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Posted in: Toyota pledges to take safety 'to the next level' See in context

Just stopping by to commend Mr Toyoda for his becoming directly involved in the matters here. We drag the highest executives from American industry in front of Congress. I think that Mr. Toyoda is genuinely embarrassed and sincere.

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Posted in: Toyota chief's U.S. testimony closely watched in Japan See in context

As much as I dislike Toyota, I have to agree. Everyone knows (yet few are willing to admit) that America loves a good witch hunt, and that is what this is turning into. That it's being done for political gains is even more despicable.

It is more the appearance that Toyota was being callous and possibly covering things up - or poo-pahing the problems. You know as well as I do - had Toyota been more forthcoming - publicly - then they would not be testifying this week. That's a fact - I am quite the news watcher. Companies that address their problems with an attitude of concern within reasonable time. The California Trooper incident happened last August - and it was not by any means the first reported incident. Toyota was not fully cooperative with NHTSA when they were approached on the subject for more than two months they stonewalled.

Recall the Ford roll-over problem - they stonewalled and were also drug in front of Congress.

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Posted in: Toyota chief's U.S. testimony closely watched in Japan See in context

The idea that Toyota is being treated any differently than an American company is quite wrong.

American Executives from many industries are drug in front of and frankly, harshly interrogated and often belittled by our Congress. Though sometimes they can be become quite partisan - with Republicans often shamelessly defending egregious negligence by some American companies - make no mistake Toyota is definitely not being picked on.

Now - are you also upset over the many years of very favorable press they have received here? Even after American manufacturers had matched Toyota statistically in terms of build quality - Toyota got deferential press.

As screwed up sometimes as this great nation may appear both to its own citizens and those of other countries - it is in fact - still possible for 'the people' to demand explanation for seeming negligence or in this case - incredibly slow acknowledgment of potential problems.

If you don't believe me - just go to our Library of Congress site and search on 'oversight' - or also do the same at C-Span and you can watch hours upon hours of American Executives squirming uncomfortably.

Sorry - but this really is true.

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