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Posted in: China orders Cathay Pacific to suspend staff backing Hong Kong protests See in context

Did China really request CX to suspend the staff? There are other news which report that China told CX that Staff that took part in violent protests - like one CX pilot - and several flight attendants are banned from flying into China and/or on transit routes crossing China. Since HKG's airspace falls under the Civil Aviation Administration of China they have to follow this order or CX can be banned/closed completely. Cathay does not have much choice but could still employ the staff on ground. The main reason for this strict order is safety which everybody can understand. If a pilot hates China so much he could certainly also be a very dangerous terrorist threat. Just remember Malaysian Airlines flight several years ago where most probably the pilot was on a suicide mission and took hundreds of passengers with him.

It will be interesting to see whether more HK companies where employees took part in the 'black riots' will follow soon. This is at least expected by many. It looks like time for repay has arrived.

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic costs keep rising See in context

It is sad to read that the games cost such a big amount of money. Is it only me or is it the general feeling that the nation goes rapidly down the way of corruption. While the number of homeless and unemployed people is rising by the month in spite of an export boom and high earnings from corporate Japan, billions or even trillions of JPY are spent on useless Olympic buildings which are worthless after the games. I wonder who the main beneficiaries of this cost explosion are.

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Posted in: Abe to tell U.N. chief he opposes talks with N Korea See in context

Here is what Tillerson said to the problem with NK:

We're ready to have the first meeting without precondition," Tillerson told a policy forum at the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank. 

It seems you're not up to date. Just waiting for Abe to change his mind again.

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Posted in: Abe to tell U.N. chief he opposes talks with N Korea See in context

Either a lot of people can't read or can't think. To date NK refuses to make heir nuclear and missile program a "negotiable" issue. So just exactly what is there to discuss?....

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Posted in: 3 arrested for stealing customer’s bag in Ginza restaurant See in context

The Romanian (also Albanian, Kosovo) Balkan mafia is a headache for European police forces because they are notorious criminals. I wonder whether they will also start to break into residences.

What I did not know is that they made their business appearance into Japan as well.

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Posted in: Japan's business confidence hits three-year high: BOJ See in context


I will pray for Mr. Abe today at Yasukuni. He must succeed

Did he suddenly die in a fight or how come you pray for him at Yasukuni? :)

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Posted in: Celebration and protests as China's Xi visits divided Hong Kong for handover anniversary See in context

.....Beijing has promised Hong Kong's capitalist system will remain unchanged for "at least" 50 years until 2047, but it has not clarified what happens after that.

What happens thereafter? I believe this doesn't need clarification. After end of June 2047 HKG will automatically become either a new province of China or, what is more realistic, a part of Guangdong province where it belongs to. It will certainly not become an independent state.

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Posted in: Wheelchair user crawls up plane stairs in dispute with Vanilla Air See in context

Very unusual behavior for Japanese airline staff. Maybe the staff in charge was trained by an infamous American carrier or does the staff in charge represent the 'new normal' of ANA's budget airline? Anyhow, the person(s) in charge for this public relation failure should be reprimanded or even dismissed.

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Posted in: ANA recognized for 'World's Best Airport Services' and 'Best Airline Staff in Asia' at SKYTRAX World Airline Awards See in context

Best Airport Services - including lounge services - I agree, ANA is among the best . Best Airline Staff in Asia? This does certainly not include airlines from the Middle East and some from SE Asia. There are a number of top quality airlines in Asia which are equally good and - when it comes to language skills - often much better than ANA. ANA does certainly not lead in this field.

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Posted in: After toppling Apple in China, Oppo eyes world market See in context

I am as curious as 'Freshmeat' to learn what patents they did steal. I hope those who accuse Oppo (or is it envy or hatred because they are Chinese?) will come forward with hard facts.

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Posted in: Hakuho caps 38th title with perfect record at summer sumo See in context

Congrats to Hakuho for a job perfectly well done. Nice to see him back on top again. I wish him good luck for his wish to accomplish 40 championships.

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Posted in: Xi tells LDP's No. 2 man he wants to improve ties with Japan See in context

While improved relations between Asia's two largest economies are welcomed the question must be asked; What's the catch?

The catch is the the immense opportunity to gain money and full order books from participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Over the next 1 1/2 decades dozens of trillions of $ are needed to lift Asia and Africa out of poverty by building modern infrastructure. This heavy lifting cannot only be done by China. It needs the participation of many highly developed nations. Japan is certainly very well equipped to become a co-partner for infrastructure projects.

I'm an optimist and hope that the B&R Initiative and Japan's membership in the AIIB can finally lead to a better understanding and peaceful cooperation between Japan and China.

Btw, don't be surprised if within the next couple of weeks we get also news about the US joining the AIIB. Nowadays nothing is impossible.

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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

Not that I'm a fan of any towers but the Sky Tree seems more suitable to the concept.

I like the design. Tokyo tower was constructed in the 50th/60th of last century but it still stands for modernity whereas the Zojoji -just next to the tower- is perhaps the most well known historic landmark of the capital city.


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Posted in: Sandstorm observed sweeping across wide areas of Japan See in context

There is no downplaying in Chinese media. Hundreds of millions of trees have been planted over the last two/three decades but they can only reduce the velocity of sandstorms and not avoid them. As for "Greenpeace" ... isn't it sad that even sandstorms are subject to criticism if they occur in China.... Some really feed on any kind of bad news if it only serves their own agenda.

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Posted in: Sky high See in context

In the photo below right, you can see Tokyo Dome in the lower left.

I doubt Tokyo Dome can be seen in this photo. All I see is a view over Sumida-ku with the shadow of the Skytree and, over the Sumida gawa, to the left a partial view of Taito-ku (Asakusa area). The Tokyo Dome is in Bunkyo-ku which is several kms away from any place shown in this photo.

