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Posted in: Robots on hand to greet coronavirus patients in hotels See in context

Pepper should have a function to disinfect his i-pad by himself.

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

The last CoolBiz may dress up business person in Japan with mask and T-shirts.

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Posted in: Abe to consider starting academic year in September See in context

The climate is much comfortable than September. Also most of Japanese believe that entrance ceremony should be the beginning of April in cherry blossoms as there are 4 seasons in Japan and spring means "begining" of those seasons. This may be a temporary solution against COVID-19.

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Posted in: In cash-loving Japan, banks still busy despite coronavirus See in context

I think that most of modern Japanese may go to bank if it is needed such as loan, changing contract, open specific accounts etc. A lot of ATM machines are available at super markets, convenience stores, 7 eleven etc. So, they can windrow and deposit cash... It is certain that there are a lot of people in Japan who are not familiar with other newer payment method, especially digital payments. As government has started max 5% return when they use cashless payment in many shops, I expect that it may be a good opportunity for them to change the way of payment.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 39 new coronavirus cases; lowest in 4 weeks See in context

According to Tokyo COVID-17 information published by Tokyo, the number of confirmed cases par day are decreased from 103 to 39 for the last 3 days. Actually the case includes the cases of the people who used health insurance. As the number of test conducted of weekend (April 24 - April 26) which is covered by health insurance may be updated and adjusted on this coming Friday, we are able to see more accurate positive rate on this Friday.

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Posted in: Loyal customers try to keep their local eateries afloat during pandemic See in context

Here in Tokyo, we can order a various kinds of foods from small restaurants via internet delivering service.

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Posted in: Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic See in context

Old type business parson in Japan still want to make a decision "by reading air" in face to face meeting. We need to recognize that the decease is transmitted to person to person via droplets in the air. It is not because of low-tech or high-tech, but we should change the business process.

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Posted in: Sharp holding lottery for popular masks See in context

It is difficult to find a surgical mask made in Japan. I totally agree with sharp's decision to provide good quality mask to consumer in Japan. However, it is caused by technical problem of their servers, they don't estimate demands and how much access to their web site.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

I am also go to shopping in glossary store in Tokyo alone, as my wife makes a accurate shopping list for me in advance. So, I am able to select what we should buy quickly. It is not because of gender but role and responsibility of family and shopping plan.

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