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Hi, the cell phone novel genre is indeed very exciting stuff. I'm so glad that it started and has been a blessing to my life and many readers around the world. It is in fact spreading all over the world as we speak.

I am a university student and actually the first cell phone novelist in North America, going by the pen name of Takatsu. Over the course of 2 years, my novel, Secondhand Memories has gained fame with readers all over the world and has become the first and most popular cell phone novel in North America. In 2009 it won numerous awards and is heading towards publication when it is complete. Just recently it was featured in an English textbook in Japan and will be used as part of an exercise for students in Japan.

Recently, I have begun to organize the cell phone novel movement in NA since I am kind of at the forefront of it. Textnovel. com is the first site in North America that has been designed with the concept of cell phone novels in mind back in 2008. We have been working to bring this phenomenon to North America for a while now. I am extremely excited about this movement and believe it can revolutionize the writing and publishing world. It truly is a remarkable new concept and in my opinion it may transcend current forms of literature.

For more information about what cell phone novels truly are and where they came from as well as what is the truth behind its movement into North America please see: (short link) tiny.cc / textnovel



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