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T-Mack comments

Posted in: Kerry says Mideast peace still possible despite rifts See in context

The peace talk's are more of a joke than ever, Kerry should just say never mind and leave the Palestinian Authority, and Israel to their own business. Just like DR. Phil, your not going to solve much in an hour long dog and pony show. If they haven't figured it out yet, they never will...

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Posted in: More U.S. states could follow Colorado lead on marijuana See in context

Insurance companies are already dropping the insurance for contractors in Colorado, it will be hell for bushiness's to get the insurance they need to operate. Employer's have the right to not hire suspected legal user's. I for one don't mind if my employee's smoke marijuana, as long as they perform well, and are on time, and don't come to work stoned. I feel better about it than if they were to come in drunk, or hung over. I never heard of a "mary jane " hangover? So let it be...

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Posted in: 1st legal recreational pot industry opens in U.S. See in context

One mans poison, is another' s mans medicine...or recreation I should say, Kudos!!!

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Posted in: Regional leaders pressure South Sudan rivals to negotiate See in context

Lost gone to death, nothing is all right, Their losing their life losing their mind nothing is all fine, if it were me C-4 the hostiles....fight and kill the hostile's.....LIBERATE THE INNOCENT,...!!!

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Posted in: Best beef See in context

Never had kobe beef, but I love black and red angus beef, texas longhorn, and a big fat juicy t-bone is my favorite.

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

Very sad, They were together to the very end, RIP

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Posted in: Hollywood poised for best-ever box-office year See in context

I know they are getting a lot of my money, I love going to the movies...diner and a movie with my cutie!!!

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Posted in: Aid groups vow to stay as NATO exits Afghanistan See in context

I wish they would leave, the terrorist will come back, but this time they wont be so gentle, and nice.

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Posted in: Israel set for new prisoner release as Kerry heads back to region See in context

"Tenth time's a Charm" Nothing like sticking our nose where it doesn't belong, John Kerry style! The only thing coming in april is april fools day...Oh, yea taxes are due by the fifteenth...and other bizarre holiday's ,

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Posted in: Man clearing snow from roof falls to his death See in context

Rest in Peace Kazuo, We can never be to careful, as we get older best intentions can be fatal...RIP

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Posted in: Fresh violence kills more than 30 in Central African Republic See in context

Christ fearing people would never do such a thing, far be it from them to defile the living messiah. There is a profound truth, with bloodshed, if I were to tell you , you would not believe me, so I will not waste your eternal life, or my sweet breath with the smell of Christ as " I am" not the one. But he lives in the heart's of the one who's eye's have been unbounded and opened to the holy spirit as one who is upon you. and a witness...to life... everlasting for faith and belief... and the only truth that is truth that live's...

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Posted in: Obama tells Congress no need for new Iran sanctions See in context

We lose nothing we now have over 900,000 killer drones, so no problem, sanction??? ha ha, we enforce our own sanction with drones of great stealth. wow!!! how naive...Country with the most oil needs nuclear power to boot... You think your really cooking? No love for Iran and their back world Muslim abuse. Iran is rotten to the core, There is no love in this region of hate ...

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Posted in: Rodman says he's going to North Korea for fun, not to talk politics See in context

I got a real strong grip, I live in Huntington beach Calif. he used to live in Newport beach , right next to me, he was always in local news, fights with neighbors, landing helicopters on the beach, loud parties and the like, he believes he is above it all...and he is no decent man, with or with out his rings...Lucifer was the most beloved angel...what's wrong with that? I did not call him Satan. and as far as no nothing tripe...I like your word choice...you however don't like mine.

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Posted in: Space men See in context

Very cool...Living in space is got to be so awesome...

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Posted in: Robot chats with astronaut on space station See in context

I would like a toy robot for Christmas...

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Posted in: Fishing union boss shot dead in Kitakyushu See in context

The Police and the Military will have to work together to remove the yaks. No easy task for police alone...

