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tachibana comments

Posted in: Three die in suspected suicide in car fire See in context

Or, the lid was open and someone happened to be smoking inside. @turbotsat You are so funny. Probably your parents are very proud of you.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific partners with illy to serve premium coffee in First and Business Class See in context

Wow, that is interesting.

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Posted in: Malaysian plane's likely flight path gets 2nd look See in context

@ChrisGersan From your former posts I already noted that you are not the brightest candle on the Birthday cake. But you surely know "opinions are like a..holes, every has one but no need to show it around."

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Posted in: Japanese man gets hit with massive bill for Y1 mil after iPhone stolen in Spain See in context

Softbank sucks.

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Posted in: Women threaten sex boycott for any man who votes for Masuzoe See in context

Supported by Abe. No problem since Abe is only bleeding from his a.hole as I was told by Japantoday a couple of days ago.

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Posted in: Abe leaves for Europe to explain 'Abenomics' at G8 summit See in context

The stock market never climbed 80%. Please check your facts before you write such nonsense.

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Posted in: German resort island shaken over Japanese chef's murder See in context

According to the cited "newspaper" the nightclub was a table dance bar. Allegedly, Nozawa confonted the men for not having paid earlier in his restaurant and demanded 10 Euro from each of them. So much for world class cuisine.

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Posted in: Famed American sniper killed at Texas shooting range See in context

This guy was a hero.

There's nothing "ironic" about it.

@Probie: This guy was a hero in the society (the giant with feet of clay) where you are obviously from. In the rest of the world somebody who whacks people for a living does not qualify to be a "hero." By the way who is not a hero in US of A?

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