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Posted in: 2 dead as 670,000 ordered to evacuate after downpours in Kyushu See in context

As of 13:15 NHK is reporting 2 confirmed deaths and another discovered with no signs of life.

Take care, everyone!

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Posted in: Month-long release of Kyoto arson victims' identities ends See in context

I'm not sure how I feel about the names of crime victims being made public against the wishes of their families, but I do wish Kyodo (and JapanToday) would refrain from publicising the perp's name at every opportunity.

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Posted in: Companies having hard time letting go of heels: poll See in context

Joe Blow

I love heels!

Great. What height of heel do you usually wear?

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Posted in: Depending on locale, single moms in Japan can depend on social support See in context

Yes, more and more municipalities are ensuring policy is for "single parents". I wonder if the writers of JapanToday ignored that.

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Posted in: In the city where you live, if you had a choice between taxis and ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber, which would you choose? See in context

I have experienced bad taxis in the US but in Japan it's been all good. We don't need Uber or Lyft here.

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Posted in: Mongolian professor says Japan’s name for Mongolian barbecue, 'Genghis Khan,' is disrespectful See in context

"Turkish Bath" was replaced by "Soapland at the request of the Turkish Embassy decades ago.

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Posted in: Trump pushes for next G7 summit at his resort; critics pounce See in context

Mr. Noidall,

Do you have any thoughts of comments about the contents of the article? About Trump's push to host the next G7 summit at at resort he owns and profits from?

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context

Still-born babies do not go full-term. They are ejected as soon as the baby's heart stops. 

Sadly, this is neither of those sentences is true.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Dear Americans,

It is time to exercise your 25th amendment rights.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup brings hope to tsunami-hit Iwate town See in context

"We have great alcohol here," he says with a grin.

Do you think maybe he said, we have great sake here, meaning nihonshu, but that got translated to simply, 'alcohol'?

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Posted in: Paralympics chief says Tokyo hotels 'biggest concern' See in context

Hopefully all that construction at Ginza is in order to make it more accessible and hopefully it will be completed soon!

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike has repeatedly insisted that Tokyo 2020 will only be a success if the Paralympic Games goes off without a hitch and the aging Japanese capital is hoping to seize on the opportunity to improve infrastructure for the elderly.

I like Koike's thinking. The Paralympic effect is pretty much the only (or at least the primary) reason I support Tokyo hosting the games.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

Actually, everyone laughs - that's what you do when you see a clown...

Actually, many of of cringe.

Some of us cry.

That's how I respond when the POTUS spews divisive hate like this.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

Could "Child of a Japanese National" be a 45 year old born and raised elsewhere? Is there a special visa for those people, so that they can look after aging family, etc?

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Posted in: Body odor? Bacteria-embedded bodysuit may help See in context

Also, avoid synthetic fabrics in the armpit area (nylon, polyester blends). Launder in hot water and dry thoroughly. Ideally under direct sunlight.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

10:40 on a Sunday morning, at the intersection between Yotsuya station and St. Ignatius church/Sophia University.

I hope the poor little blighter recovers. And that the police agency reconsiders it's priorities.

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Posted in: Obamas' first film charts life in U.S. factory under Chinese bosses See in context

Sounds like the Chinese version of the film "Gung Ho".

Exactly what I was thinking, except, as a documentary rather than a comedy. It might be interesting to watch both back to back.

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Posted in: Ethics commissioner finds Canadian PM Trudeau violated ethics See in context

I can understand his wanting to support a major Canadian employer but, the punishment / demotion that followed Wilson-Raybould's standing up to the pressure is something I don't forgive. Trudeau should step down and Wilson-Raybould should take the reins of the Liberal party.

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Posted in: Beyond Meat shelves plans for Japan push, Mitsui says See in context

I haven't tried Impossible, but I do enjoy the Beyond Meat burgers at A&W when traveling home, and am very disappointed that Mitsui is not bringing them here sooner.

I recently tried ZeroMeat by Otsuka Foods. https://zeromeat.jp.

I had the cheese version. The texture is ok but the sauce it's flavored with reminds me of Chuckwagon Dinner - a canned stew we occasionally had when I was a kid. I won't buy that again. I would be open to trying a sauce-less version that I could grill myself over the BBQ, but I doubt they'll release that.

Has anyone tried the ZeroMeat sausages?

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Posted in: Parting ways: Funeral etiquette in Japan See in context

I don't think anyone likes picking at the bones. I have done it a couple of times now, and it was about as likeable as fixing the bad lipstick shade on a parent, at the behest of the other, back home. Nothing about funerals is likeable. And everyone handles things differently. Some, perhaps most, would rather leave everything to professional strangers. A lot comes down to the customs you grew up with.

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Posted in: 'Blade Runner' actor Rutger Hauer dies aged 75 See in context

My favorite was Ladyhawke. RIP.

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Posted in: Medals unveiled, events held across Tokyo to mark one year to go until Olympics See in context

Nice action shot!

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Posted in: Tokyo holds test to ease highway traffic during Olympics See in context

What a bunch of whiners we have here. Toyota and RIcoh are NOT the only companies taking this opportunity to implement more flexible work arrangements. Every Olympics there's all this news about how nothings ready, it's all going to be a disaster, and then,... it happens, it passes, and life goes on.

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Posted in: JAL staff's new look See in context

I do not care about the uniforms. Meals, on time departures, seats, entertainment. Those things I care about. Price probably first.

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Posted in: Smoke spread so fast at animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door See in context

I am also assuming the Lawyers said "kagi" meaning locking mechanisms, and it was mistranslated as "keys".

I'd like to suggest to everyone going for a meal or a drink above ground floor in Japan to check the stairwells and if they are used for storage, go elsewhere. And post a comment and maybe even a photo on the hotpepper / gurunavi / tripadvisor sites. I ask when I make reservations and will sometimes walk up (to make sure the stairwell to the floors below aren't blocked. (One bad fire experience has been enough for me.)

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Posted in: Trump tries to distance himself from 'send her back' rally chant; many Republicans alarmed See in context

he let the chants go on for up to 14 seconds

Maybe he tried to follow his kindergarten teacher, er, I mean, anger management coach's advice to count to 10, which he eventually managed to do.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

NHK says the Kyoto fire team is reporting numerous people "in a state of cardiac arrest" still in the building.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' breaks record with 32 Emmy nominations See in context

Thanks, therougou. Star EX Amazon is a pain in the backside. So many limitations and restrictions.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

@Chip Star

Must be nice to have luxurious, tax-payer funded holidays.

Really? For a kid? I'd take my family camping trips around Canada over state dinners and receptions.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' breaks record with 32 Emmy nominations See in context

Ditto what Bugle Boy wrote.

Fleabag is excellent. Everyone (except total prudes) should see it. So tightly written and brilliantly executed.

Anyone here found Chernobyl available in Japan via legal means, as yet?

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Posted in: Saudi Olympic official reportedly hugged female hotel worker in Tokyo See in context

Hotel staff, especially cleaning staff are particularly vulnerable. There is NEVER a case to be trying to touch them.

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