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Posted in: A night out at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

We, the Dutch people, are not complaining every year about Germany either.

Did Germany make amends? Did Germany construct a shrine to house the souls of Hitler, Goebbles, Himmler, and other Nazis then allow the German politicians of today to go and pray for them? Your comparison is weak and pathetic at best.

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sigh There we go whining again about the "war criminals". Give it a rest already.. You don't have to bring that up everytime.

Actually until the issue is resolved and the powers that be in this country stop trying to cover up history and lying to people it should be brought up every possible opportunity.

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Posted in: China, Japan in diplomatic fight over embassy attacker in Seoul See in context

Sending him to China and reward sends the wrong signal. It encourages other to do even more heinous crimes. Like perhaps rape and murder, China would just demand them to be returned to China and reward. South Korea turning him over to China is another insult to Japan.

As if Japan would ever act any differently.

Let S.Korea deal with the problem as it happened in their country. They certainly don't need any advice from either China or Japan.

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Posted in: Changi enhances Free Singapore Tour program See in context

And what exactly are you going to see in 5 hours in Tokyo when it takes 2 hours round trip into the city? Not to mention the fact that offering anything of value for free in this country doesn't exist in their mindset.

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Posted in: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto: 'You have no fundamental human rights' See in context

Yup he is a ultra right wing nut. I would think Tojo would of said something very much like it.

And I would think you would have supported this 100%.

This imbecile will be the Prime Minister within three years.

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Posted in: What do you think of Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto? See in context

I think he'll be Prime Minister within 3 years.

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Posted in: What kind of a fool keeps the same constitution that occupation troops forced upon us 65 years ago? We should ditch the current constitution and start afresh. See in context

I never,EVER thought I'd agree with this old raisin. Japan should absolutely ditch the constitution and start over. It's about time Japan ditches it's diapers and puts on it's big boy pants and starts defending itself. But the sad fact is they can't. Who are they going to have protecting the country? Kabukicho hosts? When the Japanese finally come to terms with the reality they need the U.S. to defend them, the U.S. can negotiate even better terms. Who knows, maybe even make Japan the 51st state. God knows nobody here can run this country.

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Posted in: Living in Japan, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context

I forgot to mention The Keg Steakhouse, and cadburys mini eggs.

Someone mentioned Snapple. I think Lipton's Lemon tea is a good substitute for the Snapple Lemon. I actually like it better.

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Posted in: Living in Japan, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context

White Spot hamburgers and Kraft Dinner! Gatorade in different flavours, and cherry nibs!

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

You see, you really don't get it, if after 6 years you still have a chip on, or you got one on your shoulder now. If you actually think this way and act on these feelings in your dealings with Japanese people who may call you gaijin, things are going to get a hell of a lot harder than easier for you.

Incredible. Unbelievable actually that someone who appears to be as intelligent as yourself would be so narrow minded as to think I walk around looking to pick a fight with anyone who would dare look their nose down on me. I am not that fragile. perhaps you are.

Dont assume something here, you'll end up regretting it. I never said what you are trying to infer here. Many if not most Japanese do not know the background of the word gaijin themselves and are surprised many times to hear themselves how it was used prior to WWII. The problem is education and society and people learning to live outside of their own little box.

Is that a threat? I don't assume anything. You posted a link to something. I read it and based on what you are saying have determined you don't quite understand the meaning yourself. If you did then you would see how wrong you are in the rest of your comments.

But good luck on your crusade anyway, someday I hope you'll see the light, but if you don't remember you were warned.

Thank you very much Oh great defender of the Yamato! However I'm not on a crusade. I'm merely stating my opinion based on the article, my personal experiences, the experiences of others I've talked to, and the thinking of many Japanese themselves when I speak with them. I'm not reading into anything here. In fact most of us on here whether they be pro or con the use of the word "Gaijin" are basing our opinions on our experiences whether they be good or bad.

Oh, you experiences are what they are, doesnt make them any less important or not, and it really doesnt matter just how long you've lived here either. Some folks get it faster than others, and some never get it at all.

How lucky for you that every experience you have had in Japan has been wonderful and magical.

I'm afraid that eventually you and others that feel like you do will end up disappointed, dissatisfied, disillusioned, and leave Japan with a sour taste in your mouth because you ended up getting caught up in things like this and others as well that destroyed your romantic vision of what things should be like here.

I would suggest you be careful not to assume something here. Pretty foolish of you to believe anyone who finds offense to the use of Gaijin falls into this category. I for one never have. I'm quite happy overall with my experiences here. If you feel disappointed by that, that's your problem

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

@takoyakitora, thank you. I never said it was right, I never said what they did was wrong. I am trying to explain the reasoning behind it. The longer you live here the better you'll understand it and more importantly see it for what it is and learn to deal with it better.