Moderator: Tokyo Dome can be seen in the second photo.

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Posted in: Premium Friday campaign to encourage workers to leave early See in context

If employers agree with this suggestion I suppose they want some "compensation". May be by adding half an hour or one hour of unpaid overtime work on all the other working days of the month. In the end it may result in more unpaid overtime. That is what I expect from this proposal.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor race a fight to save reputation as 2020 Olympics host See in context

Is the new stadium finished yet?

I live in the Meiji Jingu Gaien area within a few hundred meters of the 'hole in the ground'. So far not much has happened. There is a huge fence around the construction site but peeping through some small openings once in a while I cannot yet see any real progress but there are dozens of lorries every morning parking on Gaien Nishi Dori waiting to unload sand or other building material.

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

@fgm333 The Japanese don't defecate and urinate in public, or on planes or in churches and temples,ok!

I'm a retiree and frequently walk around all over Tokyo. I don't know how often I saw Japanese men who urinate in broad daylight on pedestrian walkways for everybody to see. Just last week I had to make a little detour to avoid being showered by one and no, this did not happen in some remote area but in Hatsudai/Shibuya-ku.

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Posted in: M8.5 earthquake strikes near Ogasawara islands See in context

The quake was 590km deep. If it was closer to the surface it would have caused tremendous damage and probably tsunamis as well. Still, I have the strange feeling that this was a harbinger of what's coming next.

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Posted in: Hakuho beats Taiho's record by winning 33rd title See in context

Congratulations to Hakuho who is the new champion of champions of the Sumo world. He deserves to be the top wrestler of all times. I further wish him good luck and many more championships over the next couple of years.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants Japan to have a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. Would you support such a move? See in context

HongoTAFEinmateSEP. 30, 2014 - 02:21PM JST It wasn't so long ago that Japan and Germany were still in the doghouse at the UN as "enemy nations". In response to the question I believe that the security council mechanism is fundamentally broken. If we were faced by a threat the magnitude of Hitler these days, I suspect that the UN would fail to come to an agreement regarding how to respond

The UN had a precursor organization -based in Geneva- between the two world wars. It was called the 'League of Nations' or 'Voelkerbund". This organization completely failed because it was unable to prevent the aggrssion of the three 'Axis Powers", Germany, Japan and Italy. Germany left the LN in the early thirties of last century followed by Japan, Italy and also by Fascist Franco's Spain. Present day UN is a bit more efficient but there was never a serious test. Not sure whether a real universal war could be prevented by the UN. I hope we never see such a case.

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Posted in: 200-strong Japanese business delegation visits China See in context

t's interesting that 200 could visit, getting a visa at the airport with no hassles at all.

Japanese citizens don't need a visa for a short time visits of max. 2 weeks.

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Posted in: Indian PM tours Kyoto See in context

Both nations hope to curb Beijing’s rising activity in the East and South China Seas and the Indian Ocean.

The a.m. article does not give the full picture. Before PM Modi's trip to Japan he met the Japanese press in Delhi where he mainly talked about India's view on the U.S., China and Pakistan. About Indo-Chinese relations he had following to say (please note - this was to a Japanese media audience): An excerpt - quote:

“China is India’s largest neighbor and a high priority in India’s foreign policy. It is my government’s resolve to utilize the full potential of our Strategic and Cooperative Partnership with China. I am keen to work closely with the Chinese leadership to push the relationship forward and to deal with all issues in our bilateral relations by proceeding from the strategic perspective of our developmental goals and long-term benefits to our peoples. I had a good first meeting with President Xi in July and I am looking forward to welcoming him in India. Unquote

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Posted in: IOC warns Tokyo over potential 2020 venue changes See in context

Tokyo officials estimate the total cost of venues at around 150 billion yen, including the construction of 10 new facilities, although some assembly members fear the price could double.

Is the estimate of 150 billion JPY correct? Only 150 billion Yen for the construction of all new facilities incl. the gigantic Olympic national stadium? Could it be the figure is more like 1,5 trillion Yen?

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Posted in: Japan to cancel Kishida's visit to Russia See in context

Bye-bye islands!

That's how it looks like. The Southern Kurile islands negotiations remain on hold - for a long time, I guess.

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Posted in: Popcorn line See in context

In Japan, all eateries have this kind of thing when they first open (with the right location, of course). Massive queues spark interest here, rather than disgust

This popcorn company opened more than six months ago. Still, the number of people waiting in front of the shop is always high.

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Posted in: Popcorn line See in context

This shop is the first such establishment in Japan of a famous popcorn company from Chicago. Just at the corner where Meiji Jingu, Harajuku station and Omotesando meet.

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Posted in: No. of foreigners arrested for crimes in Japan up by 8% in 2013 See in context

Recently I read that the Abe admin. wants to increase the number of foreigners by some 200,000 p.a. over a time span of approx. five to ten years. This should serve to increase the domestic work force and reduce a bit the impact of ageing of society. Not sure whether police actions against foreigners are the right way to promote immigration........

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Posted in: Mongolian Kakuryu promoted to rank of yokozuna See in context

Congratulations to Kakuryu for a well deserved yokozuna promotion.

Still I wonder whether the 'Japan Sumo Association' should change to 'Mongolian Sumo Association' or for a starter have at least one annual tournament in Ulaan Baatar.

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Posted in: Japan confirms $1.5 billion aid offer to Ukraine See in context

1,5 bill US$. A generous present by the Abe admin although it'll be just enough to keep the Ukraine floating for another fortnight. They need at least 50 bill (for this year alone) but there is nobody in sight willing to put that much money into a bottomless pit.

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