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Lol how about some actual real tips.

Tone down the Japanophile behaviour (avoid being the person who thinks everything in Japan is remarkable and tries overly hard to fit in, agrees with everything and eventually burns out due to taking on too many tasks and gets frustrated when you can't be Japanese or treated like a Japanese person no matter how good you Keigo is)

Use your Gaijin powers wisely - foreigners often get away with some things Japanese people wouldn't be able to because of the perception that they don't know or understand things, don't be the person who is loud and obnoxious on public transport but rather speak up at meetings etc about things that everyone else is thinking but are to afraid to say anything about)

Explore - if you live in the city go to the country and vice versa, visit a ryokan go hiking, chances are your only in Japan for 1-3 years so make the most of it.

Don't feel obligated to go to nomikais or if you do go don't drink yourself silly. I think after the first 2-3 work drinks i went to i realised they weren't for me, its just my opinion but i am happy to meet work colleagues but having managers and other senior staff there really kills the mood, no one relaxes and it just turns into an ass kissing exercise.

If you work as a teacher try and teach your students critical thinking skills and different perspectives, most of the time the Gaijin is somewhat of a token figure but that gives students the ability to learn that differences are not a bad thing and new perspectives and views can help make them more robust people.

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Is it just me or do they look like the puppets from Thunderbirds.

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Aso . . . You must be kidding the guy doesn't open his mouth for more than four seconds without putting his own foot in it.

Why would anyone vote for these old cronies part of the same dodgey cabinet that has been responsible for several different scandals.

A bigger question is why you would vote for someone who is nearly 80 and incompetent, you wouldn't let your 80 year old parents or grandparents tell you how to run your life but you will let them run a country, half of them probably don't even know how to you use a smartphone properly.

You can't feel anything else but disheartened when you look at Japanese politics, its the same old club of scumbags that push for policies that benefit themselves or their big businesses counterparts.

They should clear the whole diet and start again.

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Posted in: U.S. cuts WHO ties over virus; takes action over Hong Kong See in context

Taking Donald out of the equation.

Surely it is pretty obvious to most people at this point that the WHO is in China's pocket.

Whether or not they manipulated information about the Corona Virus, preventing Taiwan from participating fully in the WHO during a crisis period when they obviously had something to contribute isn't in the world's best interest.

Its not just the US that's pointed out the current issues with China and the WHO.

The UK and Australia as well as other European countries have also pushed for an inquiry into China's handeling of the outbreak and ultimately how the information was reported to the WHO and the rest of the world.

I thinks its important to separate the actual politics from the person, i don't particularly like Donald Trump but at the same time that doesn't mean everything that he does is wrong simply by association.

The whole world is looking on at what is happening in Hong Kong and whilst no one wants to see open conflict it is also equally true that no one wants to see the majority Democratic population suppressed under a totalitarian régime.

The so called western democracies we have across the world may not be perfect but they at least try to enshrine the ideas of freedom of expression and thought, introducing laws that make it a crime to mock the national anthem or the government or enforcing a social credit system onto a population isn't a society people want to live in its an Orwellian nightmare come to life.

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Posted in: Survey ranks the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Kansai region See in context

I actually quite like Tennoji, I think being close to the red light district and love hotels actually keeps the place a bit grounded.

The zoo however is pretty terrible no one wants to go see animals in a concrete wall to wall prison.

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However, you should have wised up prior to marrying a Japanese; that's their culture and if you don't like/agree with the way they do divorces, then don't marry don't have kids. Simples.

It makes me laugh that you think you can just use the culture card as a justification for any sort of behaviour.

By that same argument female genital mutilation would be acceptable because its a cultural occurrence or not allowing women to have an education or get a drivers license

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@Minami Smith

I don't think anyone would disagree with Wives leaving abusive and violent husbands. However i do believed this issue is not about that particular situation its specifically to do with Wives essentially kidnapping children with no warning or explanation to their partners, it does happen and there are a myriad examples of it online.

Whether it is to do with the couple not properly discussing the issue or simply the wife wanting to get back at the husband.

