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Posted in: Teenage driver survives spectacular crash at F3 Macau GP See in context

Wow. Just looked at youtube. This picture shows just the lift off. She FLEW straight over that car and the heads of a group of people into what looks like a construction site / actually a "catch fence" cordoning off entrance to a building. I can't believe more people weren't hurt.

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Posted in: Teenage driver survives spectacular crash at F3 Macau GP See in context

Holy hell!

(as a weird coincidence, as of this moment, this photo shows up at the top of the Sports section, just below the bottom listed Technology story headline, "Japan aims to build prototype flying cars in 2019". I did a double take.

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Posted in: Melania Trump publicly calls for White House aide's firing See in context

Surely there's more to it than just airplane seats. As the article says, Melanie has been pretty private and quiet so that harsh comment ("It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House") is all the more surprising and intriguing.

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Posted in: Under the current labor system in Japan, companies are required to keep employees who wish to continue working after retirement age until at least the age of 65. The government wishes to raise the ceiling to 70. Do you think that is a good idea? See in context

More importantly, I think members of the Diet should be forced to live under the same conditions for the general public created by the laws they pass. They should all summarily have their salaries halved the month they turn 60 and face the possibility of losing even that job, while still unable to start collecting a pension for another 5 years.

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Posted in: Going solo: 'Ohitorisama' or the Japanese art of doing it alone See in context

I am a very socialable/social person, but I have come to realize that somethings are great solo. Movies and theatre - I don't need to worry if someone else is enjoying it, I can just focus on my own experience. Museums and historical sights - I can spend as much time as I like. I've started travelling solo, but I usually have friends to meet up with for a meal or two everywhere I go and can spend the rest of the time focused on my things. I've only been to karaoke on my own once - it was great to try out some different songs but a bit expensive. I'd like to have one of these specialized spots near by.

I thoroughly enjoy company when I have company and am happy and content when on my own. As several have said above, balance is key.

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Posted in: Democrats pick up governorships but lose Florida, Ohio See in context

What kind of crackerjack system would allow one candidate to be in charge of the election? (FIFA?)

Georgia, you are messed up! You need to review your election laws.

And what kind of candidate wouldn't step down from their role as supervisor or an election they are standing in? Mr. Kemp, you need to look up "conflict of interest" in the dictionary. And then grow a spine. Wow.

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Posted in: Roof raised on 2020 Tokyo Olympics gymnastics venue See in context

Why the 10 year lifespan? Is the land it's built on on temporary loan or something?

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Posted in: People magazine names Idris Elba 2018's Sexiest Man Alive See in context

Good choice.

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Posted in: Trump unsure if he will meet with Putin in Paris See in context

But it went so well last time.

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Posted in: Abe, IOC chief to visit Fukushima venue for 2020 Olympics See in context

Thank you, Sf2k.

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Posted in: 'Racist' Trump ad pulled from air as campaigns rush to uncertain end See in context

"A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive."

I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I? I know you are but what am I?

Dear Americans, this is the level of debate from your current leadership. Please vote for something better.

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Posted in: Abe, IOC chief to visit Fukushima venue for 2020 Olympics See in context

(Sorry, above the layout went wonky. Here is what Safecast shows for Fukushima city.)

6 mins ago: 40cpm  0.120μSv/h 

10 months ago: 75cpm 0.225μSv/h

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Posted in: Abe, IOC chief to visit Fukushima venue for 2020 Olympics See in context

sf2K, thanks for the information, girl.

I clicked around to find Fukushima city, and found this:

6 mins ago 10 months ago

40cpm 75cpm

0.120μSv/h 0.225μSv/h

Can't tell from a couple of data points if it's dropping that drastically (unlikely) or if it's just a shift in wind / season / some other factor. At any rate, neither of those appears high to what I can see. ("The average radioactive background dose in the UK is 2.7 millisieverts.").

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Posted in: Abe, IOC chief to visit Fukushima venue for 2020 Olympics See in context

sf2kToday  07:15 am JST,

That map you linked has no dates. No locations labeled. Do you have any suggestions that would show, this is March 21, 2011 and this is today?

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Posted in: Google workers walk out in global protest over harassment See in context

Too bad you couldn't get pictures of the Tokyo walkout for JapanToday.

