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Posted in: Gov't officially asks local authorities, business lobbies to extend New Year holiday See in context

If the holiday gets stretched to the 11th for everybody, we still get the same rush. Perhaps they should encourage companies to stagger starts and ends of holidays and be flexible.

Factories might not be able to stagger as easily as say, ad agencies, but the more flexibility the better.

(and the more holidays!)

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Posted in: U.S. judge delays extradition of 2 men accused of helping Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

The US should be happy to get rid of the senior Taylor.

I don't know why his previous criminal record, for defrauding the US military and trying to bribe an FBI agent investigating it, isn't mentioned in every article about him.

From the archives of the Salt Lake Tribune: https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=57190507&itype=cmsid

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context


Sweden is clearly seeing a bigger second wave and ranks 17th for deaths per capita.

For reference, neighbors: Denmark ranks 72nd, Finland 97th, and Norway 104th.

So,... how do you define "doing fine"?

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Posted in: Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions See in context

Well this is a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: 'Workation' program at the foothills of Mount Fuji offers fresh air and a welcome change of pace See in context

Do they offer high-speed internet connection?

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Posted in: Facebook shuts NZ political party's page before polls over COVID-19 misinformation See in context

The best part of Winston's reply is cut off above:

"We've got someone who obviously got an education in America. 220,000 people have died in the US, where there are eight million cases to date. We've got 79,000 cases just today, probably in India, and here is someone who gets up and says 'the Earth is flat'.

"Sorry sunshine, wrong place," Mr Peters said, to applause.

((Note: The unidentified man asking for evidence of a virus had an American accent.))

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Posted in: Biden says next presidential debate should be called off if Trump still has COVID-19 See in context

How many more people have to be exposed to him and his infectious entourage in order for him to get to the venue for his TV time?

I do like the Zoom option - with a moderator able to mute the participants.

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Posted in: Japanese art student campaigns to eliminate body-shaming ads See in context

More than the beauty and fashion industries, I think the problem is the diet, supplement, cosmetic surgery and este salon industries that are the real problem. And I wish this art student all the best. Great cause. Not one likely to succeed.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Ladies & Gentlemen referred to class and social standing. (Manners didn't make a person a gentleman, it was being a landholder who didn't work/labour himself that made a man a gentleman. And to be a lady you needed to be the daughter or wife of a member of the gentry). A person could display behaviour unbecoming of a gentleman eg. Mr. Wickham, and early Mr. Darcy).

My own identity is not so fragile that I'm in any way impacted by this change to be more inclusive. Why are so many people so butthurt over an attempt to be nicer and more welcoming?

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context

Does she have a business licence? Does her business pay and file taxes? If yes, then, like it or not, she should get the money, same as any other other small business. (Pachinko parlours got it, no doubt).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 59 new coronavirus cases See in context

59 from tests done on Sunday, the second day of a four-day weekend, when most labs and clinics were closed. Expect low numbers again tomorrow and Friday, followed by much larger numbers announced on Saturday and Sunday.

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

Great idea, Ulysses. Every other passenger should demand 500,000 of this idiot.

I also agree with Garypen. The idiot should have been removed from the plane before take off.

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Posted in: Soy flavored vegan cup ramen See in context

I liked the tantanmen (green one) well enough to buy it again. I don't normally eat instant ramen but it's good to have some on hand and this hits the spot. I look forward to trying the new one.

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Posted in: Roppongi reminder See in context

This "rule" is probably promoted by bar operators.

No outside drinking. No cheap bevvies from vending machines or convenience stores. You must come in and pay our prices.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 206 more virus cases; infections high in tourist spots See in context

How many tests were processed? Aren't at least half the labs closed for O-bon this week?

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Posted in: Department stores push yukata as online pandemic party attire See in context

Only good if you are able to dress yourself... (I usually book a professional if I'm going out to a social event. If I'm not so worried about things going loose or wonky, I'll revert to my handful of lessons and youtube videos.)

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Posted in: Jolie seeks removal of private judge in Pitt divorce case See in context

Private judge? WTF? That is taking the "free-market" a bit too far!

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Posted in: Only 10% of firms in Japan have addressed LGBT issues: survey See in context

And if I would have to answer to a similar questionnaire, I would probably answer I don't know what special measures should I take.

Can I assume you don't work in Human Resources? Because I think a lot of people don't have any idea about issues they've never thought about, but if you are in charge of company policies, then it does become your job to think about employees' issues. Things like family benefits: housing, condolence leave for spouse/in-laws, etc. are impacted by the fact that Japan only allows opposite sex marriages. Many large international companies that want to make sure they can hire and retain the best of the best will allow spouse and family benefits for self declared couples, regardless of the availability of legal status.

There are loads of things I won't have imagined. (I don't work in HR). Just because I don't know about an issue doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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Posted in: Man, son accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan challenge U.S. extradition case See in context

Defense lawyers say that neither the convict father, nor the son "pose a flight risk requiring them to be held without bail."

They are literal specialists in fleeing. Paid professionals.

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Posted in: Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene See in context

What percentage fail on an average year? It must be at least 10%. And with the tax increase, it would've been higher this year anyway.

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Posted in: Trump says it's common sense to include Russia in G7 See in context

"Many of the things that we talk about are about CHINA," "Have CHINA in the room ... get things done."

Wouldn't that make just as much sense?

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Posted in: How the coronavirus is changing working styles in Japan See in context

Middle management might not like it, but senior management responsible for the bottom line is keen to keep more people at home.

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Posted in: How the coronavirus is changing working styles in Japan See in context

I think a lot of Tokyo-based companies are realizing they can really cut their office costs in half by having at least 50% working at home every day. I know our office relocation is being re-planned right now.

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Posted in: 61-year-old woman beaten to death in Aomori home See in context

Her husband died just a couple of weeks ago? Wow. Hard times for that family.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

Have you all watched the video?

And have you seen Brandon McCormack - poor little tough guy claiming "two black African Americans" beat him out for shouting "All lives Matter!". In fact, he went out looking for trouble, with his hunting bow, wearing his forarm guards, and started aiming his loaded compound bow at protesters, who then piled on him. Mostly pretty pasty Salt Lake City dwellers. His Facebook page shows what a racist, barely literate thug he is.

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Posted in: Tokyo to reopen gyms in next phase of post-emergency road map See in context


those silly plastic sheets, known for letting viruses linger for hours.

Pro-tip to you: don't lick them.

For now, they keep the spittle of shoppers, especially those to precious to wear mask, away from the hard-working staff behind the sheets.

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Posted in: Delivery of 'Abenomasks' starts in 34 remaining prefectures See in context

I'll save mine for the next election. Stand outside a voting centre with the package with the big price tag attached to remind people how much was spent on this useless venture.

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Posted in: Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life? See in context

None of this makes people reflect on what is really important in life?

Sorry, I don't see how that is possible.

Maybe it's because some of us are older and this isn't our first crisis. (earthquakes, terror attacks, tsunami, global financial meltdowns, cancer diagnosis and treatment, etc.) I expect you'll also so through this again more than a few times in your life.

I hope you remember it during the in-betweens and that your in-betweens are long and drawn out.

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Posted in: Man swims across moat to enter Imperial Palace grounds See in context

The moat is already full of swans and swan poop. Ugh! I can't imagine anyone swimming in that filth. Certainly no one in their right mind.

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Posted in: Trudeau puts on mask; Canadians urged to do same See in context

Very close to a good point, BurningBush, but I think you'll find Trudeau spoke out against the Quebec ban.


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