It shouldn't be acceptable for either parent to just up and leave with the kids to another country with no warning and then bar the other parent from seeing or communicating with their children for the rest of their lives.

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 I need to work for the first 3 months at ¥1200/hour, or ALL new hires have to start at the same salary, even we are doing different jobs and have different levels/years of experience. NONSENSE.

Yeah the concept that if you move to or start at a new company that you must then start from the bottom is absurd. Again you can't hope to compete on a world stage nor breed innovation with that kind of system.

Motohiro Morishima, professor at Gakushuin University, noting that the younger people tend to place more emphasis on work-life balance than older generations.

I love it how the older generations claim young people put more emphasis on work life balance. I think it would be more realistic to say that more women are entering the workforce and more men want to actually spend time raising their children and letting their wives have meaningful work lives as well compared to the previous generation that expected all child rearing to be done by the female.

Its not selfish to demand reasonable work hours and pay based on the work you do.

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Posted in: Japanese firms slowly moving away from old recruitment, pay practices See in context

"In a company, not everyone is a cleanup hitter. We need to make sure that those who may not stand out but still contribute to the company are rewarded with pay rises,"

Yeah what about all the managers in Japan that simply order all of their staff to do the work, stay longer at work which means the staff stay longer and also drag people out drinking after work. From my experience all seniority based pay does is increase the prestige and pay of a position whilst relinquishing all of the work to other people.

continuing to request a uniform monthly base pay hike for all workers, seeking a 4 percent increase, while calling for efforts to tackle what it considers the more urgent issue of resolving the wage disparity between regular and nonregular workers as well as between small and large firms.

I would agree that the minimum wage needs to rise across the board as well as well as the abolishment of sham contracting that sees people never hired in a fulltime capacity.

Unions in Japan need to be far more militant in pushing for changes but at the same time there seems to be a disconnect in the legal system that prevents people from taking legitimate strike action. Recently employees from the Japan Construction and Transport Solidarity Union – Kansai Ready Mix Concrete Branch were arrested for taking part in a strike for better pay and conditions.

The government can't on one hand call for reform and then allow people to be arrested on the other hand for pushing for that same reform.

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Japan is becoming just like any other country. Losing their national identity. I didn’t come to live/work in Japan to have Japanese dumbed down to me because I look like a “foreigner”

Based on my experience most Japanese people under the age of 40 see Keigo as more of a hindrance more than anything else.

Making Japanese simple and less formal is better for everyone, most of the honorifics and politeness seems to me to be a way a enforcing hierarchies and ones position which should be less strict in this day and age anyway.

The idea that somone automatically gains respect based of their age position or gender is antiquated in my opinion, respect is something that is earned not given by default.

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Is it better to be too fat or too thin?

A majority of the time the response from health professionals and regular people would be too thin.

Fat shaming seems to be a hot topic at the moment and I am not exactly certain why its become taboo to tell people who are overweight or obese that it is in fact unhealthy, speaking as somone who had an unhealthy diet and was overweight for most of their teen years I would not promote it as something to be proud of it was bad for my physical and mental health.

At the end of the day people need to eat healthy foods and excercise there are no shortcuts or simple answers and losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is something that is different for each person.

I am not sure whether or not i would consider Japan's weight classifications necessarily wrong but rather question why western society in general has such lax standards, 53% of Australian's are considered to be overweight but rather than telling people they need to eat better and excercise we seem to be sending the message that its fine to be overweight or obese as long as you are happy and just forget about of the health implications that go along with that.

My wife is Japanese and weighs 38kg, she eats healthy food and doesn't have an eating disorder and whilst i think she should do more exercise I would still prefer her to be underweight than over.

We live in an age of excesses and its easy to fall into a habit of doing everything to excess, maybe instead of promoting body images we should be promoting self regulation in people giving them better skills to manage their own weight and health.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese make fewer charitable donations than people in other countries? See in context


No wonder, that place is toxic and overrun by anti-Japanese activists.

This site isn't overrun by anti-japanese activists, stop confusing legitimate problems and arguments with anti-japanese notions many people here live in Japan or have Japanese spouses. Just because they make negative comments it doesn't mean that hate Japan it just means that Japan like many other countries has problems it needs to fix and like many other countries it likes to ignore them rather then fix them.

