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Posted in: Hatoyama joins anti-nuclear demo outside Noda's residence See in context

Can't someone take this old fraud and put him out to pasture. Sick of this momma's boy and his antics.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

I went to the supermarket to buy one of those small hams to make ham and potato soup. Found a pretty good looking one and it said "Made with Real North Carolina Poak!" I put it back and decided that I'd make vegetable beef soup instead. No Poak for me.

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Just my opinion, but maybe the 70's baba had little to no money and was having trouble paying rent/food/medical bills so decided it would be easier on her to get it for free in prison.

Wasn't there a report a few months ago on how more and more crimes are being committed by the elderly here because they have no one else to turn to. More petty theft, more physical abuse and now more violent crimes.

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A couple of things I find annoying about life in Japan... First is the usage of the old squat style toilets in so many places. I played American football for years and have a rickety knee which I dislocated a couple of times so trying to use a squat style toilet is an extreme annoyance. I work in a JHS which was built only 4 years ago and yet they have only 1 western style toilet for men in the whole building and its in the special needs hallway.

Second is the cleaning methods of Sapporo (I live in northern part of the city) roadways in winter. It is a disaster trying to walk anywhere as the people who own road frontage don't clean the snow (restaurants, conbini's, stores) and the snow piles up, then a city employee on a small plow will pack down the snow/ice and there you go its ready for you to break a hip (I more worry about my pregnant wife walking then myself).

Finally I find it annoying how many people are constantly in the hospital. I went with my wife for her last baby checkup the other day and as we were waiting in line to check in (we had an appointment) this old dingbat comes riding in on an ambulance and the nurses rush to get her and they ask what is wrong and she just says "Oh I felt I sneezed too often this morning so I thought I should come in to get medicine". What a waste of taxpayers money these people are that can't handle a sneeze or two.

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Posted in: What do you think of the level of service in shops, restaurants, airlines, banks, offices and so on in Japan? See in context

My worst personal problem with Japanese customer service, I was a member of a gym here in Sapporo. I had been a member for 9 months and I attended 3-4 times a week, every week during that time. In mid November of last year I got a real bad stomach virus and was forced to miss work for almost a week and even spent time in the hospital so of course I couldn't attend the gym at that time.

I told some of the gym staff I would not be attending in December as I was going back to the states and was told no problem and I wouldn't be required to pay for the month. Fast forward to December 10th, I got a phone call from the manager of the gym that I hadn't paid for December and I have to pay plus a fine for not paying on time. Now what made me the most angry was the fact that I attended the gym so much in those 9 months and when I went out sick they didn't call to see if everything was ok, didn't call to see if I was quitting or what have you, all they called about was money. Money that I was told I didn't have to pay as I was not going to be able to attend.

I flat out refused to pay and the manager told me if I don't pay I can find another gym, so I told him he can find another customer, and as I had helped with some English adverts for free I said I would like some back payment for them and he stuttered and mumbled something and said just forget about it. I was so angry I vowed to never give them another yen and have since moved to their rival gym and am now supporting them (which is also a cheaper gym).

Long story short...horrible, horrible customer service...at least in that gym.

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One word. Skyrim!

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I get so sick of my wife watching the stupid talento talk shows. And everytime they show a new restuarant to try (we live in Sapporo) she just has to go there to try it out. I can't stand the sheep like following of everything the TV says to do, but she thinks its the way of the Japanese, or some such gibberish.

The only show I watch on JTV is Shimura Genius Zoo, I think Pan-kun is smarter than half the people I meet on the street everyday as it is.

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Posted in: Geiger counters sell out in Akihabara over radiation fears See in context

Not to make light of the situation, but if the Japanese government needed a way to get people spending, this disaster has done that. Panic buying of food (I saw 1 man with 100kg of rice last night in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) and gas and no the buying out of all geiger counters.

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Any survivors (still waiting to be found) are going to be hard pressed now with heavy snow falling.

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