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Posted in: More record-smashing heat forecast as Canada, U.S. northwest bake See in context

"breaking records in Canada and the United States dating back more than 80 years ..."

The new record in Canada is highest ever recorded. And records go back to the late 1800s.

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Posted in: Canada will soon crack down on online hate in wake of fatal attack: minister See in context

I think it should be easy/easier for identities of posters on social media (and sites like this) to be handed over to investigators. People are too confident of their anonymity and assume they can say/type whatever they want with out consequence.

"Fire!" in the crowded theatre. "Jump! Jump!" to the guy on the ledge.

The right to free speech is about the government not imprisoning you for you speech.

It isn't meant to protect you from the scorn of your neighbors. Or you losing your job for being an irredeemable bully. Or inciting hate. or spreading vicious lies/slander/ revenge porn, etc.

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Posted in: Medical school-bound Fukuoka to play rest of rugby Top League season See in context

Wow! Congratulations, Fukuoka!

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Posted in: England condemn online abuse of rugby players after Genge receives death threats See in context

Death threats are a criminal offence and should be treated as such. I wish we'd see more warrants, cooperation from ISPs and site hosts, and most importantly, arrests.

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

Seiko Hashimoto is also not Seiko Hashimoto on her passport or any credentials when she goes overseas.

Luckily these privileged parliamentarians aren't going to be hassled by immigration when trying to enter another company to speak at a symposium, when their passport doesn't match any name on the symposium website.

These celebrity lawmakers don't have to worry about trying to find a new job with a name that no longer matches all the patents and publications of their early careers.

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Posted in: Sweden steps up pandemic restrictions in bid to avoid third wave See in context

Better late than never, I guess. In future years, comparisons of the Swedish approach to that of it's near neighbors (also socialist-leaning, Fighto, so I don't know what your point is, there) will feature in epidemiology and public health text books.

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Posted in: Olympic minister Hashimoto reported to be top pick to replace Mori See in context

She was accused of sexual harassment a few years ago, wasn't she?

Important to note, I think, is that she was never accused by the skater in question.

The accusations came from a tabloid which printed photos of the party. Hashimoto apologized for her having gotten a bit silly with drink and celebration and crossing some lines of propriety and Takahashi said, "No harm, no foul."

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 868 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,534 See in context

Yes, didou. I personally know four people who've had it.

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Posted in: U.S. judge allows extradition of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

“This distinguished former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces.

The senior Taylor has already done time in the US for defrauding the government. He's a distinguished convicted felon.

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Posted in: Inauguration fashion: Purple, pearls, American designers See in context

I'd really love Dr. Jill's dress/coat/glove/mask set for myself, but I must agree with Bob Fosse. Bernie's coat and mittens are my favorite.

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

Masks don't make it hard to breathe. They can make it hard to see, if you are wearing glasses. If that was this kids problem, he or she should've figured out how to wear glasses over the top of the mask by now.

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Posted in: Never too old: Five aging action heroes See in context

Have loved Jackie Chan so much more than the others, which is a source of great disappointment.

Clint and Sly are not what I would call "never too old". They have not aged well.

Arnie has been very amusing during this covid period with his pets and general light entertainment.

Harrison, who wasn't even included in the five, is the only one still acting, right?

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Posted in: S Korea reports record coronavirus deaths as lockdown fears spark panic buying See in context

i@nToday  01:57 pm JST

Seems on the rise everywhere


A simple statement of fact and the vankers have voted you down.

While I didn't vote him down, I do offer exceptions to the "everywhere".

New Zealand and Australia.

Northern hemisphere nations, on the other hand, heading into winter, everyone indoors - 'tis the season for respiratory viruses.

That combined with seasonal gatherings, general fatigue with restrictions, and misplaced optimism that now that there's a vaccine, it's ok to ignore the advice of experts means a shocking and unfortunate rise almost everywhere.

IF we can all just hold it together for a little bit more, we can save a lot of lives. And not just those of the covid-vulnerable, those of others who won't get medical attention because hospitals are full or covid patients.

Please, everyone, just have a cozy Christmas.

And plant the seeds for a better year ahead by ending this one with a bit of extra care and kindness for everyone around you.