Been here for 6 years. Not as long as some, longer than others. I never came here with a chip on my shoulder, still don't have one for that matter and I love living here. What I don't like is ignorance or a belief that someone is better than someone else because they themselves are too ignorant to look at things more than 5 inches in front of their noses.

Read an learn, the history of the word was not initially used to describe foreigners. They have come up with the word gaikokujin, to be quite honestly PC in today's world. It isnt BS either. Understanding where it comes from, how it has morphed into what is supposed to be proper today helps one with understanding how to deal with the word.To blatantly dismiss the fact shows an ignorance about the language here.

I see. So therefore, if I understand you correctly, ALL Japanese know, understand, and use the word according to the historical context? From what i could gather from the wikipedia site you linked to, the context hasn't changed much from its beginnings to now.

but surely every country has a word to describe anyone who isn't from that particular country. In English-speaking countries it's "foreigner".

Glad you brought this up Luca. I was actually going to mention this in my last post. You're right. In English speaking countries we do use the word foreigner to describe people not from our country. However I have never heard anyone say "Hey look at that interesting foreigner over there." or " Wow what a cool foreigner!" Most of the time I hear the word foreigner used to describe people in such cases as "Stupid foreigner!", G** Damn foreigners coming over here and taking all our jobs. But even when people have problems with foreigners they refer to them based on their nationality instead of lumping them all in to one group, like they do here.

Again not everyone uses the word gaijin with malice or in a mean spirited manner. Bu it doesn't make it right. Is it really so hard to say Gaikokujin?

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

You obviously have a rather shallow, or shall I say inexperienced view and knowledge about Japan, Japanese people and the language in general to think that this would actually mean anything.

Well congratulations to you for being such an expert.

The problem is it does mean something, you said it yourself. If the word means non-Japanese, then it's just another example of how the Japanese consider themselves unique and completely different than everyone else on the planet. The fact that they would have to have a word to describe everyone non-Japanese reinforces this B.S. belief.

Again a generalization through experience, they don't usually look at things critically, and are very casual in their use of the word, and for most, there is almost, usually, no intent to criticize, belittle, or put down, any foreigner they come across when they use the word towards you.

And this makes it OK?

The number of times Japanese have been hurtful or downright insulting due to their cultural ignorance is appalling yet apologists constantly make excuses such as no intent to criticize. The use of gaijin to describe someone who is not Japanese is a perfect example.

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

It's up to us (gaijin) to react appropriately; don't let it go when there's obvious malice involved, but don't overreact to a mistake or simple ignorance. :)

I agree, and as a Gaikokujin here in Japan, I think I've been pretty accurate in my judgement of those who have used the word in question.

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

You're absolutely right Luca. But the big difference is I wouldn't refer to him automatically as a foreigner. i would actually take the time to find out where he's from, ask him his name, ask him about his country, buy him/or hopefully her a drink, and introduce him/her as my new friend (insert name here) from (insert country here). In other words the exact opposite of what happens here.

I get your point and the point of everyone else who says it's just a word. Of course not everyone uses it in a derogatory way. For those who just slip it into a conversation I say "you mean Gaikokujin?" They often correct themselves and say "yes, Gaikokujin." My comment, and I'm guilty of not distinguishing between them, was aimed towards those who use the term offensively or ignorantly. Obviously the use of the word Gaijin is going to have a different impact on everyone. For me personally, I don't like it and see it as a lazy, low brow, ignorant way of referring to someone who isn't from the same place as you.

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

The professor then offered his personal opinion: “My own sense is that some foreign residents of Japan who take offense at any use of the term ‘gaijin’ belong to a well-established phenomenon of foreigners (usually white men) who want to become completely Japanese (culturally, biologically, socially)—cf. Pierre Loti, Madame Chrysantheme, Blackthorne in Clavell’s novel ‘Shogun,’ or James Bond, in ‘You Only Live Twice.’ For these Japanophiles, any indication that they’ve not succeeded in becoming Japanese is taken as a personal insult, and I think much of the offense at the term ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) stems from this anxiety they bring to the situation.”

This is so true.

Yeah, uh, no it isn't.

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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

I don't know. Lets run a test on them. We should call them gaijin in Japanese language in other countries in the same manner they call us gaijin here, and we well see their reaction.

Funny you should say that because that's exactly what I do here in Japan. I call the Japanese gaijin. After a couple seconds of dumbfounded looks I ask them if they are Canadian. They say no. Then I say that's right, I am Canadian and you're not. Therefore, to me, you are a gaijin. Because it's not just a word as many here would like us to believe. It reinforces this stupid belief that a lot of Japanese have that there are two kinds of people in this world, Japanese and everyone else.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making fraudulent reservations on airport limousine bus See in context

This guy is a genius. too bad it can't work on the morning trains.

