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Posted in: Antiwhaling activist Pete Bethune is facing 5 criminal charges in connection with his intrusion onto a Japanese whaling vessel. What do you think about it? See in context

He deserves punishment, but I'm a little shocked at how vicious you all are. The incident was one man on one occation. Though it is not all illegal, there is much much more wrong being done in the industry he was trying to make a stand against. Tone down your language against him. He's not an idiot, he's just a little misdirected and obsessive.

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Posted in: Antiwhaling protester to be brought to Japan for questioning See in context

It's disgusting. Even less reason to like the Japanese authorities and their outdated understanding of conservation, international relations and what is generally inportant for the human race.

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Posted in: For you personally, what changes would you like to see the new DPJ government bring about in Japan? See in context

Reform the Education system so that:

...High schools more efficiently teach English and/or Chinese, as well as a more international awareness of history and culture.

...University majors relate to careers and graduates don't (let's say) jump from English Literature to System Engineering... With the insuing in-company from-scratch training proving that a great portion of University education in this country is worthless.

...it embraces the low likelihood of Japanese youth ever having a life-long career.

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