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Posted in: Trump suggests summit with N Korea's Kim could be delayed See in context

Hopefully they'll still be able to reschedule within 2018, as the commemorative coins have already been struck with that date.


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Posted in: I just visited Iran. Here’s what I heard about the U.S. See in context

“What does America want from us? To force us to negotiate? We did, we agreed, already, in 2015,” said one student in a reference to the year to nuclear agreement was signed. “Regime change – do Americans even know we vote for our government here?” said another. 

Listening to Pompei on the radio this morning made me quite angry. Who does he think he is? Why does he think the current US administration should rule the world? How can he even begin to imagine that all the countries he listed off would want to line up with the USA, against Iran, at this point in time?

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Posted in: Man stabbed on subway in Tokyo See in context

Stabbed or accidentally poked by something sharp? 

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Overcrowding on the trains is a result of businesses sticking to manufacturing industry style HR policies like strict start times. Any company that doesn't have a production line should have flex time. Most customer facing roles should have staggered start and finish times, as well, instead of everyone having to work overtime.

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Posted in: Tokyo to introduce step-free buses ahead of Olympics See in context

expatMay 19  11:00 am JST

The only Olympics that changed anything in Japan were held in 1964. 

Did you not read the article? It is about a change that is happening right now, because of the 2020 games.

And did you also forget about the 1972 and 1998 games? New venues, new highways, and shinkansen line.

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Posted in: Tokyo to introduce step-free buses ahead of Olympics See in context

Getting all these things done will be part of the long-term legacy of the games. I don't care about the games. rarely watch sports and hate crowds. Like to spend my summer free time at a beach or on a mountain, rather than in front of a TV.

I will benefit from the games being hosted here, though.

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Posted in: Radiation monitors in Fukushima broken; malfunction 4,000 times See in context

3000 devices operating over 7+ years.

3900 failures. That's not much more than one maintenance call per device in 7 years.

"The makers of the device and security system companies were called each time to fix the problems." 

Are they battery or solar power operated?

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Posted in: Fuji Xerox to install personal booths for teleworking at subway stations See in context

So, my point is...whose life is so hectic that they can't wait to get back to the office?

Depends how far away the office is, and whether or not you are going there or on to another meeting. Some people need to quickly submit a report or update their CRM after a sales call or contact the sales admin with contract details to get them to put documents together before heading to there next call.

That said, I can't imagine being coordinated enough to reserve a booth for that in between time in the in between space. Just use a taxi and do it in the privacy of the back seat.

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Posted in: England fans warned over flag-waving at World Cup See in context

enforcing political correctness 

No one is "enforcing" anything.

People in charge of public safety (the heads of UK police) are urging fans to avoid endangering themselves by enraging violent Russian a-holes.

I say, wave away. It's on the local police to keep their hooligans in check. If they can't, they shouldn't be hosting.

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Posted in: Most foreign envoys absent as Israel, U.S. launch embassy festivities See in context

Trump wined loudly about the cost or relocating the embassy in London (until he found out the deal was made prior to Obama). How much is this move costing? How much higher will the monthly security costs be?

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Posted in: Childish Gambino video targeting gun violence gets 100 million hits See in context

Wow. Just watched it.

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Posted in: Musician Kitaro cancels Iran concert because his band includes Americans See in context

Very unfortunate for the band and the fans. Too bad he can't find non-American replacements for the gig in time, but 6 is a large number and the concert is too soon. Hopefully he'll be able to reschedule with later in the year with some temporary replacements.

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Posted in: Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out See in context

U.S. economic sanctions, which would penalize foreign firms doing business with Tehran, ...

Hopefully, it's not just Europe that's looking seeing Iran as a trading partner worthy of support in the face of an unreliable bully. I hope China, Japan, and South Korea are right now discussing how useful Iranian oil is to them, how good it is having had Iran back off it's nuclear development, and how it really is time for the world's leading countries to pull themselves together and give a cold shoulder to the belligerent brat that is the current USofA. Stand up together!

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Posted in: Abe served dessert in 'shoe' at dinner in Israel See in context

Jonathan Prin Today  01:48 pm JST

Who takes a dessert in photo in a private dinner to sell it to the media ?

In this case, the photo was taken by the chef and posted to his instagram site. (Does that make you question the chef's judgement even more deeply?)

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Posted in: Abe served dessert in 'shoe' at dinner in Israel See in context

Heard about this a couple days ago on BBC. Seeing the photo, it looks even worse than I imagined.

Some celebrity chef had been invited and was trying to make a name for himself. (Didn't seem to work, as no one is talking about him by name - and he's definitely not getting any new jobs based on this one.)

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Posted in: China, Japan and S Korea highlight unity at summit See in context

Interesting table configuration. I wonder if they had to have that custom made or if they had something in storage at the palace from previous three-way summits

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Posted in: Intoxicated YouTuber arrested for punching woman in bar while filming video See in context

I don't think the media should be providing publicity by giving out this idiots YouTube handle.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympics could paralyse Tokyo's subway, study warns See in context

Not sure the benefits of Olympic will bring to Japan (or the Japanese).

Speaking for myself and my colleagues, one of the benefits is that my employer is finally taking some initiative to implement the real flextime and even flexible work location, with the expected Olympic congestion as the driver. By summer 2020 almost all employees should be able to work from home or another location that keeps them off Tokyo's public transportation system.

Without the government's urging (and last July's work-from-home test day) management would still be sitting on their thumbs.

So while I agree that this post is just the usual fear-mongering click-bait, like what London experienced, I hope to see more of it. Wouldn't it be nice if more companies offered flexible or staggered start times, remote work, and less congestion on a year-round basis?!?