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Posted in: Beef containing radioactive cesium served to elementary school children in Kanagawa See in context

I'm tired of listening to people blame TEPCO and the Govt. for this mess. They didn't cause this by themselves. The citizens of Japan have caused this. Everyone from the useless bureaucrat to the obasan down the street. God forbid anyone in this country questions those in power or has the audacity to demand answers when they avoid the question and dance around the issue.

The blame lies with the "free press" in this country, afraid to be excluded from any and all news conferences if they ask embarrassing questions or bring up any sensitive points.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It's only a matter of time before we hear of contaminated meat and food products sprouting up all over the country.

Nippon nation, you are the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Japanese attitude and thinking when it comes to serious matters.

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Posted in: Man arrested for scalding 3-year-old stepson with boiling water See in context

Because he wouldn't behave.

I'm not condoning violence against others but sometimes I just want to kill some of these scumbags.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context

I dont understand Japan, why is the dude forced out because he has Yak as as a friend, the entire entertainment industry is run by Yakuza,

Try the entire country. If everyone quit their job because they were connected to the Yakuza in some way Japan would cease to exist. Just an immature little child with no real talent or entertainment value getting what's been coming to him for years. I am now a firm believer in Karma.

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Posted in: Suicides add to despair in Tohoku disaster zone See in context

To the government of Japan: You guys are always considering, considering, considering. It's been over FIVE months now. How about some ACTION???

I really hope people read my post before reacting to it and fully understand what I'm saying.

It took our management company two and a half months to finally replace our broken air conditioner. TWO AND A HALF MONTHS of discussing and considering all options. In this country this is normal practice.

Anyone who thinks this monumental event is enough to get the Japanese government moving with purpose is kidding themselves. Support from the government will come when monkeys fly out of our a$$es! Expect years, perhaps decades of discussing, monitoring, and assessing the issue before anything meaningful is done.

This government and bureaucratic system doesn't disgust me as someone mentioned above. I would expect nothing less from the powers that be to act in any other way than they have been. Incredibly cynical I know but what reason do I have not to be given the state of things and the actions of those in charge.

It would take a mass suicide of at least 10000 farmers in front of the diet building for politicians to do anything.

It is up to us, the everyday citizen, visitor, resident, to help in any way we can. If we want anything done in this country we have to do it ourselves.

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Posted in: Japan ready to act over yen's historic rise See in context

Why would you tell anyone this? It just strengths the yen more because investors know the government is about to give money away... Don't these "experts" know how the financial system works?

This is Japan. Real world economics don't apply here.

I made a killing off the last 2 interventions. Keep the announcements coming!

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Posted in: Kan drops plan to visit U.S. for summit talks See in context

Japan, Endless Regret.

But to Kan's credit any one of the past few Prime Ministers would have accepted the invite and would probably use it as an excuse to stay on the job longer.

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Posted in: Japan marks 66th anniversary of World War II surrender See in context

By all means, please explain how?

Read the post again.

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Posted in: Japan marks 66th anniversary of World War II surrender See in context

Most Countries who fought Wars had forget the Struggle that they had in the Past.... They forget Millions of people they killed in the war. But the Japan...the only Country Say sorry for the world every year and keeps the promise not to happen it again ...how nice.....How humble they are....

It's very easy to promise not to do something when you have absolutely no opportunity or power to ever do it again. Your constitution doesn't allow you to go to war. Not to mention the fact the rest of the world would keep Japan in check if it ever did try again.

If Japan was so sincere in it's efforts to make up for it's brutal past, then why aren't they held up in the same way people look at Germany? There it's illegal to display a swastika, perform the goose step or nazi salute, say Heil Hitler, and deny the holocaust. Here it's a national past time amongst some to claim the rape of Nanking never happened, Unit 731 never existed, and to visit a shrine and museum which celebrates the lives of Class A war criminals and rewrites history.

You want the rest of the world to accept and respect Japan's "apologies"? Try acting like you really mean it.

Having said all that I do respect Kan's speech and I do, for what it's worth, do feel it was sincere.

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Posted in: My start with the art of kendo See in context

thanks It's me.I appreciate the advice. I'll look into that.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it has lost contact with 143 nuclear plant workers See in context

Just what will it take to finally drag this scum in front of an international tribunal in The Hague for crimes against humanity?

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Posted in: One terrible characteristic of Japanese society is that we treat our elderly like they're lifeless animals. See in context

It certainly isn't just the elderly who are treated like lifeless animals.

If my Japanese language skills were up to par I would certainly volunteer. I'm sure many of them would have some interesting stories to tell.

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Posted in: My start with the art of kendo See in context

Thanks for sharing Eric. I wanted to practice Kendo since I arrived here 8 years ago but unfortunately a car accident prevents me from walking properly.

darkbob, The Cobra Kai "Way of the fist" is not proper Karate. Mr. Miyagi proved that.

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Posted in: Anne Hathaway fearless about aging See in context

no picture?

Age is just a number anyway. I certainly don't act my age :p

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