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I'm a Japanese born in Japan and growing up in Japan.

Why we Japanese people cannot speak well in English is because there is no chance to speak to foreigners. If you may allow me to say exaggeratedly, we don't need English in life. Other reasons are dependent to this.

Yes, you know, actually there are a lot of chances if you want to get more practices. However, ordinary people don't have to do purposely like most Americans who are not interested in Japanese anime don't want to learn Japanese language. Moreover, in my opinion, 99% of foreigners leaning Japanese language cannot speak, read, write or listen in Japanese well because they often omit functional words and have a shortage of Kanji knowledge. I assure that most of them only say the words they know randomly. So we must tend to assume what they want to say and it's rare that theirs are satisfied to communicate with. I know this is a distorted thinking people annoyed, but this article is the same as this.

What I mentioned above that English is not required is somewhat incorrect, but that we dare not to learn is correct, definitely.

My first impression when reading this article is terribly disgusting. This article says English teacher skills in Japanese school is disaster and the school system is not adequate. Exactly. However, this article misses the biggest point why we don't try to learn English enthusiastically. 

It's just we don't need it. 

Though I need it.

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