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Posted in: High court rejects man's call over paternity of child born by IVF See in context

Thanks for the insights, Bertie. The article says the egg had already been fertilized and frozen, as opposed to, they used his sperm without his consent. (small correction?)

My feelings:

A) He is the biological father. He consented to the fertilization. He didn't demand the destruction of the fertilized eggs upon separation. = He should get visitation rights, if and when he wants them.

B) He did not consent to the implantation. He should not be on the hook to financially support the child.

C) As a human being, he should want to make sure the child is OK, if for no other reason than that she is the sister of his daughter. I hope he will support the child financially out of his goodness of his heart. And I hope that they will be able to develop a loving relationship. Poor kid.

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Posted in: Education minister apologizes over 'sexy yoga' claims See in context

The studio's website says it offers private lessons for men or couples.

Private. For men & couples only.

This is not a normal yoga studio.

This is not a normal massage therapist.

Try pulling the other one.

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Posted in: Education minister visits 'sexy yoga' studio by official car See in context

Just read that he's a member of the "Koga-faction" within the LDP. I wonder if this leak is intended to weaken that faction in advance of the infighting to determine who replaces Abe.

(I sure hope there is more outing of this sort - I'm not puritanical, but the idiot is using our tax yen and resources and seems to think he's perfectly entitled to do so.)

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Posted in: IOC tells Tokyo 2020 organizers they must prepare for questions, criticism See in context

To take a simple example, the FIBA requires all doors in basketball facilities to be higher than normal. They signed off the basketball courts in London 2012, but a few weeks before the Olympics, they found that shared practice halls had standard height doors. 

Thanks for that insightful example, A-Cross.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in fiscal 2017 reaches almost 30 mil See in context

No. of foreign visitors to Japan in fiscal 2017 reaches almost 30 mil = ZERO need for casinos to bring tourists into Japan. Clearly we're doing fine without them.

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Posted in: Support rises for controversial Canada pipeline See in context

This is a pipeline expansion project. A pipeline already runs through the area. It is being twinned, to increase capacity. Not such a big deal. It is so political because of the high profile of the horrifying Standing Rock heavy-handedness in the US of recent years.

More information is spreading and Canadians are becoming more informed. And they are realizing that they want lower gasoline prices and that much of the fuel they now consume is being (dangerously) shipped in from overseas.

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Posted in: Niigata's anti-nuclear governor resigns over magazine article See in context

So, it all he did was above board, why is he stepping down? Why not just say, "Hey, I'm single and I'm busy. Too busy to court. No impropriety so back off."

I'd totally respect that.

The fact that he's backing down makes leads me to believe he knows there is impropriety there, waiting to become public.

(That finance ministry jerk on the other hand - clear and total scumbag.)

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he wants free, fair trade with Japan; pledges to help with abduction issue See in context

Serious question here: Who pays for the Japan delegations accommodations at Mar-a-la-go? Is this our tax yen going straight into Donald's bank accounts? Or does the host / host country pay? (If it's US tax-dollars, that's on them).

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Posted in: Iceland company to resume commercial hunting of fin whales See in context

cleoToday  10:29 am JST

How can Japan be a 'vital market' for whalemeat from Iceland? They can't even sell the heavily-subsidised 'byproduct' of their 'scientific research', 

Good question, Cleo. The logical answer would be that the "Japan can't even sell it's own whale meat" story is a myth.

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Posted in: Trudeau in financial talks to resolve heated pipeline dispute See in context

I'm afraid we have too many activists and lobbyists on both sides. Quoting a bit here from the Mayor of Fort St. John - she put out an informative and common sense open letter:

"Canada has some of the largest petroleum resources in the world and yet Canada imports 634,000 barrels of crude oil from foreign countries every single day.

That is $26 billion of oil imports every year that we could have supplied to ourselves.

That product arrives in tankers and is transported to where it needs to go by truck and train right through our communities. And yet we don’t want our own product to flow in pipelines to our communities for our own use or to our ports so we can export it? That just makes no sense at all to me.

So let’s talk about pipelines. I know pipelines are a safe, cost-efficient means of oil and natural gas transportation and emit fewer greenhouse gases than alternate transportation methods.

Canada has 830,000 kilometers of pipelines. Three million barrels of crude oil is transported safely every single day. B.C. has over 43,000 kilometers of pipelines. If we took that oil out of the pipelines, we would need 4,200 rail cars to move it. How many of those cars would you like rolling through your community?"

Full text available here: http://www.jwnenergy.com/article/2016/12/mayor-fort-st-john-wrote-letter-about-pipelines-citizens-british-columbia/

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Posted in: British lawmakers, celebrities call for people's vote on Brexit See in context

The people voted and spoke and the government must honor that regardless 

Or they could let the people vote again and see if they feel strongly differently, on sober reflection. I don't think the government can unilaterally say, "Stuff the referendum results - we'll do what we think is best." However, even if they can't make a fair claim that there was outside meddling (fake news campaigns by foreign actors, etc.), they could offer it up for a re-vote, now that the public is more informed about what Brexit means, costs, and looks like. It seems down-right sensible.

And if the public again produce and Exit majority, then away they break.

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Posted in: Sagawa says he got no instructions from Abe or Aso to alter land sale documents See in context

A lot of "case settled - move on" poster(s) popping up out of the blue.

I'm of the, "of course they didn't directly tell him, hey Sagawa, be a pal and have those documents doctored." Even in normal Japanese conversation directions are rarely explicitly stated, though the intention and direction is clear. So he may well be able to say he go not instructions but I'm sure he got enough hints to know what needed to be taken care of.

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Posted in: Saitama to take in families of Tokyo Olympics athletes as homestays See in context

helping the families secure lodging while promoting intercultural exchanges,

This is a fantastic idea.

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