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... but that's just another absurd racial stereotype. Shouldn't we all be moving on from those?


Perhaps you should adjust your monitor so that it can differentiate between black and brown.

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Japanese draw foreigners with an exaggerated big nose

Straight from the horse's mouth. Why do they draw foreigners with an exaggerated big nose, tinawatanabe?


Insidious, everyday racism is more powerful than a few jerks mouthing off with megaphones.

But is this poster racist? Consider what percentage of the Japanese male population has blond or brown hair. Consider what percentage has black hair. How many black haired people can we see in the poster? None. Posters convey messages, some explicit, some subliminal. I think that most Japanese people upon seeing this poster will not regard the people depicted as 'standard' Japanese. They are miscreants of foreign appearance. Because, as another poster mentioned, 'real' Japanese don't behave badly.

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It does not matter if he was Japanese or not

It matters a hell of a lot to many Japanese people. As Eiji Takano says, a Japanese-American who fouls up is a 'foreigner' whereas a Japanese-American who succeeds is 'Japanese.'

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Yes, this has happened throughout history, and has often been very beneficial to all concerned.

Many (not all) countries respond to criticism constructively. Japan just throws a temper tantrum. Always.

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Back in 2005 when I was living in Nishi Ogikubo I spoke about Taiji to my Japanese, non-English speaking, down-to-earth friends and they were horrified, even saying it was all western propaganda and "we Japanese would never be so cruel to dolphins."

Cue all the celebrity campaigns, films and international criticism, and now many of those friends support the hunt because they loathe gaiatsu: "Foreigners should keep out of our affairs." I think it might be the same situation with whaling.

When you're dealing with Japan you have to be subtle and a skilled psychologist / negotiator. I can think of loads of metaphors but I'll leave at that for now... (a skill picked up in Japan!)

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Just ditch the use of katakana in the teaching of English.

Usually, the Japanese have to learn katakana-English from their te-ki-su-to-bu-kus and then have to unlearn all that stuff later if they want to speak the language properly.

Children who are too young to learn the English alphabet should be taught aurally, using correct pronunciation. After all, that's how they learnt Japanese...

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A little late to reply, but...

To be honest, I think Japan is actually "pretty good" with regards to not basing sole judgements on looks.

I have to agree. Looks and height don't account for much in Japan, which is great. Which suggests that possibly there's another motive for having to send your mugshot!

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I bought a Japanese painting the other day. I'm English. However, the painting remains Japanese.

Likewise, Rolls Royce is an English company owned by Germans.

Are the Toyotas manufactured in America not made by a Japanese company?

No, Toyota USA is an American company because it is a company registered in America.

It's owners are Japanese...

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Yes, I was sickened by that story. Modern society's demonizing of men was the cause of that little girl's death.

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Imagine for example, British Airways running a TV ad in which a BA executive dons thick, round glasses, raises the corners of his eyes with his fingers and says "Haro, I am Japaneesu!" You'd be utterly disgusted, and so would everyone, including all posters on JT.

The ANA advert is exactly the same.

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@Laguna 04:31PM JST



The manners of Oulson, and indeed of his killer, are of little significance compared to the main point of this story, to wit: American gun culture is crazy and obscene, and laws and attitudes need to be changed.

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So WW3 is definitely now on the 10-20 year roadmap. All (ostensibly) for the sake of few crummy islands.

China, Japan and the Koreas continue to put the whole of humanity at risk with their pathetic squabbling, while the US makes a fast buck and stands poised to wade in like a drunken prizefighter and send the conflict global.

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@tmarie Was that in Japan? I've worked in several publishing and technical companies in Europe and no woman wears make up unless they want to.

One thing I find slightly disturbing about Japanese job hunting is having to send a mugshot with your application. Why is this necessary? Ugly people need not apply? Or is it more sinister... people who don't look Japanese enough need not apply?

And what about age? Do you have to state your age in Japanese applications?

Asking for age info or a mugshot is illegal in Europe (except for things like theatrical jobs)

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Every Japanese person I've ever asked thinks that The Rolling Stones, London's greatest rock export , are American (>_<)

I'd love to see them....

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Japan IS changing in this respect anyway. Time was people would just keep walking.

Not so sure about that.

In my experience, if somebody has an accident or is in difficulty but is not asking for help, a Japanese person does not lose face by not offering help and can walk on by. (I've seen this happen dozens of times....)

However, if a person in difficulty actually requests help, a Japanese person will lose face if they don't offer it. I've also experience this dozens of times. Just ask a Japanese person for help, and they will suddenly break out of some sort of psychological box and be the most helpful and considerate person you've ever encountered.

....and the woman under the train was requesting help very loudly.

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Foreign trainees in Japan face exploitation

Yes, we all know. But when will it change?

Ans: when Japan stops looking down on other Asians, and when the Yakuza are no longer in control.

( = never )

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And America has never done that?

Nato has certainly done that - In preparation for war.

This Chinese move is something substantial and dangerous, as opposed to the usual sulky toddler posturing that China, Japan and the Koreas normally engage in.

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Based on?

Based on speculation and interpretation of trends... activities enjoyed by people who like to think for themselves.

Scaremongers and wearers of tin foil hats...

If I had to choose between being a 'tin foil hat wearer' or being a 'bend-over', it would really be a no-brainer.

