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In Fukushima, epidemic of neutropenia is occurring now. 3-4% of children have under 1500 neutrophils per microliter in Fukushima. http://www.pref.fukushima.jp/imu/kenkoukanri/250213siryou3.pdf

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Prime Minister Abe said "There is Kisen House in Korea, many people are doing prostitution on a daily basis in practice. So, I believe that sexual slavery is not a terrible act, and even suspect that blend into the daily life considerably." http://www.abetomoko.jp/kokkai/166/166_kokusai-6.html

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Hiroki Azuma, Prof. of Waseda Univ. has said to Hashimoto, "There is no need to seriously consider discourse of respect for human rights of English-speaking countries because it is after all hypocrisy" in this tweet ttps://twitter.com/hazuma/status/334004071876947969.

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In Japan, Hayano is criticized because of his political behavior. On 2011.3.11, Hayano retweeted Yoshiyuki Mizuno's tweet "I cannot understand the opinion that there is a possibility of meltdown" on his twitter account. And on 2011.3.22, Hayano said "Let's take a wet spring rain" on twitter. This tweet is deleted by Hayano later. Also he introduced the article of Forbes misinforming that LNT model was denied by UNSCEAR. Hayano insisted that urine test is undesirable, and sticked to only inspection by the WBC. He went the lobbying and suggested Project HAYANO to the government. In this project, he claimed that litigation is a barren and that the compensation cost should be reduced. About this WBC paper, in Japan, Hayano himself misled people by saying "Health effects will never occur in this value" on weekly diamond magazine. In this way, Hayano is considered to act not as a scientist, but as a political player.

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