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It is good news for Japan. Washoku is very healthy and low calories Japanese eat it old time. Also these days washoku is eaten all over the world. I think it makes good use of materials.it does not add too much seasoning. I hope we can save washoku cuisine.

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Posted in: Docomo function locks smartphones to prevent use while walking See in context

It is ok. But maybe I do not use it. I think people should attention to their action themselves. And it is not only for walking including talking while driving and watching TV while driving same problems. It might be prevent use while walking but it is not useful.

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It is so beautiful. I think this is the best season travel in Japan. I live in Okinawa in Japan but I have never seen colored leaves. So I want to see it someday. In generally famous spots are Kyoto, Nikko and Kamakura. You can feel old Japanese cultures. If you go to there in autumn you will see it.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

I think his voice is sweet I think. I watch Kohaku every year and I will watch this year also. I have watched Japanese music TV show who participate foreigners love Japanese songs and cultures. He also participated and he won the championship. I am glad to love Japanese songs and cultures as Japanese.

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Posted in: Doraemon get his first ever CG overhaul in upcoming movie See in context

I like Daraemon. This anime famous all over the world I think. When I was child I watched it every Friday. It was great time to watch to me that time. New movie is 3D but I like animation rather than 3D. I think too much make 3D movie. Animation has warmth of hand writing .

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I think Japanese people get ready for Christmas when finish Halloween. Maybe it is early compare with other countries. They are so romantic and cute. But if I were them I could not do that. There are a lot of people. I am shy. I hope they enjoy Christmas together.

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