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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

The FACT is that Trump WAS CHOSEN BY THE ELECTORATE! Was there Divine influence? I would like to think so.

Lol there is absolutely nothing Christlike about Donny. He's spent his entire life sleeping around on his wives, cheating business partners and customers.

If this is God's will, we need a better God.

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

You realize that people around the world mock Trump’s accent, don’t you?

Trump doesn't have an accent. Certainly not in the same way an Asian-American would. If you're foreign born you can't help it.

Trump can. People mock Trump because he's an idiot. So it's really something when Trump mocks someone's ability in a second language, when Donald has yet to master even one.

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Posted in: Trump dismisses trade war fears; China warns of market chaos See in context

Look at all that socialism. Socialism bad.

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

My concern regarding tax payers money would be if they're going to get a salary commensurate to their position and only be able to do minuscule workloads due to their disabilities impairing speed and efficiency.

So in other words, pay them less because they're disabled?

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Posted in: Trump says he does not have 'racist bone' in his body See in context

The Trump comments weren’t racist. they served the strategic purpose of preventing Pelosi from distancing herself and the Dem party from their 4 problem children. Which was her plan, obviously until this. I’m glad to see Dems are all one big happy squad again.

Just because you think they serve a strategic purpose doesn't magically make them not racist.

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Posted in: Trump says he does not have 'racist bone' in his body See in context

these 4. They in return called HER racist and her chief of staff tweeted racist comments.

Now Pelosi has no choice after Trumps comments but to support the 4 and bring them back as the faces of the Dem party.

Bonus is that AOC now has to defend any horrible comment Omar makes as they are now a “group”.

Lol None of this has anything to do with rather his comments were racist or not. You're trying to justify Donny's racist comments.

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Posted in: Trump defiant as lawmakers blast his 'racist' attacks on 4 congresswomen See in context

Muslim travel ban"? Is that what CNN has been claiming?

As well. As Trump. Why would totally not bigoted Trump refer to it as a Muslim travel ban?


They don’t work in the government or in the intelligence agency, so they can think what they want, but the reality is, in the world of geopolitics, Israel is in fact our closest ally in the MidEast.

Oh, so we're back to trusting the intelligence community now, huh? As long as it's not about election security, right?;)

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Economy is great,

Its been great for awhile. Fun fact: the economy gained more jobs, AND the stock market increased more under Obama than Trump.

stifling ILLEGAL immigration

Again, Obama Trump's Trump.

and wiped out ISIS so we aren’t at war.

According to who? Not the generals. Not the service members still over there.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

We are fixing our country. Economy, immigration, military.

No, you're commenting on a website. Illusions of grandeur. Seek help.

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Posted in: Crackdown on immigrant families facing deportation in U.S. to start Sunday See in context

All emigrants are welcome in USA as so many come in every year,

Not true at all. The Trump administration wants to reduce immigration.

It's ez and you can do it yourself online.

It is not easy to do. Not at all. It can take years to get a visa.

Anyone can come in a educational visa or tourist visa also.

Yes. If you come from a rich family you can. But unlike Japan and other countries, folks on student visas are not permitted to work in the US, meaning only the rich can afford to come on a student visa.

They are actively seeking criminal elements and those who are danger to society or illegally collecting govt programs.

What are you talking about? Who is 'they?' Absurd.

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Posted in: Crackdown on immigrant families facing deportation in U.S. to start Sunday See in context

With the high profile Democrat donor and pedophile Epstein recently arrested, the perception is that the Democrats are no longer the party of the working person in the US. There is really no alternative to Donald.

lol What does the arrest of a pedophile have to do representing the working people? You said so little with so many words.

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Posted in: 37 countries defend China over Xinjiang in U.N. letter See in context

We have the socialist party led by AOC and her acolytes in trying to usher in a socialist system to the US, that is a movement that will ultimately destroy the country.

AOC isn't a socialist. Neither is Sanders or any other Democrats for that matter.

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Posted in: Trump hits back as UK's top envoy who called his White House 'inept' See in context

no facts nor specific examples of ineptitude (what he saw on U.S. Fake News cable channels with whithering viewerships don't count). Just opinionated unsubstantiated babble.

unsubstantiated? lol Anyone watching Donny for even a few minutes of his speech knows he's incapable of rational thought, let alone stringing together a few sentences. The constant miscommunication and damage control done by staff after Donny misspeaks is another sign. And lets not forget how many federal positions have yet to be filled. Donny has yet to name a Sec. of Defense.

Lots of proof out there, its just hard to find when your head is buried in the sand.

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

I think this is probably one of my favorite Bass quotes about Obama and Liberals:

Obama's response to North Korea will be the same as previous responses, he will bribe them with cash and food if they promise not to do it again. And, like after the previous responses, it will have no effect.

Gee, you just summed up Obama as if his actions were somehow predictable. Lol The favorite flag color for liberals is White.

How is Trump any different than any other previous admins? Does the egg on your face taste sweet or salty?

