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Posted in: Back to the past See in context

Do people in Germany dress up in German WW2 costumes to mark the end of the war? I very much doubt it. Idiots.

Nobody would do this. Wearing part or full Nazi uniforms is prohibited by law. Offenders would be arrested,

For the majority of Germans the end of WWII is reason to celebrate not to mourn a lost war.

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Posted in: Japanese sailor attacked at Solomon Islands memorial service See in context

I respectfully disagree. The Germans have been sending military delegations to commemorations of their WWII barbarities for many decades, laying wreaths in solemn ceremonies. It works to build trust and to atone for their past. Japan needs to copy the German example.

> > Of course it helps to build trust but in all fairness you cannot compare the German response to Japan's. Germany fully admitted its wrong doings without if's and when's. Germany also paid billions of reparation costs and there was no denial and flimsy excuses for war crimes and the suffering of people.

Japan has to do MUCH more to earn the trust of the victim nations. This requires also a full apology by the parliament and not just statements like - we did apologize. Money did help (a bit) but this is always half hearted.


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Posted in: Japanese backing for military build-up likely to rise after China's missiles See in context

Turkey lifts objections to Finland and Sweden’s Nato bid

Turkiye's parliament Has NOT yet voted on SWE/FIN NATO membership and according to my usually reliable information will NOT vote on it any time soon. Btw that's also the reason why Stoltenberg has "lost his"voice"

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Posted in: Japanese backing for military build-up likely to rise after China's missiles See in context

Just as Russia' actions forced Sweden and Finland into rushing to join NATO, 

They are still no NATO members. Membership requires agreement of all 30 member states parliaments.

Can you imagine agreement of Turkiye? I cannot.

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Posted in: Taiwan says China military drills appear to simulate attack See in context

But don't worry, the US is not sleeping. US and Indian troops are carrying out joint exercises near the India-China border.

One thing I know for sure since I lived in India for roughly 8 years. This proud nation would NEVER allow the US to carry out joint exercises with India at the Sino-Indian border. This does no happen.

The US tried it with Nepal but this was also rejected and rejected not only because of China's opposition but also because of India's.

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Posted in: Japan remains open to dialogue with China: Hayashi See in context

China was poor amd isolated when Japan was the 2nd largest economy in the world.

Dreaming of the past? The world goes on and what HAS been is no indication of what will be in future. The whole world is rapidly changing and those who do not want to see or know about it will have an uncomfortable awakening.

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Posted in: Japan remains open to dialogue with China: Hayashi See in context

Japan's side is very clear. It is on the side of Democratic nations, not Autocracies. 

I wonder whether this is really Japan's stand or rather the pushed role to play under US occupation.

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

And Ireland? To quote Stalin....

"How many battalions do they have?"

Didn't Stalin say this in when asked about connections to the Vatican

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Posted in: Putin, in Tehran, gets strong support from Iran over Ukraine See in context

.......however be shunned by the other NATO members and convinced to leave of their own accord.

Well, if it was easy the Empire would have done it long ago. ..... and Turkiye has still to agree to NATO membership of Sweden and Finland. That will take ages, I guess.

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Posted in: Russia sanctions 384 Japanese lawmakers See in context

The 380 Diet members were not sanctioned to avoid them from travelling to Russia. I believe they were sanctioned to show Japan that there is no way to negotiate anything with Russia in future. This could last for years until a normalization can get hold again. In meantime the Northern Territories are a distant Fatha Morghana

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Posted in: Russia sanctions 384 Japanese lawmakers See in context

Easier said than done. Japan has no real politicians. They're all blind followers of the occupying power. Sad but true.

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Posted in: Ex-TEPCO execs ordered to pay ¥13 tril in damages over Fukushima crisis See in context

Where will TEPCO get the money to pay the shareholders?

From the government

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine is heading for tragedy; Kramatorsk city prepares its defense See in context

 Russia will face 2 more NATO members on its N flank 

> > This takes time. First the Turkish parliament in Ankara has to vote in favor of the 2 new members acceptance in NATO and knowing a bit about the time line this can take months or more if ever.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of Sydney residents told to evacuate flooded suburbs See in context

Yep, Albanose is a bad copy of SCOMO

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

Japan business shows Japan's real face, complete indifference.

Japan's business people are realists. As in many countries business is more important than hollow statements about a war in a country thousands of kms away.

