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Posted in: What do you think of ride-booking service Uber? Have you had any problems with it? See in context

Ultradork: Ditto. I use it in the US where there have been no problems that I have heard of regarding sexual assault or the sort.

I think what Luddite in describing in the UK is awful... why are they (quality of Uber) so different from country to country?

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing wallet handed in at koban See in context

sensei258Aug. 28  08:40 am JST

Was there really a need to explain what a koban was?

Funny story: There used to be a directory sign at Nagoya airport which had Japanese writing and English as well. "トイレ" would have "Restrooms" beside it and so on and so forth. Well the sign pointing to the Koban read "交番" in Japanese, and, you guessed it, "Koban" in English beside it. Sorry, I know that's off topic but I had to share.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl drowns in nursery school pool See in context

browny1Aug. 25  10:15 pm JST

The above scenario should have required as a minimum 1 qualified adult and 3 adult supervisors but preferably 2 qualified and 3 adults, as a deemed safe ratio in the case of 1 qualified & 1 unqualified adult is 2 : 8.

Yeah, but the pool is only 6m x 4m! ...you don't need 5 freakin' people to watch 19 kids in a pool that size. You need 2 responsible adults who are 100% committed to doing their jobs and not taking their eyes off of a 3 by 2 meter area of pool!

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Posted in: 7 must-know things about the Japanese home and kitchen See in context

LudditeAug. 22  09:59 pm JST

It's NOT a boiler and you cannot make black tea with the water as it is not on the boil. Alsp tea tastes better when made with freshly drawn water. It's not surpising I can't get a decent cup of tea in Japan outside my own home. Proper stove top kettle every time.

Most hot water pots these days have a button that boils the water separate from the "Maintain Temperature" button. It usually reads "再沸とう" or "沸とう" or "湯沸かし" ("Bring to a boil again", "Bring to a boil", or "Boil", respectively).

As far as using "fresh"water, that's a personal choice. I was simply stating that the hot water pots mentioned in the article CAN boil where you stated they cannot.

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Posted in: Happy Halloween -- in August See in context

@Toasted Heretic: Halloween is Irish? Didn't know that.

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Posted in: A record 122,578 child abuse cases were handled by child consultation centers across Japan in fiscal 2016, increasing the strain on welfare workers. What can be done on a local and national level to deal with this problem? See in context

Increase the salaries for welfare workers so they are higher than most government pencil-pushing jobs in order to attract more welfare workers. That's how important they are/this is.

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Posted in: 7 must-know things about the Japanese home and kitchen See in context

LudditeToday  02:36 pm JST

Those water heaters are rubbish, you can't make a proper cup of tea with them as they are NOT boilers, the temp never reaches 100C.

Luddite: Most electric kettles in Japan these days have a temperature setting. You most certainly can boil water with them if you wanted to... however, the point to those kettles is that you can MAINTAIN the water at a hot temperature (just under boiling point) for things like green tea or cup noodles. I think the article actually mentions that green tea is better served with water NOT at boiling temperatures.

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Posted in: Miyagi to remove PR video amid sexist criticism See in context

It should be noted that in Japan, a nosebleed (when Dan Mitsu whispers in the mascot's ear) means the mascot is thinking dirty thoughts. This is Japanese culture: when a man thinks naughty/sexual thoughts, his blood pressure rises, and gets a nosebleed. It is used in a humorous way in Japanese anime and TV very often to show that a person is thinking perverted things, but for that to be used in a tourism ad? ...that's not right.

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Posted in: Miyagi to remove PR video amid sexist criticism See in context

Just saw the video... humorous (in the way many Japanese commercials are weird, thus humorous), but totally inappropriate for a government sponsored video to promote tourism. What an embarrassment.

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Posted in: Trump demands N Korea 'get their act together' See in context

Trump and Kim Jong should just tweet it out... just the two of them.

Seriously though, if Kim is as serious as Trump appears to be, then Guam isn't the only one in trouble. I think Kim will try to take out as many allies as possible, as quickly as possible... I fear for South Korea and Japan.

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Posted in: Guam stays calm; dismisses N Korean threat See in context

Make no mistake about it; Trump is the one who instigated Kim Jong into directly threatening the people

of Guam. Sure NK shouldn't be firing missiles and building a nuclear arsenal in the first place, but threatening Kim Jong with "fire and fury"??? Surely, any normal person could foresee Kim Jong firing right back with another threat... Trump's reckless comments are going to undermine the UN sanctions.

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Posted in: Japan beef tariff hike threatens trade relations: U.S. See in context

Strikebreaker555Today  06:57 am JST

I guess we'll see the penalty tariff on japanese imported cars coming to light even sooner than anticipated?!

Don't you think that the J-government would have considered that already? It's just a big chess game. Besides, several posters have already commented on a previous article that Japanese automakers make way more cars in the US than they import.

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Posted in: N Korea says 2nd ICBM test puts much of U.S. in range See in context

...and I've got to fly through Incheon to go to Jakarta on Monday... yikes...

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Posted in: Anime 'One Piece' to become live-action TV series…produced in the U.S See in context

Is that the only image the writer could use? An off-centered, off-focused picture of a copy of someone's One Piece manga sitting on a table?

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Posted in: S Korean film about forced labor in Japan sets box office record See in context

I hope the film is as neutral as it can be, given the subject matter.

That was supposed to be q quote from Toasted Heretic as well. Sorry.

