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Posted in: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge See in context

Japan doesn’t need the death penalty as much as a change in life style which creates mental problems. You can say the same with the US or any other money or being number one obsessed culture. These needless killings won’t stop anytime soon.

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Posted in: Iran says it has confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz See in context

We’ve yet to hear the other side of the story. Was the ship really in Iranian waters? What international rules was the ship breaking? Hearsay. Definitely a tit for tat.

BTW, I’m going solar.

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

Time to Abe to put his money where his mouth is. He wants to change the constitution article 9 for this very purpose. Good luck.

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms hike wages by average 2.43% a month See in context

How many foreigners are included in these numbers? How many of these companies are J government connected? How many people actually got a raise?

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Posted in: 'Let's see them aliens': 1.3 mil people sign up to storm classified Area 51 See in context

Why September 20?

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Posted in: Visit to Bolivia See in context

A penny for her thoughts.

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Posted in: S Korean leader says Tokyo's trade curbs will hurt Japan more See in context

Someone please take their two heads and knock them together. This is sick. At this point both have lost their moral upper hand. I’m just hoping they’re keeping their eyes and ears open and not let other nations pull quick ones as these two love birds sort things out. China is sending its boats out to the Senkaku in a test of Japan’s alertness. Someone swallow the pill and move forward.

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Posted in: Air New Zealand to remove more single-use plastic from flights See in context

My dad used to do that decades ago. He traveled a lot. We had a major collection of teaspoons at home. No comment.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Very sad. No one, especially not the POTUS should be saying these things. It’s definitely not only a 1-sided problem. America’s always been torn. It seems more now than before, or is it just appearances? A prayer for oneness and harmony.

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Posted in: Amazon 'Prime Day' becomes phenomenon as rivals jump in See in context

Are Prime and Prime Day different?

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Posted in: Japanese people least likely to talk to strangers or offer help on airplanes, survey finds See in context

Too many excuses. Japanese culture is shy, I find individuals are not. If you at all have a desire to help or assist, then do so, no excuses.

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Posted in: Legalizing pot tied to less teen marijuana use See in context

The more the legitimacy the less the the hiding.

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Posted in: Trump pattern is create a crisis, retreat, move on See in context

My parents were immigrants. This is use has divided my home. I’m fully for finding who’s who. Why not? Isn’t security in great part achieved by knowing who our neighbors are? We have IDs for a reason. We don’t want illegals in our midst, get them jobs and security at home. Who’s responsible for wealth imbalance? Peace will not come within US borders, it’ll come at home, wherever it may be.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean calls for scrapping of tech export curbs See in context

Yeah yeah. Wait a week until after the election then this hard ball game will relax. The Japanese government is playing into their hardcore supporters. Let’s see. Yawn.

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Posted in: Report discovered detailing Japan's wartime use of nerve agents See in context

How did this historian Matsudo get past all the government red tape and censors to make this public? You know denials are going to come shooting him from all corners, forcing him to recant. I hope he sticks to his guns. Maybe more will come out.

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Posted in: Japan's machinery orders fall most in 8 months in worrying sign for economy See in context

All that and uncle Abe wants to raise taxes. He must know something we don’t.

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Posted in: Trump distorts census, Obama-Biden record See in context

But he’ll probably win in 2020. Trump is just the man people love to hate. C’est la vie. People forget its politics. Who doesn’t lie, his or her way? Or stretch the truth? Regardless, he’s talking to his people, the ones that are going to re-elect him. He made it to the top two years ago without CNN or others, he’ll get there again. The economy isn’t doing too badly, he’s got China dancing and he’s dancing with Kim..and Abe and others. He’s happy.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven warns franchise owner over appeal on labor crunch See in context

I side with the franchise operators here. These are people, not machines or robots. I wonder what excuse the courts will give. It’s all very numbing to the mind.

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Posted in: Abe says no need to raise sales tax beyond 10% for decade See in context

When the 10% does take effect, if it’s voted for, many will lose jobs, bonuses, raises, etc. Like always, Abe will depend on foreigners to buoy him up, whether workers, travelers, olympics, etc. Japan is stuck. No forward movement without foreigner money or people. They know it as much as they’ll deny it.

Foreigners will be milked for all they’re worth, whichever their category. Maybe the nouveau riche whalers can help.

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Posted in: Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea See in context

I guess this is good if you think money can pay for rapes and missing souls. Agreements, signatures, etc have little to no meaning to the individuals and families affected. Holding on to pieces of signed paper is an insult to the innocent. We signed an agreement with your government. It’s OK. It’s all taken care of. Go bark at them, not us. Leave us alone. Sorry. This ain’t gonna cut it.

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

From abt, Anyone but Trump to aba, Anyone but Abe. Not enough power. Whether you call it corruption or not, the LDP isn’t going anywhere.

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Posted in: Hoping to boost spending, Japan tries to sell shoppers on cashless purchases See in context

Need just a few more success stories then a major revolution will take place in the spending habits. Amazing. People still us bankbooks.

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Posted in: Hoping to boost spending, Japan tries to sell shoppers on cashless purchases See in context

Finally waking up, smelling the coffee. What can i say, better late than never.

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters storm legislature as thousands rally to mark handover See in context

Maybe Trump could give China a point off their $300 billion if the Chinese government could promise to leave these HKers alone.

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Posted in: 'Woman's hand' iPhone case to keep you company See in context

Disgusting..but becoming this generation.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

The government (LDP) has done so much for their local electorate. What’s in it for the big cities? LDP electorate IS in the inaka, countryside. Nevertheless, the LDP are here to stay since the opposition has no idea how to fight this corrupt party.

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Posted in: Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale See in context

Wasnt there an article a few weeks ago saying there’s an overabundance oof whale meat on the shelves? This is a very politicized or paid article. Oh, well. C’est la vie. Take the news with a grain of salt.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten export rules for high-tech materials to S Korea See in context

Pity these two countries cannot resolve these small quarrels. Maybe we need another Trump and Kim in South Korea and Japan. Where’s their maturity?

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

Congratulations Trump..and Kim.

Trump 2020.

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