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Posted in: UK, U.S., Japan and Canada to ban Russia gold imports See in context

yes, foolish indeed. China and India will be pleased. Does it need another proof to show the incompetence of some Western leaders.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, Australia, New Zealand eye summit on NATO fringes See in context

China will soon become inconsequential making way for the West to rule the New World Order.

LOL, what did you drink? I want to try this as well.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, Australia, New Zealand eye summit on NATO fringes See in context

the first country to be attacked by China will be Malaysia, then Taiwan.

China will never attack Malaysia. Wishful thinking, isn't it?

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Posted in: Within the next 10 years, do you see any possibility of Japan going to war with another country? See in context

This is of course unfortunate for the japanese allies like Taiwan.

Is Taiwan a Japanese ally? That's new to me.

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Posted in: Do you think self-driving cars will eventually put millions of people out of work around the world? See in context

Those self-driving and really autonomous cars will only be established within a few limited and especially prepared areas and mostly at very low speeds.

That's the present situation because this technic is still in its infancy. I believe this will change rapidly within the next decade.

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

What it does NOT contradict is Japan's constant willingness to try and lie to the rest of the world the way it lies to its citizens while trying to play both sides.

Japan plays a clever game and I believe that this is the right way to go. The government has to take the welfare of all Japanese citizens into account and probably came to the result that anti Russia sanctions have their limits. This is far smarter than the Western approach to sanction everything and everybody (Russians and own population) . In Europe the awakening from the hyper sanctions will soon come latest by start of the winter season. European and American sanctions are completely out of this world. One can only ask the question what is the reason for this "Sanction Overdrive?" If it is to destroy Russia than they can wait a Loooong time without enough gas, oil, agricultural products and so on. Russia is very patient and one more fact: During Russia's long history they have never lost a land war, neither to the Swedes, Napoleon or Hitler.

Finally, no, I'm not a Russian and personally have no interest in this country.

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

There must have been about 10 police around the Embassy but not one stopped me.

The police guarding the Russian, Chinese or some other embassies is not ordinary police that checks on foreigners. They are always polite and friendly. I don't know but could it be that they are trained for this special job?

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Posted in: Japan, EU agree to step up sanctions against Russia, focus on Indo-Pacific See in context

Japan has much to gain from adopting a neutral stance like India's.

Japan cannot decide on her own how to deal with the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Astonishingly in spite of pressure from overseas Japan is still much less involved than the EU member states who are running with eyes wide open from one crisis to the next.

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Posted in: Japan vigilant against Chinese navy activity involving aircraft carrier See in context

It’s obvious the physical war will be in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

After Bongbong Marcos was elected the new president of the Philippines its unlikely the country will take place in any US led war. South Korea can serve as a substitute.

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Posted in: Russia bans entry of Kishida, 62 other Japanese ministers, citizens See in context

Will Japanese ban Russian flight over Japan and territory waters

> > Even at times of normal relations between Japan and Russia there are more or less no commercial flights from Russia that had to fly through Japanese air space - except bilateral flights which were stopped some time ago.

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Posted in: Japan urges Mongolia to join int'l pressure on Russia over Ukraine See in context

this is why China stopped its invasion where it did and not advance forward.

Hmm, did we miss something? Which invasion and when did it take place?

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam affirm respect for sovereignty See in context

The outcome of Kishida's both visits to Indonesia and Vietnam must be disappointing for the government of Japan. I just wonder if the coming short visit to Thailand does result in anything more positive for Japan. I doubt it. Kishida and the Japanese govmt. in general were taught the message that ASEAN is not willing to blindly follow the US in an anti Russia and anti China propaganda war. Japan better be more restraint in following the master.

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Posted in: Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine See in context


Search the internet. There is plenty of info available. To only rely on German news media wont tell you the truth.

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Posted in: Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine See in context

Do you think that this should be cause for Russia invading Lithuania?

I'm against any invasion by foreign nations. After dozens of years of newly won independence one cannot revert history by invading foreign lands or in other words - no, I'm strictly against invading the Baltics as long as these countries do not host military operations against their neighbor.

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Posted in: Scholz says Germany seeks closer ties with Indo-Pacific See in context

I thought Germany is already up to the neck in the indo pacific,

Not really, they made an organizational mistake. In the meeting with Japan an important member is missing.

Mr. Draghi's participation would have given the meeting the final touch. One in charge for Asia, another for Europe and finally one for Africa and the Middle East. Nobody could beat them, that's proven by history.

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