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

And for what its worth, can anyone of the Trumpies here explain the inconsistencies between how Trump treats NK and Iran? They're both murderous, authoritarian regimes. They both want nukes. The only difference is one of them rights Donny sweet little love letters.

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

Well, that feeling is mutual and yet, they all later want to do a deal.

Who is they all? On who have Donny's tactics worked? Iran? nope. China? Nope. NK? Nope. Trump went to NK and all he got is dumb photo to placate the base.

But you don’t want him to go to war either, so what is it you want, the dove or the bullet?

This is what is known as a false dichotomy. I don't want war, nor do I want a president legitimizing a murderous, authoritarian regime. I guess you don't want that?

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

but as long as he can try and get Kim to trust him, now that he sees Trump is not like any of the last 3 Presidents

Lolz no one trusts porky. No one. They can see agreements mean nothing to Donny. He will tear up agreements whenever he feels like.

that allowed him to go wild, the sanctions have been heavy, not easy, been hurting him and it has been very noticeable.

Lolz NK fired more missiles under Donny's administration than any other administration. Patently false.

Whats the message here? Fire a lot of missiles and Donny will let you walk all over him?

Another hilarious post from the poorly educated. Love it.

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Posted in: Hicks rebuffs questions on Trump White House See in context

Then schedule a PUBLIC hearing. Why do I have to hear leaks of closed door testimony through the viewpoint of partisan Democrats? Let them people hear it themselves.

Prolly cuz the little princess is too much of a coward to sit for a public hearing.

You claim you want transparent, well what's changed?

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Posted in: Hicks rebuffs questions on Trump White House See in context

Wasn’t this a closed door session? Why are Dems tweeting it out and talking to the media during breaks in the testimony?

Hilarious. Trumpsters were so happy when Clinton's emails were hacked, but now you demand privacy? Not happening. Get over it.

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Posted in: Trump flaunts 'secret' migration deal already revealed by Mexico See in context

Trump's trade deal is good it's secret. Lolz Gotta love it.

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Posted in: House Democrats to get more Mueller evidence; Trump calls witness 'sleazebag' See in context

"Democrats are abandoning their duty to confront foreign interference in our elections in favor of drawing out their slanderous campaign against the president," he said.

Hilarious, Douggie, but it's McConnell, not Democrats, who is refusing to vote in favor of strengthening election security. I'm sure that has no connection to Russian firms investing in Kentucky though, right?

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Posted in: Thousands protest against Trump in London See in context

Assuming I support Trump because I don't bash him is moronic. I do not support him but I do support common sense over knee-jerk criticism

Lol! You don't support him? I read your comments on here almost everyday. Your political leanings are quite well documented.

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Posted in: Thousands protest against Trump in London See in context

do these sheep even know what they are protesting?

Trumpies calling others sheep. Lolz #irony

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Posted in: Trump calls London mayor 'stone cold loser' as he arrives in Britain See in context

. He brings regality and hope to their circus of politics

Regality? :D An inarticulate buffoon with an orange spray tan is regal? Ooookkk

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Posted in: Pelosi urges Trump family 'intervention' with him over his 'trantrum' See in context

No, I can read and comprehend words when people say them.

Well, that's your opinion. But many of us disagree.

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Posted in: Pelosi urges Trump family 'intervention' with him over his 'trantrum' See in context

Its actually genius level stuff.

Yup, it was also genius level to lose more money than any US taxpayer in history. You are right, Donny is bigly genius. ;)

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Posted in: Trump blasts Democrats as impeachment talk heats up See in context

Yes Mueller and Avenatti failed you

Lol saying it again doesn't make it any truer.

Trump still president and no indictments of Trump family members.

That we know of yet. There are still half a dozen or more sealed indictments, not to mention numerous investigations ongoing.

His “close associates” are really people he barely knew, except Cohen.

Really? Flynn is someone he barely knew? Manafort, his campaign manager was someone he barely knew? Okay.;)

It already boomeranged on Avenatti and Cohen

So what? Cohen is a crook and Avenatti sounds like one as well. Send them both to prison, but let's not pretend Donny is any less of a crook than the other two.

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Posted in: Trump loses lawsuit challenging subpoena for financial records See in context

So Congress IS a coequal branch of government! Huh, who knew? Donny et Al, ain't gonna be happy ;)

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Posted in: White House expects China to retaliate over trade tariffs See in context

Only if you buy the cheap stuff made in China, which is probably a knock-off anyway. So your Dollar store goods will go up to a dollar fify. Big deal.

Yes, if you're barely getting by and prices rise 150%, that is a big.

Same with farmers getting burnt on the tariffs.

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Posted in: Trump urges Iran to talk with him over nuclear program See in context

So you CAN just negotiate with another government on behalf of your country when you are an unelected citizen like Kerry? Doubtful. Despite his “spokesman” claiming so.

Who cares? This is Donny the Dummy's doing. Why on Earth would Iran sit down with the Dummy? We all know now he can't be trusted.

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