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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

 the United Church of Christ in Japan, a leading Protestant group,

Do they have tax-free status as a religious group? I sure hope not.

It's high time we review the ridiculous tax-exempt status of religious groups, whether new cults or old established rackets.

And then we can also look at minimizing use of tax-funding or finding alternative ways to fund diplomatic/cultural events like this one. Maybe open up some of the imperial household properties for fee-paying events, etc. Make them self-sufficient.

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Posted in: Scheer faces smear campaign allegation ahead of Canada vote See in context

Bernier published a statement on Twitter saying he is "astounded and shocked" to learn that Scheer and the Conservatives had "paid professional mud-throwers to discredit our party."

Astounded and shocked that anyone needs to pay anyone to discredit Bernier's Bigots Party.

If the mud fits, wear it, buddy.

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Posted in: Canada's Conservatives offer bland option to Trudeau's flash See in context

Gee, that's a really unbiased headline.

FoxNews has the very same headline on their site.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for operating movie theater without permit See in context


I see fire escapes and stairwells filled with boxes all the time. I check and if it is so, I leave the establishment.

Me too. And sometimes, when if I have time before forgetting about it, I also mention it in a review on gurunavi, trip advisor, etc.

I hope this action against these two guys is the beginning of a new campaign to keep us all safer by enforcing safety regulations.

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Posted in: Constitutionality of July election questioned over vote-value disparity See in context

"... narrow such disparities by adding six seats"

And that was after promising to reduce the number of seats overall.

And in the face of a decline in overall population,

AND plummeting numbers of tax payers.

I'd like to see a calculation of what those 6 extra seats are costing us in total. For every seat in either house, there come staff, housing expenses, dinner and car expenses, security details, salaries, super sweet health insurance and pension costs, and whatever else they can charge us taxpayers for. (Including mints and chewing gum).

We do not need more parasites in Nagatacho.

The Diet needs a diet.

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Posted in: Uruguay rugby players assault staff, damage Kumamoto restaurant See in context

Not a Kumamon, but it was a large bear.


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Posted in: LDP exec apologizes for calling typhoon damage 'so-so' See in context

We really need to subject these guys to the same mandatory retirement rules they allow for us. This git is 80.

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Posted in: ANA invites public to vote on which dishes will be added to its Premium Economy and Economy Class menus See in context

Anything has to be better than the paper box of Yoshinoya proudly served on JAL. Sheesh.

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Posted in: More than half of Japan tuned in for rugby victory over Scotland See in context

Glad to read this!

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Posted in: George Clooney calls Trump's quip on Kurds 'pretty shocking' See in context

And his opinion matters because....?

Because we now live in times when a comedian can become president of Ukraine. A reality TV star becomes President of the USA.

If people are tired of lawmakers being professional politicians, perhaps this well-spoken, intelligent actor, married to a world-renowned human rights lawyer should throw his hat in.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Sorry to see any games cancelled, but at least these two don't affect the advancement. Italy has played well, but there's no way they were going to beat the All Blacks.

Scotland/Japan should be moved to Kyushu or somewhere out of the path ASAP so the teams have time to get there. Empty stadium = ok. Televise it. The other Sunday games are of no real consequence (though I have tickets and will be personally gutted).

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Posted in: Canada's Tory leader vows crackdown on illegal border crossings See in context

 prioritize newcomers from the world's most dangerous countries

What does that mean? Giving priority to the refugee status applications of people fleeing countries currently at war?

Or, singling out for a more persecutorial treatment, those same refugees?

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Posted in: Canada's Tory leader vows crackdown on illegal border crossings See in context

 prioritize newcomers from the world's most dangerous countries

What does that mean? Giving priority to the refugee status applications of people fleeing countries currently at war?

Or, singling out for a more persecutorial treatmen, those same refugees?

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Posted in: Canadian father sues Japanese firm for paternity leave harassment See in context

Good on him. I hope he wins big. (And by big, I mean in the Japanese court way - a reasonable payout based on lost wages and damage to future earnings together with some very strong language and a solid precedent for future cases.)

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Posted in: Italy pair banned for tip-tackle at Rugby World Cup See in context

Yep. They both deserved a red card straight up. Glad they both got bans.

