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Takumi Saito comments

Posted in: Abe tells OECD 'Abenomics' has yielded great results See in context

Hahaha.. what a joke!

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

Pot calling the kettle black.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ leads Japanese banks' profit surge See in context

It seems a dangerous bubble may pop up soon.

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Posted in: ADB says China, Japan should tackle pollution together See in context

Btw actually China already begins the rollout of regional cap-and-trade pilot projects since June last year. http://www.nature.com/news/china-gets-tough-on-carbon-1.13175

I suppose ADB hasn't caught their attention yet.

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Posted in: Japan posts record current account deficit See in context

Abenomics = Bernankonomics

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Posted in: ADB says China, Japan should tackle pollution together See in context

The problem is, China has had policies to crowd industry into tightly packed cities with incredibly high population densities. These policies have made what could have been a manageable pollution problem close to unmanageable because of the sheer density. Whereas in most countries that aren't centrally planned have industry a little bit here, and a little bit there, China has them concentrated in the cities and absolutely nothing in the more rural areas. I would say without these policies of crowding everyone and all industry into cities, we wouldn't see a pollution problem in China.

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Posted in: 60% of Chinese execs say they cannot work with Japanese firms See in context

This isn't new. No matter you are White, Black, or Indian, ALL foreigner generally have a hard time to able to work in Japanese firms and corporate. Not because of a political matter. But because the Japanese are tend too isolated (they have the greatest difficulty understanding a foreign language or culture) and are encouraged in "othering" people who are non-Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan logs Y180.8 billion trade deficit, but exports jump See in context

Abenomics is just another version of Ben Bernanke QE. This definitely not help Japanese economy for a long term. You can't fix the economy by only taped the wound. But cure them. Any chain reaction could happen during these recession times. It will impact Japan sooner or later.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for Japan reforms, better ties with neighbors See in context

And Japan obediently docile to its glorious serf's master.

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Posted in: Abe says LDP election victory will bring stability See in context

Bring stability by become more and more authoritarian?

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Posted in: Japan's two-party politics in doubt as drubbing of DPJ looms See in context

That's democracy for you. Just like in U.S, where 2 party system is basically a meritocracy controlled by bankers and corporations. And just like in Japan too, a semi authoritarian democratic government. There's no pure democracy & communist nation ever exist.

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Posted in: Japan mulls nationalising unclaimed islands See in context

Typical island mentality of Japanese government.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito - the future of Japan's monarchy See in context

So traditional

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Posted in: Crowing See in context

It's a sign that thing gonna collapse soon.

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Posted in: Toxic radiation in groundwater at Fukushima plant: TEPCO See in context

Japan don't need nuclear energy. LDP & DPJ are both CORRUPT!!

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Posted in: Abe set to win upper house majority: polls See in context

Incoming protest near you....

Turkey - check

Brazil - check

Egypt - check

Japan - pending

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Posted in: Message for voters See in context

I thought he died

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Posted in: Gov't cautious over yen's spike but says no need to panic See in context

For god sake. Inflation will NOT solve Japan's economy. Definitely. Japan should solve the problem by create a solution. NOT create even bigger problem.

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Posted in: Strong Japan will be no threat to Asia, says defense minister See in context

NOTES: (1) strengthen international order = support the U.S.A. and do what it tells Japan to do (2) freedom = the illusion that you are free to do and say as you like (3) democracy = another illusion to make it appear that the country is run by its people when In reality it's run by SOME of its people.

Well said

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Posted in: Japan halts some U.S. imports after modified wheat found See in context

GMO are poison food. USA doing this for years already.

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Posted in: Japan deflation persists; industrial output falls See in context

Abe makes Bernanke look like a joke!

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Posted in: Nikkei up after Japan gets nod from G7 on stimulus See in context

Boom bubble boom boom~

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Posted in: U.S. study sees China using 'coercive power' on Japan See in context

This topic is so bias and wrong at many levels.

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Posted in: Tokyo protesters say no to amending constitution See in context

Go ahead, if Abe want to have its own military. But don't serve the American. Kick the American from Okinawa. Don't afraid being criticized by American for not having "American version of democracy".

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Posted in: Japan signs nuclear cooperation deal with UAE See in context

Goodbye $$

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' detractors brace for 'I told you so' moment See in context

Q4 2013 is my bet.

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context

Insular Japanese is very insular.

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Posted in: Japan's factory output up, jobless rate down to 4-year low See in context

can't wait for another burst!

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Posted in: Lined up See in context

Those are white people's mannequins. They don't have "Japanese" mannequins in Japan? how lame.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan military chiefs to boost defense cooperation See in context

The LDP are America’s lapdog.

This is shameful.

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