On a more serious note... Japan used 9/11 as a (ludicrous) excuse for fingerprinting foreigners. So it's not surprising that it's using the the current world situation as an excuse for keeping its incompetent (or worse) activities secret from its citizens.

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it's difficult to put ANY trust in them

I agree, you shouldn't have trusted Pakistan from the start. But killing innocent Pakistanis makes things a lot worse.

Yes, the U.S. should quit killing terrorists outside its borders and just play defense for as long as they can hold out, right?

American boneheaded aggression is all the jihadis need to keep recruiting more martyrs. Don't get me wrong, there is a worldwide jihad that needs to be countered in an intelligent way. But with the warlike passages of the Quran on one hand and ridiculous, illegal US aggression on the other, it's just going to get stronger.

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As a vegetarian I couldn't eat out if they didn't.

Now that's a good point... although for me that has simply meant having stuff removed. The exception was when I stayed in a JSDF hospital for a week. The secretary was adamant they couldn't accommodate a vegetarian diet and told me to bring in a week's worth of food. So I brought in 14 Indian meals and put them in the cupboard. On hearing of my predicament, the hospital chef came to visit me. I explained what I liked, and every day he cooked me a pre-Meiji Japanese vegetarian meal, and beamed with delight when he said that "most Japanese have forgotten how to cook this!"

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Shy herbivore

Herbivore? I've never met a Japanese male vegetarian. Or are you suggesting that all vegetarians are wimps? !!


You absolutely reinforced lationz's point. Doing stuff off-the-cuff is not really the Japanese way. Adding a little extra sauce is something that I think any MaccyD worker around the world would gladly do, except in Japan (ironically, famed for its customer service.) Anyway, I'm not "incapable of thinking" and I often eat at MacDonald's. Outside Japan, they serve excellent veggieburgers (with extra sauce if you want it.)


There are plenty of articles on JT pointing out the 'cool' stuff in Japanese culture, so there's no need to get huffy if it gently points out a negative aspect.


but not all of them are unique to Japan

Of course not, but in Japan it's the norm rather than the exception.

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The Japanese mentality is unlike anywhere else in the world

I think you might be right ;-p

It's a very spiritual mentality, too

Have you lived in Japan long?

In Tokyo? You must have an interesting definition of decent.

I find Tokyo housing good value for money if space isn't your main concern. It's certainly easier to find somewhere 'decent' to live in Tokyo than London.

saving money in Japan? those guys must be living far away in inaka...

I also find that saving money is easy in Japan, due to the low taxes, affordable accommodation, lack of commuting costs etc. It's a shame a single parsnip costs $10, and 6 mushrooms cost the same as 100 in the UK, but one has to adapt :-)

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Japan and the EU launched talks on one of the world’s most ambitious trade deals last April despite opposition from European carmakers fearing it would boost competition in their backyard without improving their access to the Japanese market.

Somehow, whatever deal is eventually signed, I think that will indeed be the outcome.

Any deal, on any matter, made with Japan has to be absolutely watertight. Nothing can be left to the "spirit of the agreement."

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If he was framed, then he left his bag unattended or not properly sealed

And this seems to be justification enough for executing people in some countries. Whoever heard of a elderly person being forgetful / confused about their baggage? Hang him already!!

The death penalty is immoral. Modern anti-drug laws are stupid, hypocritical and provide an easy career path for gangsters.

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@davetrousers, plasticmonkey

Indeed. Modern anti-drug legislation creates criminals and provides gangsters an easy source income and power. And it's insanely hypocritical...


You story is of course tragic, but I'm convinced that if drugs consumption was legal and controlled, there would be fewer addicts because they'd be no 'pushers' in it for greed.

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This article is extremely sexist in that in promotes the idea than men in general are potential violent stalkers. It also ignores the fact that women stalk, and are violent, too.

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I leant about the Dresden attrocity at school in England (our history teacher was an ex Battle of Britain Wing Commander who deeply troubled by it.) We also studied the Argentinian claim to the Falklands (the war was in my 6th year...). We also learnt about the Jacobite Rebellion (essentially a Scottish invasion of England) and the subsequent Highland Clearances (undertaken mainly by Lowland Scots) and atrocities by Government troops against Jacobite prisoners after Culloden. But I admit I know little of any "genocide". Could you provide links?

Anyway, we learnt all this at my school precisely the UK government doesn't tamper with textbooks.

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Freedom Fries... so indicative of the USA's insanity.


The Taliban are murderous thugs. I'm disgusted by the worldwide jihad, from Afghanistan to Kenya/Nigeria to the streets of south east London. I'm appalled by the politically correct myopia about that jihad. But I'm also appalled and disgusted by the utterly brain-dead manner in the USA attempts to solve this problem. In fact, the USA's behaviour is so astonishingly idiotic that it might appear that they're actually trying to whip up Muslim hatred to further some obscure goal. But Occam's Razor suggests that the USA is just plain stupid.

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Yes. I have seen such documentaries.

So have I, but they were all made in the 50s, 60s or at a stretch, 70s.

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You think people in the UK won't refer to her as half Japanese?

Possibly, but never just "half"

People in the west acknowledge the origin of the other "half."

People in Japan just fixate on the fact that the "haafu" is only half Japanese, without considering what the other "half" is (after all, gaikoku is all the same isn't it?)

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