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Posted in: Busty Japanese YouTuber chef sells ad space on her chest See in context

I will pay for Naked Apron!

"But really - as a viewer, you've got to be 14 years old and/or pretty immature to get off on this."

You are right, this is too softcore for me.

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Posted in: Emperor leaves for Ise shrine to mark end of enthronement rites See in context

This ancient rite exists because a vast majority of people support its continuation. Even when the lineage of Emperors was at its lowest point, these traditions were still exercised. If the Japanese people do not see fit to continue these traditions, they will handle it themselves. Foreigners have absolutely no right whatsoever on commenting on how this particular tradition is exercised, particularly those of Western countries. Please go destroy your own countries first and leave Japan alone.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for killing husband, parents-in-law See in context

While incidents such as these are unfortunate, the sad reality still stands: Japan is a small country with very limited resources. The city government can bow and apologize until their backs crack, but it does not change the fact that Japan is working with a population that is increasingly elderly in a country that seems to grow smaller each day.

The elderly is not just driving their relatives nuts, but also social workers, many of whom went on bouts of depression trying to accommodate themselves with their senile senior patients . Sure, one would ask the government to do more, but how much more? In what way? More taxes! Good luck, as the Japanese youths aren't in a hurry to create families due to the already strenuous tax burdens placed upon them by the government, and the Japanese population is projected to be on a decline. You will obviously need living souls to pay taxes. More social workers! Not without a robust population to replace the current workforce.

Children born will simply inherit the debts from the enormous social welfare program committed to senior citizens, and a vicious cycle repeats itself. Just facts of life.

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Posted in: Made in America: U.S. brands that became Japanese See in context

Hmm, no mention of Sega?

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Posted in: Main buildings of castle at World Heritage site in Okinawa destroyed by predawn fire See in context

What the...


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Posted in: Poll finds over 80% in Japan back female emperor See in context

This poll is consistent with similar polls taken a while back.

Female heirs should not be denied the throne, because women have every.single.right to be just as miserable as their male counterparts.

That, and historically speaking, the first recognized ruler of Japan was a woman.

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Posted in: Lawmakers eye restoration of ex-imperial members to ensure male succession See in context

There is no reason to deny the possibility of Empresses to ascend the throne. They have every right to be as miserable as their male counterparts.

Yes, I am serious.

Why would any sane individual even want the job as Emperor(ess) of Japan? No longer will you have any person freedom, no longer will you have privacy.

I recall in 1993, when the imperial wedding took place, and when consort-to-be Masako walked out, I immediately knew that she trained exasperatedly, and behaved like a different person completely than she was during numerous interviews before the wedding ceremony. In the years since then, she had suffered depression and emotional disorders due to the pressure of just being part of the Imperial family. So yes, that's royal life for you. Want the throne? Then better prepare for the worst.

For those who are eligible, go for it, and good luck, you are going to need it.

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Posted in: Japanese views on China remain negative despite thaw in ties See in context

Big shocker there.

Whenever Chinese tourists abound, locals brace for impact, as if facing an invasion.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

Japan on the other hand, had democracy forced upon them by their masters USA. They didn't shed a drop of blood for it.

You are absolutely right, because World War II obviously didn't happen, and therefore no blood was shed.

 Corruption by politicians including Shinzo-kun is only questioned by the opposition party, not the people of Japan who shrug their shoulders at the corruption scandals.

You reached this conclusion with what as standard? A country where Samsung is responsible for 20% of that entire nation's economy? Followed closely by Hyundai? In an environment where shady dealings between the president of said nation and its conglomerates are common if not encouraged? You are using a standard established by a country where ex-presidents have a tendency of being jailed? With the last two being most recent examples (where one was involved with Hyundai)? Please look in the mirror (if it didn't already shatter into pieces).

Did I also mention both of those companies deliberately had names that sounded Japanese in order to blend into foreign markets?

Compare that with Koreans who overthrew a government 2 years ago with months of peaceful democratic protests.

Considering the track record of terrible Korean ex-presidents, you are actually proud of this unbelievably low standard? Yeah, ok.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

The old woman did not say anything about '80 years ago',

Exactly, the Koreans themselves created this idiotic, ridiculous and absolutely childish controversy to flame a non-existent problem in order to somehow sooth their pathetic collective ego.

