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The article is a one-sided and distorted story on what is really happening in Japan today. The article quotes only what some NGOs claim, i.e, most of 7500 or so asylum seekers are real refugees and Japan rejects most of them. The Japan Today does not ask comments from the Ministry of Justice that has completely different views based on examination of all asylum claims. The NGOs are involved in only a few hundreds of claims - they do not have a complete picture.

The reality is that most of the asylum seekers are from Asian countries like Indonesia and Vietnam who take advantages of Japan's asylum system to find employment. Last year there were only five Syrians who sought asylum in Japan, compared to 1,000,000 in Germany. Real refugees are not coming to Japan for various reasons.

The Japan Today is one of the foreign media that created an image of "Japan closed to refugees" thereby deterring real refugees from coming to Japan. If you are a refugee and read the article, will you come to Japan? The Japan Today, along with the Japan Times and Reuters, is one of the culprits who contributed to the lamentable state of affairs in Japan.

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