I think its pretty hard to be generous on your average salary mans wage and try to raise a family at the same time, its probably more related to inequality and a lack of income then a cheapness in the population.

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Posted in: An interview with #KuToo founder Yumi Ishikawa See in context

My wife started working for a major Japanese hotel chain the other day and she was told she wasn't allowed to wear pants and flat shoes and instead had to wear high heels and a skirt as well as about another 100 stupid rules.

Anyone who thinks Japanese society is becoming more open and progressive only has to walk into any professional workplace and realise that its just lip service.

People keep asking why She is moving to Australia instead of settling in Japan doesn't take a genius to figure that one out, only a fool would stay in a country with backward rules and obvious sexism in the workforce.

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Posted in: Journalist Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself from rape See in context

Having seen the documentary on Her story and watched her have to painfully retell the series of events I'm not sure how many people could believe that she would go to the trouble of making this all up to end up public shamed and shunned, its an incredibly difficult task questioning the backwards systems in Japan but also questioning somone in a position of power.

Beiing married to a Japanese women now I often wonder if people realise how difficult it is for women to even raise such issues, not only is there the stigma still attached to it in Japan but you get stupid old men banding together to defend the actions of other equally stupid old men in an attempt to cover up their own guilt with claims of chivalry, when in fact they are the lowest of low.

I don't know what i would do if one of those scum buckets ever pulled something like that on my wife or my daughter but I think people can at least take hope that women in Japan are now making themselves heard on a world wide scale that this sort of behavior particularly by people in.positions of power is completely unacceptable.

I hope the guys career is destroyed its the least he deserves.

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Posted in: Osaka to host 2025 World Expo See in context

If a picture says a thousand words then the opening one is saying some pretty strong words about the old boys club that is Japanese hierarchy.

A room full of ignorant old conservative men celebrating something that's going to entrench their positions and make them more money.

Now i remember why i wanted to leave Japan.

Isn't that the same mayor that banned people from working in local government if they had tattoos?

Wonder if he will ban foreigners with tattoos from attending as well.

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Posted in: 'Undokai': Behind the scenes of a Japanese primary school sport day See in context

Yeah my experiance of junior high sports days was kids marching in military synchronization whilst carrying flags, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

The military uses drill as a tool to condition soldiers into taking orders, why its practiced at Junior High Schools is beyond me, and a lot of the sporting events were more like gag events. It felt like to me it was just another way to indoctrinate values and behavious into students.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins U.S. Open after Serena Williams penalized a game See in context

What pathetic behavior by Serena talk about a bad loser.

Congratulations to Naomi for a fantastic effort and she should be proud that she played so well in spite of a hostile crowd, she Doesnt need to appologise for anything!

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Posted in: Akita Prefecture may be glimpse of Japan's graying future See in context

No surprises here you reap what you sow.

No jobs available, the ones that are would be for companies where the management is basically stuck on and still has pig headed and backwards attitudes to work and promotion. Still don't understand how the government keeps complaining on one hand about the declining birth rate and then introduces stupid bills that allow 100 hours of overtime a month and don't provide enough child care to keep up with demand.

You want people to have kids then provide them with a lifestyle conducive to it.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated as heavy rain hits wide areas of Japan See in context

This is really sad, i used to live and work in inagawa. There was a lot of construction going on because of the new Kobe highway there. I can pretty much guarantee that the workers were told to continue working even with the bad conditions, if the city council is anything like the board of education they often ignore warnings and take a pig headed approach. When i was working there a typhoon warning was called, all the children were sent home and the teachers were expected to remain at school, when i raised the issue everyone just ignored eveidently i was the only one who went home. Utterly ridiculous, i am sure this tragedy could have been avoided.

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

gokai_wo_manekuToday  08:24 am JST

I have no objection to foreigners coming to Japan to work and fill the labor shortage. They add diversity too. But what about the real issue: why don't Japanese young people marry and have children? Our old politic

Its funny how often i hear a lot of Japanese people say this, especially those who lived through the bubble economy.