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Posted in: 'I know your favourite drink': Chinese smart city to put AI in charge See in context

"The way it functioned was very interesting. When the Drink button was pressed it made an instant but highly detailed examination of the subject's taste buds, a spectroscopic analysis of the subject's metabolism and then sent tiny experimental signals down the neural pathways to the taste centers of the subject's brain to see what was likely to go down well. However, no one knew quite why it did this because it invariably delivered a cupful of liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.”

― Douglas Adams

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Posted in: Charlie Brown specials to air on TV, after all, in PBS deal See in context

I didn't know there was a Thanksgiving special. I've never seen it.

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Posted in: People magazine names Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man Alive See in context

Luddite, have you seen Black Panther?

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Posted in: People magazine names Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man Alive See in context

Nice choice!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 298 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,686 See in context

Yes because, without testing, you can easily assign the reason of death to something else, like pneumonia.

Are we seeing excess deaths this year, overall? I'll see if I can find some figures.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's 30 nominated buzzwords for 2020 coronavirus-related See in context

I'm just glad that ridiculously misused/overused "overshoot" got dropped from usage.

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Posted in: Muji’s new soy meat can be stored at room temperature, needs no hydration See in context

If you get a chance, try the NaturMeat wieners and ham-type luncheon meat made by Nippon Ham.

I have not eaten meat for decades, but my mom would always buy stock up on these gawd-awful soy wieners when I'd go home in the summer so I'd have something for the BBQ. I ate them out of gratitude to her, slathered in sauercraut. My conclusion - vegans don't know how to make weiners.

Nippon Ham, however, knows wiener flavour.

Now why would a Ham company make veggie food? They started the NaturMeat - meat-free product line up as a test product to hedge bets against the spread of the African swine flu.

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Posted in: Passenger injured by pepper spray in Tokyo subway following argument over face mask See in context

Anti-masker walking around with pepper spray? Yeah, that tallies.

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Posted in: Gov't officially asks local authorities, business lobbies to extend New Year holiday See in context

If the holiday gets stretched to the 11th for everybody, we still get the same rush. Perhaps they should encourage companies to stagger starts and ends of holidays and be flexible.

Factories might not be able to stagger as easily as say, ad agencies, but the more flexibility the better.

(and the more holidays!)

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Posted in: U.S. judge delays extradition of 2 men accused of helping Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

The US should be happy to get rid of the senior Taylor.

I don't know why his previous criminal record, for defrauding the US military and trying to bribe an FBI agent investigating it, isn't mentioned in every article about him.

From the archives of the Salt Lake Tribune: https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=57190507&itype=cmsid

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context


Sweden is clearly seeing a bigger second wave and ranks 17th for deaths per capita.

For reference, neighbors: Denmark ranks 72nd, Finland 97th, and Norway 104th.

So,... how do you define "doing fine"?

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Posted in: Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions See in context

Well this is a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: 'Workation' program at the foothills of Mount Fuji offers fresh air and a welcome change of pace See in context

Do they offer high-speed internet connection?

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Posted in: Facebook shuts NZ political party's page before polls over COVID-19 misinformation See in context

The best part of Winston's reply is cut off above:

"We've got someone who obviously got an education in America. 220,000 people have died in the US, where there are eight million cases to date. We've got 79,000 cases just today, probably in India, and here is someone who gets up and says 'the Earth is flat'.

"Sorry sunshine, wrong place," Mr Peters said, to applause.

((Note: The unidentified man asking for evidence of a virus had an American accent.))

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Posted in: Biden says next presidential debate should be called off if Trump still has COVID-19 See in context

How many more people have to be exposed to him and his infectious entourage in order for him to get to the venue for his TV time?

I do like the Zoom option - with a moderator able to mute the participants.

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Posted in: Japanese art student campaigns to eliminate body-shaming ads See in context

More than the beauty and fashion industries, I think the problem is the diet, supplement, cosmetic surgery and este salon industries that are the real problem. And I wish this art student all the best. Great cause. Not one likely to succeed.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Ladies & Gentlemen referred to class and social standing. (Manners didn't make a person a gentleman, it was being a landholder who didn't work/labour himself that made a man a gentleman. And to be a lady you needed to be the daughter or wife of a member of the gentry). A person could display behaviour unbecoming of a gentleman eg. Mr. Wickham, and early Mr. Darcy).

My own identity is not so fragile that I'm in any way impacted by this change to be more inclusive. Why are so many people so butthurt over an attempt to be nicer and more welcoming?

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