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Posted in: Ohno earns bronze in relay, disqualified in 500 in wild night of short track See in context

I agree with kisekicaroline, but of course since the judge is canadian and they were on canadian soil, not to mention the winner of the gold medal was a canadian, what can you do? Same thing with what happened to J.R. Celski last week, he lost his balance, Francois Hamelin grabbed his hips, celski went down, and guess who got DQ'ed? The American, not the Canadian. Clearly the judge is biased in my opinion.

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Posted in: Tuitert wins gold in 1,500 speedskating; Ohno skates into history See in context

This one race completly upset me. Yes I know that things happen in short track where you have no control and you don't advance. From my perspective, Celski's disqualification was undeserved. The youger Hamelin brother, Francois had grabbed onto Celski's waist, and then he fell. Which in my opinion is his own fault, people slip all the time in the sport, another thing, if he didn't grab Celski, Celski would have been in qualifying position. In Apolo Ohno's case, the slip that caused him to lose his spot was not his fault. This time you see the older Hamelin brother put his hands on Ohno cause him to lose his balance, which he lost his speed and ended up in last. Still with the outcome he won bronze, which is an amazing feat.

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Things like this still cease to amaze me. I mean how can any decent "human" do things like this. If they didn't want kids in the first place they should have thought about that before they opened their legs, or at least give it up for adoption and let someone who can't have kids, have children.

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I disagree with those of you who think that Apolo Ohno didn't deserve the silver medal. That's what happens in short track speed skating, it's never over until it's over. There's two different videos from different angles going around the web showing what had happened. The camera number 1 shows them head on and you see only Apolo's hand touch the Korean. If you watch the other video, from camera 2 you will see that one of the korean team members put his hand up first to block ohno from getting ahead of him. Apolo almost lost his balance and of course when you that happens your arms flail around and you will see them grabbing each other after that. I'm just saying that he deserved his medal no matter how you look at it.

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

The mother's obviously a moron and so are the police. In the mother's case it was leaving her son unattended. The 300 police officers and firefighters along with neighbors, are seriously blind. If you have that many people looking for the kid 50 meters from the house, which is the halfway point from his house to the park, obviously someone isn't doing their job correctly.

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