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Posted in: Rodman says he's going to North Korea for fun, not to talk politics See in context

He acts very shameful now...and I do know the Bull's and all their glory...goodworks are like filthy rags, I know you know this. decent person? Lucifer was the most loved arch angle, but not anymore, not now, and not ever...and Hello to you too....

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Posted in: Rodman holds tryouts for Pyongyang exhibition game See in context

"Coach Rodman" is going to change how North Korea and America play ball...!,??? As far as politics, he will be throwing up bricks...I just really hope something good comes from this and not some kind of international incident.

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Posted in: Rodman says he's going to North Korea for fun, not to talk politics See in context

Rodman the pioneer of North Korean basketball. Kim the friend rodman never had. Together they frolic in insanity and foolishness. Go coach rodman, knock yourself out...

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Posted in: India outraged after female diplomat arrested, strip-searched in New York See in context

She is a fraud, She is getting exactly what she deserves. She thought she was going to get away with it. I hope she get's time in jail. If Americans break Indian law they deserve jail as well. She's only outraged because her evil deed's are exposed. Act like a slave trader, be treated like one. Now, Indian Government has taken down the safety barriers. They now open themselves up to being criticized on the safety of our diplomats. Over a lying, cheating, woman of little or no character...

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Posted in: Russia blocks U.N. action against Syria air attacks See in context

Okay...? If Russia wants to block, then start excepting the refuges into the motherland, and start providing aid. Otherwise, go with the majority vote of the UN.

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Posted in: Window workers See in context

I did this for a while at a Hotel Casino (Edge Water Sedona Tower) Laughlin Nevada, I loved it, what a thrill...It's a young mans game...

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Posted in: U.S. slaps sanctions on 4 senior members of yakuza gang See in context

Further more we are labeling them as military combatant's and are preparing drones for quick and decisive action against them...all are vulnerable to obama's charm and his wit... Not to mention Guantanamo bay is still open, besides obama's promise to close it... Look out! I think I hear one...

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Posted in: BOJ says economy recovering moderately See in context

All I heard was sharp slowdown...blah blah blah, act concerned! deny everything! Were moving forward...While the poor in spirit still suffer and are depressed, moderate recovery? How about rapid recovery with stimulus from above...!!!

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Posted in: N Korean leader's 'traitor' uncle executed: KCNA See in context

North Korea has our attention once again...Crazy beloved leader killing before imprisonment. I am not surprised at his action's , it's all part of the power struggle...

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Posted in: China to build two new Antarctic bases See in context

China is last in line now. But with the knowledge they will gain, they will surely boost themselves to new height's, like the moon and beyond. I say way to go! Put the first base research lab on the moon next. Maybe some day we can all work and live together for the same goals. World Peace...

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Posted in: The right brew for you See in context

My mother in law bought me a home brew kit 25 years ago, I've been brewing beer ever since. I got some really great recipes for ales, pilsners...IPA's are my favorite. I can understand his love for owning a brewery. Kudo's!!!

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Posted in: Chinese naval fleet seen off northern Japan See in context

JAPAN rock's. the USA will deter all combatant's, we love war!!!!! and we will not tolerate insult's...all beware, USA is FirePower!!!!!!!... and the smell of Death is not far behind....USA!!!!!

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Posted in: Syrian troops advance against rebels in Damascus See in context

even easier when you got American backing, and lobbyist support...Let's make money on revolution, and war...

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Posted in: Obama urges calm after racially-charged murder trial See in context

and maybe some day when they learned, Cherokee nation will return? They took away our ways of life , the tomahawk, and the bowie knife, brought their guns to our land and now they make a final stand. I find American government and the court systems at default...l , and others believe they should all be arrested and tried for treason against the United States of America. Murder with drone in the first degree. Failure to protect the American people. and taking bribes and in the name of gift's from lobbyist and conspiracy to overthrow the American people. and the amendments lost in translation. People should be feared by our government... until that...we have nothing......but guns....poor America...

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