See in context

Japanese people have a strong work ethic

Uh no they don't! They have a strong love of staying in the office for inordinate amounts of time and being incredibly inefficient. The idea that Japanese people have a stronger work ethic than other cultures is only really relevant when you talk about artisans like sword makers or even farmers etc. Most Japanese manufacturing companies are based overseas and are efficient however salary men and office workers in japan are some of the most ineffective and inefficient in the world.

There is no individual responsibility or accountability which leads to deadwood bad practices and nepotism.

Most Japanese companies are only still around because they are inadvertently funded by the tax payers via the goverment buying Japanese stocks and controlling the bond market which is on the verge of falling over.

And nomikai's lol what a counter intuitive action that is, the only people who like and benefit from those are managers because everyone is expected to grovel to them, I don't know many men and any women that like going to them, usually it's just a bunch of sycophants wanting a full-time position because fulltime jobs are dangled like a carrot in front of people and they are treated like slaves.

If you really wanted people to bond and enjoy themselves as a team all the managers and senior workers would but out and have their own separate session but they don't because they love the fact that they are above the other workers.

Everyone who lives here knows this articles BS.

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Posted in: EPA head says advanced nuclear tech key to mitigating climate change See in context

But then generations for 1000 years have to take care of the nuclear waste just so we could have a good time.

This is a popular misconception, nuclear waste is stored in such a fashion that it can be accessible at a later date should the technology to process it further as a fuel becomes available. I don't believe there has ever been a nuclear waste incident only incidents involving reactors that meltdown in the case of Chernobyl dur to human error and Fukushima was due to poorly mantained old technology with insufficient safety protocols.

More people die from radiation associated with the coal industry and burning and mining coal than have died from power generation from nuclear plants.

If your going to have a stable non CO2 producing baseload then you need nuclear, most new reactors and SMRs are far safer and more efficient than the older tech, be interesting what Germany does this winter since they have the ability to restart their plant but seem more content on making their population suffer through winter and burn firewood than start the plant backup.

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

Lol can they give us a definition of "new capitalism" because under Abe it was cronyism.

"new global order"

Well I am sure the WEF will be more than supportive of pursuing that goal with him.

Still pushing the old "Ukraine caused inflation" trope let's not forget that the current BOJ policy is what's inflating the economy sure some of that was energy cists caused by the war but the endless yield curve control and nationalising ownership of stocks and bonds isn't very capitalistic either.

He might want to scrap that policy whilst he's at it, not to mention that Japan is the most indebted nation in the world on a per person basis. I am pretty sure they are happy having the Japanese people stuck as perpetuall wage slaves in servitude, indebted up to their eyeballs, it makes them easier to manipulate and they don't notice the only ones holding all the collateral are the heads of big business and the politicians that prop them up.

Come on people wake up.

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Posted in: Britain's Conservative Party voting for next PM delayed after hacking alert: Telegraph See in context

Once again its worth mentioning that the use of the pejorative "Globalist" is widely used as a reference to "Jews" and is Bannon-speak for the antisemitic troupe that a secret global Jewish conspiracy rules the world from behind the scenes.

But no person wishing to be thought of as sane says "Jews" anymore. So they say "Globalist" instead.

Its still a disgusting slur that has no place here.

Ugh I don't take Globalist to mean "Jews" if anything I would think it refers to the same global elite that meet for the "World economic forum" of the "Bilderberg group" you know the same people that say "you will own nothing and be happy" pretty sure Klaus Schwabb is on the record saying that they have "infiltrated governments around the world with their young global leaders". In that context I would agree that the choice is between two Globalist but also the opposition has basically the same policies so your looking at voting for non elected officials either way because the WEF has their influence in both parties. Call it want you will conspiracy theory etc but I doubt they are antisemitic more like and human.

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Posted in: Kishida Cabinet support sags to record low 51% after Abe funeral plan See in context

Read the articles again.

Both clearly indicate that most of the people surveyed do not support a state funeral for Abe.

Sorry I re-read the article and your correct, confusingly worded though. Wouldn't be the first time on this site though.

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Posted in: New Zealand's borders fully open after long pandemic closure See in context

At these prices only the wealthy will be able to travel, which if I am not mistaken is exactly the type of tourists the Adern goverment wants to attract so go figure.

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Posted in: Kishida Cabinet support sags to record low 51% after Abe funeral plan See in context

Umn so one article this morning says that kishisda's support is at all time lows because of the funeral for Abe and then another article claims that the vast majority of Japanese support the funeral... so the inquisitive among us would presume that the stats about the funeral approval are BS? I also find it funny that Japan today posts two articles seemingly at odds with each other makes me wonder how much of this information is actually checked properly in regards to the legitimacy of numbers and actual accuracy of content.. food for thought.

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Posted in: New Zealand's borders fully open after long pandemic closure See in context

Does it mention whether you have to be vaccinated or not to enter? I would presume fully open means no vaccination or other requirements? Seems odd considering the NZ government is still in a full media scare campaign about how bad the latest covid wave is.

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Posted in: Japan looks to regions to mount COVID fight as variant spreads See in context

High numbers don't mean anything without info on those in critical care without co morbidity factors or the very old and frail. Not sure why they keep trying to frighten people with high infections rates.

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