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Posted in: Victims absent from S Korea's 'comfort women' rally amid graft allegations over ex-leader See in context

[Trick of comfort women fraud]

In May 2020, Lee Yong-soo, the most famous former Korean comfort woman who made a fake testimony at the U.S. Congress, and succeeded in bashing Japan, finally fell out with a long-time comrade Yoon Mee-hyang (Yun Mi-Hyang), a former leader of the comfort women support group, "Korean Council".

Then, Lee Yong-soo exposed the inside affairs of the Korean Council and Yoon Mee-hyang.

The cause is an ugly fight over the distribution of donations over the years.

Comfort women lie for pity, vanity, and money, and support groups lie for political purposes and money.

They have no resistance to lying for the sake of their profits.

As a result, Westerners who don't know that blindly believe what they say.

See the following chronological process of the comfort women fraud.


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Posted in: Japan defends tighter controls on tech-related exports to S Korea See in context

South Korea never thought that Japan would retaliate and carried out a number of hostile acts (such as fire-control radar irradiation).

On the "forced laborer" issue that was completely resolved under the 1965 Japan-ROK Basic Treaty (in fact, the Korean plaintiffs were not forced laborers. they applied for Japanese companies during the wartime), Korean supreme court ordered the Japanese side to compensate.

The Korean government keeps ignoring Japan seeking correction of the Korean situation where international law has been violated and now it is natural for Japan to remove South Korea from the white nations( formed with 27 security friendly countries) which are given preferential treatments for trade.

Japan will cancel the preferential treatments but still treat South Korea as one of the general countries.

Claiming as if Japan carries out economic sanctions against the WTO agreement is totally Korean propaganda.


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Posted in: Harry Potter actor apologizes for wearing shirt critics say glorifies Japan’s WWII aggression See in context

【Korean Fascism against the Rising Sun Flag】

If you accept the Korean lies, nobody in the world will be able to draw Sun and Sunshine in the future.


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Posted in: The enemy within: Shadow of Japanese colonial rule hangs over S Korea See in context

Every day in South Korea, abnormal anti-Japanese acts that benefit China and North Korea are repeated.

【the recent main anti-Japanese acts in South Korea】


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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

Not only BTS but many K - POP groups are coming to Japan to earn money while they criticize Japan in South Korea and naive Japanese teenagers support them.

BTS is also doing comfort women activities in South Korea.

And when the president of BTS announced collaboration with Japanese famous producer Akimoto Yasushi, their Korean fans called " Army" criticized Akimoto as extremely right wing and the plan was canceled.

However, Akimoto has never made any political remarks.

Maybe the Army hates Akimoto just because he had dinner with PM Abe,the most hated man in Korea.

Koreans are very good at pretending to be victims hiding the fact that they cause the problem first and when Japanese talk back, Westerners criticize it as "racism against the Koreans.

BTS also has suspicion to admire the Nazis but is yet to respond to it.Westerners will not criticize them?.


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Posted in: Female mayor loses fight to speak from sumo ring See in context

It is natural that women with medical qualifications rise to the sumo ring to save lives, but this mayor confuses tradition with women discrimination.Sumo originally started as a religious rite.There are various theories why women can not go up to the sumo ring, but all of which are unrelated to women discrimination (there was also a women's sumo competition in the past). In the prevailing theory it is because the god who is responsible for the grain richness is an woman, and she gets angry when other women go up to the ring. In other word,originally the rite was held for the female god.In Takarazuka city, there is a very popular show company named Takarazuka Revue Company where actresses play all roles, and no male actors are allowed to play on the stage. Normal people take it tradition, and accept it, but as mayor Nakagawa calls sumo women discrination, she should stop male discrimination being carried out in her city to be fair enough.

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Posted in: Koike skips tribute to Koreans murdered after 1923 quake See in context

This article does not tell the details what really happened between the Japanese and the Koreans in the confusion of the Great Kanto Earthquake, and why Tokyo Governor Koike stopped sending memorial statement to the ceremony of Japan-Korea association.

Read the following article;


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Posted in: 450 mostly Western scholars press Abe on war history See in context

in the statement,the sholars of various thoughts singned up.Bruce Cumings says "Korean women were mobilized by Korean men".John Dower(pulitzer winner) says " US solders raped 300 Japanese women a day on average during the occupation".Joshua Fogel criticized the book "The Rape Of Nanking"by Iris Chang such as "seriously flawed" and "full of misinformation and harebrained explanations".and many more..so do you agree with them? or you call only them "history denier" or "revisionist" for your convinience? its full of a ideological dispute and porpuse. to know the political back ground more.. http://scholarsinenglish.blogspot.jp/2014/10/what-is-behind-south-koreas-criticism.html

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Posted in: 450 mostly Western scholars press Abe on war history See in context

Alexis Dudden ran away from the questions from 19 Japanese historians unanswered.such as " why only about 200 women out of 200000 to clam?".the Korean comfort women argue "the rest of the women got killed by Japanese army to keep the secret and fed to dogs".if Japan killed 200000 women,its such a huge war crime! how could it be done secretly? NO eyewitness report at all.after WW2,many Japanese solders got executed by the Allied Powers only to abuse the POW(most of them were Korean solders in JP army). but noone was judged for the murder of Korean women.and NO family of the VICTIMS of 200000 WOMEN claim or protest to the Japanese goverment, despite their daughters or wives got killed.this is a simple question but Alexis Dudden and none of American historians who accuse Japan cant answer.

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