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Posted in: Japan's traffic death toll falls to record low 3,532 in 2018 See in context

Very good for a 127 Milliion people country.

With most of those 127 million traveling regularly by train, foot, or bike; and not by car.

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Posted in: 6 supermarket shortcuts that save time later See in context

It's 5 pm, yet there's no dinner clock ticking in Japan because: (1) the husband has mandatory unpaid overtime, and won't be home until 11 pm; (2) the kids have cram school and won't be home until 9 pm; and (3) there is no room in the typical micro fridge and micro kitchen in a micro Japanese house to store all of the mentioned food items.

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Posted in: Japan reportedly to halt Iran oil imports under U.S. pressure See in context

Trump's sanctions on Iran are simply another hissy fit to spite Obama's deal. Now, thanks to spineless Abe, everyone in Japan will be paying the price, in an already stagnant economy. Unbelievable.

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Posted in: S Africa hits back at Trump over land 'seizure' tweet See in context

Just a tactic by Trump to deflect attention away from his crimes at home.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to meet again on trade in Sept See in context

Trump will not return to the TPP simply because Obama was associated with it.

Japan will never remove tariffs on "sensitive" markets because the LDP needs the JA vote.

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