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Posted in: Disney tells a different 'Nutcracker' story on the big screen See in context

And Disney once again bastardizes a classic. (Still bitter about the happy ending of Disney's little mermaid). Bah humbug!

(Actually, I suspect I'll actually enjoy this film - which will be yet another burr under my blanket).

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Posted in: Tokyo subway system may not be able to cope with Olympics See in context

London coped. Tokyo will be fine. Enough with the scaremonger-y headlines.

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Posted in: Trump hardens stance on Mexico border; says 15,000 troops could be sent See in context

I wish he cared as much about tackling domestic terrorism. Things are so out of hand!

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Posted in: Japan's job availability improves to 44-year high See in context

 there are certainly lots of available jobs in restaurants, but very few people wanting it.

I wish they'd include some metrics on the wage levels of the job openings as compared to cost-of-living. I am seeing restaurants close due to lack of staff. at least two in my neighborhood have posted that in recent months.

People can't live on the minimum wage. Many of those jobs will remain available.

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Posted in: 1st shipment of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau arrives in Japan See in context

BJ is a "new market" wine for the nouveau riche - people just starting to appreciate wine. It's light and easy drinking. Sounds fancy and exciting for the event-like nature of each year's delivery. This is why it was big in the 80's in the UK, but has since faded. It was big in the bubble years in Japan, but has been consistently fading as the market matures. Now the marketing has moved to China, Vietnam, etc..

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Posted in: Japan gov't launches 1st survey on 'overtourism' See in context

Maybe it's time to get rid of the "tax-free" shopping for foreign visitors. Let them pay the same sales tax as us residents. If it slowed the growth, that might be all right.

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Posted in: Do you think stores should stop providing customers with plastic shopping bags for free to reduce plastic waste? See in context

maybeperhapsyes, "Which I will then recycle."

How do you recycle that bag?

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to receive ¥107 mil after marriage to commoner See in context

Basically it's a dowry, (a relic from the days when upper crust married women didn't work and represented only a cost to the family taking them in).

Perhaps we should think of this as early retirement payout. Princess Ayako has done work for the general public. Visiting old people homes. Attending openings of community centres. Receiving international visitors. Low level dignitary stuff like that. And for that, her cost of living was covered. But now, by leaving "the firm", she'll be saving us all that living and will get a one time lump payout, as pension.

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Posted in: Why is U.S. society so polarized over politics? What do you think are the root causes of this bitter division? See in context

Cable news. (ie: news as entertainment, that has to do anything and everything to get and keep people watching).

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Posted in: Murakami says writing is what he can do for disaster sufferers See in context

Underground was brilliant. I was on the subway that morning, during the event. Rode through the deserted Kasumigaseki station on the last train before everything was shut down. It was terrifying once we started to learn what was going on and it continued to be confusing and terrifying for months.

Journalists write to sell papers, get views. They tend to be overly dramatic.

 Underground was brilliant. Very deeply researched and simply but beautifully written. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

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Posted in: It is a fact that our ancestors nurtured a moral code that is respected and marveled at by the world. For this reason, I think some individuals or organizations may want to consider using the rescript as a teaching material. See in context

I think if he was referring to "Edo shigusa" (ettiquette rules for living in the tight quarters of a densely populated area), he might be on to something. The world does marvel at how orderly and calmly people here go through the day.

The prewar, loyalty he's talking about is something that people marvel at in horror.

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Posted in: Amazon bets big on Europe as it takes on Netflix See in context

Roberts brings her star power to a 10-episode psychological thriller called "Good Omens".

Good Omens is one of my all-time favorite books and I am VERY excited for this adaptation. That said, I certainly wouldn't describe it as a psychological thriller. Not sure how to describe it. Not going to try here, as I'd hate to spoil anything for anyone.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves 52 aides to ministers after reshuffle See in context

52 aides and now there will be 5 women, rather than just 2.

Give the Prime Minister his hero cookie. Well done!

((head shakes right off))

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Posted in: Plane ditches into Pacific lagoon See in context

"Air Niugini can confirm that all on board were able to safely evacuate the aircraft,"


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Posted in: Woman arrested for leaving body of newborn baby in coin lockers for 4-5 years See in context

"she decided to tell police what she had done before someone else found the key."

5 years of looking after a corpse baby and when she finally slips up, well, ... at least at this point she made the right decision.

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