I would have thought the answer to why people have less kids is obvious.

Less opertunities for younger people to get full time ongoing work that pays well (not to mention the lack of performance based pay, the economy is stiffled by an outdated seniority system) long work hours that make meeting people next to impossible. Rising cost of living insurance and taxes, due to supporting an aging population.

I think young people are also disenchanted, they feel like they have no voice and their lives are controlled by a bunch of old and corrupt cronies i mean look at the percentage of young people that actually vote, and look at the attitude of politicians who continually do the wrong thing and never get fired or arrested.

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Isn't it just a tad racist the way Japan seems to accept workers mainly from other Asian countries?

Reminds a bit of Australia's policy in the 50-60s where they tried to take the whitest looking immigrants from Europe due to a perception that other cultures wouldn't intergrate properly into society due to language and cultural barriers.

Not really any good news hear anyway, i doubt the workers will be given any rights, will be paid a pittance, put on sham visas and if they complain they will be sent packing for not ganbareing enough.

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Posted in: Simple Japanese test claims how you draw a star reveals your personality See in context

Wow, and people actually believe this?

Wen you raise a generation not to question anything they just automatically agree with the majority. Just look at the amount of Japanese people who still think.blood type is linked to personality.

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Posted in: Navigating Japanese communication styles in the workplace: Tips from GLOBIS MBA School See in context

I love how these articles try to justify stupid behaviors and archaic cultural norms.

In reality when the manager says something everyone is expected to fall in line behind that opinion or action, its not about wa in most cases its about people being to afraid to question stupid behaviours and systems for fear of being ostracized.

Japan is the country that needs to change its practices if it wants to move into the global economy more not the other way around.

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Posted in: Parties spar over overtime system as gov't accused of bending data See in context


The Japanese work system is a joke....

One that's not really funny at all, weak and corrupt unions, weak laws and law enforcement and now you have the president trying to tell us including mandatory overtime in contracts is a good thing?

How about you introduce performance based pay, abolish the seniority system, make overtime hours payed at time and a half or double time and actually enforce such as system, put work hours down on contracts not just simply a salary per year.

If they actually changed the system companies would have cry for a few years then actually be forced to change the inefficient and unhealthy way they operate and workers might actually want to go to work and god forbid want to go home on time.

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Posted in: Teachers at Toyama high school cut hair of 44 students to comply with rules See in context

Very good. Much much better than rules in shambles as at most schoold in US and Europe.

Really? Would you be happy if your workplace told you exactly how your facial features should look and came and measured your trouser length everyday?

I often feel like schhols in Japan are operated more like penial camps then schools.

Also i fail to see how drilling conformity does anything but promote closed and narrow mindedness and make anyone who's different feel excluded and not wanted.

Schools in Japan are not without problem students either, often the system just gives up on them and bunches them together in less prestigious High Schools and lets them essentially give up on their education.

Japan doesn't want to make independent and strong thinkers just obedient bucket heads.

Come to Japan but leave your creativity and personality at the door please.

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Posted in: Authorities, families plead for elderly drivers to turn in their licenses See in context

Now lets hear from families- that can tell us some scare stories- about those idiotic kids that are driving their cars in and out of traffic at high speeds, causing most traffic accidents and killing loved ones.

As one of those young people driving in and out of traffic at speeds, i can tell you there would be no need to if people obeyed the proper limits and didn't just drive 40km everywhere.

Most people i have seen overtaking people at speeds do so when people in front of them are driving far too slow or sit in the overtaking lane a slow speeds.

I think there should be a test for older drivers, my grandfather was driving like a maniac late into his seventies and shouldn't of had a license.

Also speed is not the only factor, speed itself is not an issue depending on the car, if you drive a turbo charged Mercedes with four ventilated disc brakes your going to be stopping faster then the idiot hooning around in their kei car with drum brakes and bald tires.

Most the acceidents occur when people don't stop at red lights, don't indicate properly or my favourite the Japanese habit of just stopping in the middle of the road and putting your hazard lights on, I've seen people do this on highways, at the top of hills just before the top so you can't see what's coming in the opposite direction and also when people park in turning lanes.

