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Posted in: Pakistan's Malala, shot by Taliban, takes education plea to U.N. See in context

The pen is mightier than the sword! This little girl has the heart of a lion. Even the Taliban fear her...may God grant her, her every word, and may every thing the Taliban has done to her return to them 7 fold....God be praised for her courage! She and others like her, I admire.

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Posted in: No evidence of mechanical problems in US jet crash See in context

Pilot inexperience...looks like a duck, walks like a duck, must be a duck! The pilot should of been drug tested and arrested for further investigation...

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Posted in: Famed movie critic Roger Ebert dies of cancer at 70 See in context

Two Thumb's Up>>!!<<,RIP, you are already missed.

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Posted in: Myanmar Muslims kill 8 Buddhists in Indonesian immigration center See in context

Lost, blind, naked in spirit...a chasing after the wind...waves of sea foam tossed on the shore...no end in sight.

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Posted in: Obama more optimistic on immigration than gun control See in context

People who have never owned a gun in their life, even my mother in law, are buying gun's of an assault nature faster than ever. I would say that's activated and involved. Job growth has been very good in the firearm industry. Even my wife want's a 300 ACC black-out(AR-15 type) Rifle. Why? Because Obama wants to take them away. What wrong with the .44 mag. lever action winchester I bought you? I want a rifle with a clip, the bullets are hard to load, she say's. Okay get your rifle, I say...I love my wife. to AR is human to forgive is devine...

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Posted in: U.S. military to return some Okinawa land to Japan See in context

Japan is more than ready to be on their own. Remove all US personnel from Japan, and Okinawa...Let Japan fend off for itself...

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Posted in: U.S. says it is taking necessary precautions on N Korea See in context

I cant get any sleep with that barking dog, someone throw a rock at it...please...! Dear Leader of starving people, shut the hell up!!! or die by the hands of the USA...United States Navy come calling, you better flee for your life...RUN, Dear Leader....

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Posted in: Meet North Korea's new Kim - same as the old Kims See in context

Lil dictator, Big Mouth, Destiny date with Disaster. Dear Leader Kim Jong-un, fire one missle or two, or how ever many you like, it will be your very last hoorah, Your life will be a very short one, even now greater mind's than mine, are developing the way you will meet the end, suicide by Elite military...

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Posted in: Obama to return 5% of salary to share sacrifice with public servants See in context

Good gesture, a day late and a dollar short though...Still need job's, and new infastructure, maintainance and repair. New road's, military vets need more attention than their getting...Construction need's a kick start up again. Obamacare is raising my medical cost to the point that I PAY THE FIRST 5000, deductible...but I ONLY USE 3000 a year...I pay full price now...5% is just a good gesture...and nothing more.

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Posted in: Meet North Korea's new Kim - same as the old Kims See in context

America's Elite Military will provide North Korea once again a chance to die for their country, due to the mouth of their Dear Leader Kim Jong-un ...

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Posted in: U.S. boosts missile defense as N Korea warns of nuclear strike See in context

Kim...is kaput...BOOM..."game over"....North Korea's dear leader is digging himself a loving grave.

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Posted in: N Korea threat may be more bark than bite See in context

Mokusatsu, PRNK...

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

There is now an Arsenal sitting off of South Korea in the form of long black cigar's, they are USS submaines at full alert with their finger's on the trigger, just because of all this...I don't like it, but it's true...I'm not talking about NUCLEAR weapons...but enough conventional fire power to level the north, now and forever more...Say's the RAVEN, to the SEASNAKE...The B-2's are like waving your hand over someone's face, then with out warning, you hit them with an uppercut with the other hand..."Submaine to land warfare"... It work's folk's, we all know that...I really hope this young leader is just stupid, and not really ready to have all their countrymen die for their county, The USA WILL PROVIDE THAT!!!...

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for dumping 2 tons of snow on Sapporo street See in context

Make a very large snowman, and call it ice art. he's a stoned artist...Very Creative...

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

Moab will be used long before any Nuclear munitions...if necessary.

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Posted in: Tsunami dock removed from Washington coast See in context

Japan is being more than cool.

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Posted in: Property tycoon accused of tax evasion posts Y500 mil bail in cash See in context

His home may be in prison soon...

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

North Korea is really asking for it this time. I hope they are just shooting off their mouth....because when it comes to taking leaders out and bombing their infastructure...USA has plenty of Experience...

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Posted in: Both sides of U.S. gun debate make public appeals See in context

Jobs, growing in the US, .223 ammo, and semi- auto rifles, creating lot's of jobs....Registry is for Taxing or taking away our rights as American gun owners.

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Posted in: YouTube says 1 billion people visit per month See in context

I just got a DOJ virus from you tube, I was watching BB King album, when about the forth song, Department of Justice took over my computor and locked me out. Malbyte Malware got rid of it, but heads up...It's some kind of ransomware virus. But I love U-tube.

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Posted in: Obama, in Jordan, warns Syria may become extremism enclave See in context

Sometimes I feel like all Obama is doing is shaking up the hornet's nest. What is going to be, will be. with or witout him stirring things up. Why give Jordan 200 mil. when we still have Vet's, and homeless still not properly taken care of in the USA.

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Posted in: In lavish reception, Putin greets China's new president See in context

There is no balance of power with corrupt nations. These two sons of anarchy will surely be trouble for USA and Japan.

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Posted in: World ninjas gather in Japan for women's meet See in context

Very Cool...

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Posted in: 3 prefectures to draw up evacuation plan for Mt Fuji eruption See in context

Mount Fugi's eruption might cause the world another little ice age, and yes, where would they go? Don't forget Nuclear Reactor's, if sea water caused a melt down in fukashima, what will molten lava do?

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Posted in: Night blossoms See in context

I like...! Look's like something from avatar...

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Posted in: Sea of masks See in context

Looks like they help. but kind of gives you the creeps to see.

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Posted in: No. 2 man in biggest yakuza gang jailed for extortion See in context

Time for the builder to buy two more tool's, a .44 mag. handgun...and a bullet proof vest.

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Posted in: China 'extremely concerned' about U.S.-Japan island talks See in context

China will never fly a flag over those Island's. Japan will.

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Posted in: Obama's gun control plans weaken in Senate See in context

Assault gun sales are through the roof, maybe now it will calm down.................................? Did Obama do this on purpose to increase guns sale's?......because in fact, that's what has happened.

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Posted in: U.S. imposes new sanctions against N Korea See in context

Korea fires one shot, They wiil find out first hand...what the greatest military in the world is, USA has resonsibility to protect South Korea and Japan...

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