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“When I think about it now, I am outraged,” Principal Hidenori Arakawa said. “Our lives were put at risk.”

You know what i find outrageous....how utterly clueless and downright stupid people are. You're 10 km away from a nuclear disaster and it doesn't occur to you to evacuate. Instead you wait for the even more useless and pathetic bureaucrats to get their act together and "request" that you leave. Even now with all the news of leaked radioactive waste people are still too close to the danger zone.

The best thing Japan could do is give up its' sovereignty and allow another country to run things. God knows the Japanese can't.

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Posted in: 4 wanted criminals escape Japan; Justice Ministry blames Immigration Bureau See in context

Now if these guys stole some bicycles this wouldn't have happened.

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Death is the only thing that would guarantee this P.O.S. never gets out of prison and capitalizes on his notoriety and fame. This being Japan I'm sure that's a likely possibility.

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Posted in: What are your top 5 eating cities in the world in terms of restaurant variety and quality? See in context

Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver, Osaka, and San Francisco

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Posted in: Sake cocktails add a new twist to Japan’s traditional tipple See in context

Sounds like a great idea but needs work with the menu.

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Posted in: Waiting for a bite See in context

What a nice picture.

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Posted in: Radiation concerns for Japan's beef supply intensify See in context

In all seriousness, is there anything safe to eat in Japan? Does anyone know the rules and regulations when it comes to food labeling? I've heard you can have food stuffs come from an affected area, be shipped to another prefecture, processed and packaged, then shipped anywhere else and the package will state it came from the new prefecture. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

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