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Posted in: Leitch returns to starting lineup for Japan's World Cup clash with Samoa See in context

I'd rather see a SF against the three time winners and two-time defending World Champions, but that might be asking a bit much. I'll be happy to take any QF spot.

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Posted in: Leitch returns to starting lineup for Japan's World Cup clash with Samoa See in context

Are they resting Horie, to save him for the Scotland match? I sure hope he's not injured!

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan form labor union See in context

 Uber is not a well known name here in Japan,

I'm guessing that depends on where you live. I live and work in central Tokyo and see these guys all the time. Lots of my favorite places now have signs saying "Uber Eats Staff, please Use the Kitchen Door." I even saw a young red-headed guy riding a bicycle with an UberEats pack a couple nights ago.

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Posted in: Nuclear weapons, interfaith ties top agenda for pope in Asia See in context

Back in Tokyo, Francis will meet with victims of Japan's more recent "triple disaster," the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Fukushima.

Three of the plant's reactors had meltdowns after the magnitude 9.0-earthquake and tsunami, spreading radiation into surrounding communities and into the sea. The fallout from the disaster has prevented thousands of residents from returning home.

Dear Thomson Reuters,

When mentioning the 2011 "Triple Disaster", in addition to the plight of "thousands prevented from returning home", you might also mention the almost 20,000 dead and missing. The tsunami was more than just an inconvenience!

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Posted in: Ex-Dallas cop sentenced to 10 years for killing unarmed black man in his own apartment See in context

The fact that she called for an ambulance as a second call and then failed to do any sort of first aid, condemns her in my book and she deserve the 10 years and more.

The fact that Bo's family is satisfied, means I will accept this result and shut up about it.

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Posted in: Trump blows his top over impeachment inquiry See in context

ever since I got overwhelmingly elected in 2016,"

Why does he insist on repeating statements like this. It is patently false and anyone with an internet connection can see that.

Patently, inargueabley false statement = lie.

Why do it?

Can a Trump support explain this to me?

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Posted in: Visually impaired woman hit, killed by train after falling off platform See in context



Thanks for this! It is really a great guide.

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Posted in: Visually impaired woman hit, killed by train after falling off platform See in context

I wonder why they won't implement glass doors and walls on those platforms.

There was an article about this fairly recently. Here's what I remember:

Platform gates are standard in new stations and for new lines and old lines and stations are having them retrofitted - but it takes time and money so it's a slow process. Many old platforms weren't built to take the additional weight of gates, so that needs to be addressed first, and any and all construction has to happen in small stages, as the trains must run around what 18 or 19 hours of every day. The various train /subway operators are prioritizing which stations to focus on as they go.

At the same time, many stations are retrofitting for accessibility for users of wheelchairs and baby strollers and in some cases, that construction is given priority. Added construction for elevators and escalators creates new dangers for people with visual impairments.

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Posted in: All Black Savea, fearing blindness, to wear goggles at Rugby World Cup See in context

Sounds steamy! Best of luck to him!

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Posted in: Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment See in context

Simon Foston: Read back that comment to yourself about Biden's failing presidency.

> bass4funk: I think the reading from liberals is deciphered is really the misunderstanding. Lol

Has the B$F account just failed the Turning Test? Simon, did you break it?

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Posted in: Samoa's Lee-lo, Matu'u cited for foul play in Russia match See in context

I don't understand the rules well enough to comment on the fouls - I look forward to hearing from more knowledgeable readers. It was a very exciting match to watch, though. Brutal sport!

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Posted in: Forever 21 to close all stores, online shop in Japan by late Oct See in context

Probably for the best. I don't think F21 really offered much that the Japanese public needs. They have high visibility, high cost locations for their products, making them higher in price than value. Low quality, disposable fashion isn't good for the environment.

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Posted in: Eye welcome you See in context

Is it really a robot? Or is it an overpriced iPad stand (ie Pepper)?

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Posted in: World Cup goes to area devastated by earthquake, tsunami See in context

Semperfi, I recommend you do visit. See the sites, visit the memorials and museums, listen to the people who want to tell their stories, and see the recovery in action. See where it is happening and where it isn't. It varies from bay to bay, inlet to inlet, town to town. But most importantly visit this beautiful part of Japan and support the local economy and people.

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