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Posted in: S Korean film about forced labor in Japan sets box office record See in context

Toasted HereticJuly 27  06:20 pm JST

Of course there are always those who will remain indifferent or ignorant to the details of history. But Japanese people are as clued up as any other people.

I hope the film is as neutral as it can be, given the subject matter.

The big question that the article fails to explain is: Is this based on a true story? Is it a movie based on a real event (WW2) and factual evidence (History)? or is it a movie based on a real event but a fictional story line? Actually, I googled it, and found out that the story about the prison break is completely fictional.

Otherwise, there have been many Hollywood movies made about Pearl Harbor or Iwojima with no backlash from the general Japanese population. As long as viewers (including Koreans) realize that the story is fictional but the conditions during that era are based on historical evidence (even though exaggerated because it's a movie), then I don't see an issue with the movie. It's just a movie...

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Posted in: Keith Richards says Stones planning new album See in context

Mick and Keith are both 73 yrs old. Rock on.

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Posted in: As sexbots and sex dolls become more sophisticated and lifelike, what ethical dilemmas do you see arising? How will they affect the nature and meaning of relationships and fidelity? See in context

Is it that much different from porn? We've come this far, why split hairs about the ethics of humping an inanimate object? Some people love their cars or video games, or designer brand bag collections more than their partners.

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Posted in: Man arrested after fatally beating mother See in context

Really??? Your mother, who brought you into this world? Whatever injustice you believe she committed against you, the least you could do is get freakin' job and move your self-centered, lazy @ss out of her house instead of beating her.

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Posted in: Japan to pay attention to human rights in China after death of Xiaobo See in context

I think most people here who are criticizing Japan for its hypocrisy have the right to do so probably because they feel that Japan is RELATIVELY worse than other developed countries on human rights compliance right now.

With that said, no country is perfect now, or in its history for human rights compliance. Even the U.S. has racial issues to this day and just abolished racial segregation a mere 50 years ago. It's all relative. You don't see North Korea openly criticizing China for the issue in question.

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Posted in: Do you think smartphones are becoming too complicated with too many functions? See in context

By "functions", do you mean apps or actual smartphone functions?

In the case of apps, I think they are great because the owner can choose what apps to install or use.

In the case of smartphone functions, yes, I think there are far too many that the average user probably doesn't even know exist, but the resources which companies spend on the R&D for those unused functions drive the smartphone cost up.

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Posted in: Woman in wheelchair falls down an escalator; kills a passerby See in context

Wouldn't a simple pole at the entrance of the escalator solve the issue?

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Posted in: U.S. woman arrested over disposal of 100 live bullets at Haneda airport See in context

The cleaning lady needs to be promoted to head of security.

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Posted in: Trump denounced after insulting tweet about woman TV host See in context

He is only making himself look even worse with his comments on twitter. The President of the USA is so insecure about himself that he lets the media get under his skin. Not the sign of a good leader IMO. Why can't his followers see that?

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Posted in: Venomous fire ants found in Nagoya port See in context

According to Nagoya Port Authority, seven ants were spotted on the side of a container and exterminated with pesticide Tuesday.

Seven? I thought they were talking about a colony or something. Unless there is a queen, then there's probably no chance of them breeding.

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Posted in: U.S. thirst rises for Japanese whisky See in context

"Whisky takes a long time to mature before it becomes the final product. Even if there is a demand, it's impossible to churn out products immediately," explained Suntory's Keita Miura.

And at first, this sounds like it makes sense, right? Because there's no way they could tell 18 years ago that Yamazaki single malt 18 years (as an example) would be in such high demand... but then I thought about it, and realized it's just another reason for them to raise the prices and make more money... because they could still sell it at its original cheaper price before it became so popular. I'm saving my bottle for a special occasion now.

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Posted in: Man, dog killed on rail crossing in Gifu See in context

What a tragic accident. I think MJ makes a good point though. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don't think I would risk my life for someone else's dog, but I don't know if I could say the same for my own dog (if I had one).

William: Would you risk your life like that for a stranger's dog? What about a deer or some other random wild animal? Just curious.

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Posted in: Americans and guns: It's complicated See in context

Some 89 percent supported preventing the mentally ill from buying guns...

So, who are the 11% that don't want to prevent the mentally ill from buying guns? ...the mentally ill?

...and 84 percent of all adults supported background checks for private sales and at gun shows.

...same logic applies here: if you are someone who does not support background checks, then surely you must be someone with... a background.

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Posted in: Ishikawa governor retracts call to drive N. Koreans to starve See in context

I understand what everybody is saying here, and I understand why the guy retracted his statement... yeah, "Starve to death" was definitely the wrong thing to say...

But, just to play the devil's advocate here, "cutting off sanctions to NK until they stop nuclear testing" is a pretty common suggestion throughout the world these days I think, maybe not politically but at least among the general population (such as JT posters)... but isn't that the same thing as what Tanimoto is saying? If we cut off sanctions, and Kim Jong still refuses to stop building his nuclear arsenal, then his people are going to starve to death, unless we give in and give them back their sanctions which renders the whole concept meaningless.

My point is, maybe Tanimoto's sentiment is a lot more common than we think... Think of it from his (Ishikawa prefecture) point of view; why should we send food and sanctions to a country who is shooting missiles at us? We send them food, and they send missiles back?

Just saying...

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for official apology over 'comfort women' See in context

aleefJune 2104:40 pm JST

They don't accept the 2015 deal, but they accept the money. Interesting.


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