Lets not even get into no parking zones where cops never fine people.

The real issue here isn't speed its basic trafic law knowledge, knowing your cars limits, control and distracted drivers.

And just for anecdotes sake i drive a turbo charged wrx in Japan and the only car accident i ever had was when an old man reversed into my car when it was stationary in a car park with both my hazards and headlights on, apparently he didn't bother checking his rear view mirror.

Another friend of mine was driving in nigatta when he was rear ended by an old women who didn't give herself enough braking distance.

Another time i was at a shopping center car park about to get in my car when an elderly Japanese gentleman came up to me and asked me to put his automatic car into drive for him because he didn't know how too, how the hell he got out of the car park i don't know, but he was far more of a risk then i was.

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Posted in: We'd be 10 times happier if we could only learn how to rest See in context

What Japan knows how to do is toil aimlessly, a kind of "labor theater". It's not work, but it keeps people busy without having to think much.

That's probably one of the most articulate ways i have heard it put.

Coming from a service and support background it frustrates me even more when you see problems and are used to fixing them or at least suggesting there is a problem that needs to be fixed or some way something could be improved.

In Japan when you notice their is an issue or something being done incorrectly in a stupid fashion people seem to do everything possible to avoid pointing it out or continue to do it in a ridiculous fashion because "that's the way its always been done". Nothing makes stand out more in a collectivist society like criticism positive or not.

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Posted in: Blame cultural inertia for Tokyoites letting snow make a mess See in context

I think the issue that everyone is getting to is accountability and fear of failure which are factors to why Japans businesses and companies are in such a mess.

No one is held responsible for their actions, and the higher up the chain you go the less responsible people are for their actions and the consequences for stupidity, ignorance or flat out lying seem to be a slap on the wrist.

Recently i saw an article in an Australian paper that said employers caught not paying their employees superannuation (essentially the Australian pension) correctly would face up to one years jail time.

yet in japan we see all sorts of scandals going on from Kobe steel falsifying reports to Densos staff wacking themselves from overwork, and what happens to the people responsible in management? they give a little bow apologies and keep their jobs and ridiculous pay checks.

Until the labor standards board gets some real teeth, actually prosecutes fines and jails people and until actual changed and modernization of the work force are forced through, Japan will remain a completely outdated, inefficient and horrendous place to work.

As for inefficiency and face to face work platforms, its usually a blatant refusal of staff and management to change their behaviors. I used to work for a BOE and the women there would always call me on the phone or request i came and see her in person, when i informed her that it was easier and more convenient to send my an email, Line, or text message which i could then also translate and it would result in less errors, her responses was to completely ignore what i said and return to her previous behavior.

I asked a room full of business English students the other day about their work life balance and communication with other co workers and I got a resounding "there is none" as far as I'm concerned you cant get much more from the horses mouth than that.

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Posted in: Love in Japan: 2 keys to making multilingual relationships work See in context

Sarah cried when she couldn’t get an angel for our tree in Japan, I thought she was being overly dramatic

Uh she is being overdramtic.

How about this article actually mentions comparability between people regardless of the culture, if you can't relax and be yourself around someone then its not going to matter where you come from.

I bitch about Japan to my Japanese gf all the time, the thing the types of issues i raise are things she thinks are dumb too, such as paperwork work life balance, power imbalance etc.

As said several times before young Japanese people are frequently more in touch with their emotions and open until they go through the Junior high school and senior high school system where they get drilled into a stupid conservative way of behaving and realised that their life if going to be severely affected by standardized testing that produces robots with no decent job skills.

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Posted in: Filipino trainee pressured to leave labor union by supervising body See in context

Another example of Japan's broken employment system.

Bully people until they leave and do what you want if your in charge because there are no consequences. This country has some of the worst working conditions and power harassment problems in the developed its pathetic and something needs to be fix it, not next year or in ten.years but right now. If your a backwards thinking old man who just wants to hold onto his power and status because you have been working on the same place for thirty years you should be sacked on the spot.

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