Yet, some people here claiming that you need to understand Korean to understand this commercial, seriously? What? You need Korean authority over the English language now? From a bunch of people who can't read their own history before the 20th century? Yeah, ok.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

Japan history is hidden and not taught to young Japanese, Why ?

Because Korean history is fiction, and Korean textbooks are fantasy novels. Therefore, give a good reason why any school, not just Japanese, should teach nonsense?

Japan is not proud of its human interaction with other countries?

Considering North and South Korea have their international policies essentially dictated by the powers surrounding it, be it Chinese, Japanese, American and/or Russian, I'd say you should look at yourself in the mirror first before spewing forth nonsense. If you are so 'proud' of that, then your standard is very low.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

Trauma. Opinions. Beliefs. Mindsets. Those are just some of the things that are passed on from generation to generation

Or exaggerated outrageously for political gain. Like you've never seen that before.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

I think pretty much all of the people talking the Koreans down here don't have any experience of trauma, war or rape, or know anyone who does either...

Neither do most living Koreans, so what's your point. Wait, I take it back, since what you described aptly occur to North Koreans on a very frequent basis, but South Koreans would like to pretend their Northern brethren are all sunshine and flowers, don't they?

Oh yes, the Kims are just misunderstood, they are actually good people. Nah, there is no trauma, rape or massacre in North Korea, let's deny it completely!

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Posted in: Uniqlo pulls ad after South Korean objections See in context

I have seen the commercial, and I can only say, one needs some serious imagination to conjure up imagines of SK's colonial past. I honestly cannot believe this commercial would have led to yet another 'outrage'.

Korea is second only to China in its obsession on imposing political correctness to just about anything and everything because of ... erm, feelings!

"A nation that forgets history has no future." Pffft, yeah, we know. SK's future is doomed to begin with.

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Posted in: World’s first official store dedicated to anime icon Doraemon to open in Tokyo See in context

What? Finally? Only took what? Half-century for this to happen?

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Posted in: The popularity of gay manga in Japan: What are ‘Bara’ and ‘Yaoi’ and who are its fans? See in context

YAOI = Yamete, Atashi no Oshiri ga Itai!

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Posted in: S Korea formally asks IOC to ban 'rising sun' flag at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Did I forget to mention anything? Anything else that bother you Koreans?

Why of course, North Korea. But you know, the South Koreans want to pretend that repressive regime ruled by a disgusting family and its systematic massacre of its own people in the millions is oh-so-much better.

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Posted in: Domino’s now sells Tsundere Pizzas in Japan See in context

Pizza: It's not like I want you to eat me or anything!

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Posted in: South Korean leader says Japan dishonest over wartime past See in context

Every time South Korea accuse Japan of being bad colonizers or the most horrible occupier in Korean history, I'd like to remind them to look in the mirror, and look beyond their borders up in north. See that fat guy with a funny haircut? That's your people too. Please tell me how he is doing with the other half.

And to think Mr. Moon want to appease that guy? It's pretty astounding. Has he not learned any lessons from his predecessors?

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Posted in: Japan to revoke S Korea's trusted trade status Wednesday as planned See in context

And the Koreans have MANY memories of Japanese behaviors which simply do not appear in Japanese history as learned by Japanese youth and the even more ignorant outsiders throwing ignorance as gasoline into this family feud.

Because official Korean history is akin to that of fiction, and Korean history books are akin to that of fantasy novels.

I am doing myself a big favor by steering clear away from them.

As an individual, if I had been beat to s** and brutally enslaved for 35 YEARS, I might expect the right to complain and ask that my abuser at least own up to their behavior.

And yet, many of the so-called Class A criminals post World War II were ethnic Korean.

Furthermore, North Korea have been abusing its own people for how many decades now? Yet S. Korean outrage against Japan (for whatever reason) had always been extremely intensive compared to the relatively lukewarm reaction to N. Korean atrocities.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japanese ambassador as export trade curbs take effect See in context

South Korea wants to boycott Japanese goods, on the other hand complaining why Japan isn't trading with them.

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Posted in: Thousands of South Koreans protest Japanese trade curbs See in context

So S. Koreans protest Japan not shipping vital products to S. Korea, but also initiate boycott against Japanese product. Ok.

It's like many S. Koreans profess their hate against Japan, yet operates many Japanese restaurants in the United States. What gives?

Make up your mind.

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