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Remember that China became the monster nation it is today mainly because Japan, Inc. didn’t want to lower its standard of living and lower wages. Sending its manufacturing to China gave that country a lot of cash which it’s now using to flex its muscles in its vicinity. They wear an invisible ‘Remember Nanking’ band on their heads as they militarize. Abe knows this. Japan also handed over its technical know-how. None of this bodes well for Dear Leader Abe. There’s a heavy underhanded force creating tsunamis in Okinawa which didn’t exist before. Where’s that coming from, if not its neighbor next door who wants to control Taiwan at any cost, giving it free passage to the Pacific where it can enjoy access and control to the countless island without even a military presence. Change of the constitution spells war. We may not want it but Abe sees no way out..I think.

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If Abe wants to change the constitution then I also recommend that the average Joe citizen also be allowed to purchase and own guns. Why should only the government enjoy the joys of owning their toys?

In all seriousness, you dont spend billions on weapons if you don’t plan on using them. One doesn’t spend the billions to be Mr. Nice Guy in support of Big Brother. I suspect somewhere in the dungeons of Washington, D.C. there’s a group promoting and indeed pushing Abe to militarize, come hell or high water. I foresee not only the change of the constitution but also that Abe will do it in a very underhanded way. Just watch. The Japanese people don’t want the change. The pity is only Japan will lose in the long run.

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Ex_ResToday  12:01 pm JST

China should learn from Japan's lost decade: former officialdom

Japan should learn it's mistake 's from it's own lost decade, more like.

muri muri muri muri. They don’t earn. Japan goes by an agenda, not by what they did or should’ve learnt.

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Cute name, lost decade, since it started before my arrival over 25 years ago. That’s one looooong decade.

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

My prayers for the victims, and condolences to family & friends.

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Made my day. But it gives him Carte Blanche to do as he pleases and not have to worry about ratings, which I foresee him taking advantage of to pull off his diabolical plans.

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Posted in: Japan says it won't submit new U.N. rights motion against N Korea See in context

No one ever accused Japan of being a leader but at least they’ve woken up, smelt the coffee and playing a smart game.

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I vote to oust Saikawa.

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If media did a real job we wouldn’t be having to deal with conspiracies; the truth would be out there. As is good ole YouTube is a source of truth..and false news but at least people have sense to understand in which way things are moving. It’s hard to trust ANYONE out to report. In the end we must go by our own intuition. Experience is a better guide than Op-Ed columnists. Maybe the loss of newspapers will make us more discerning without need of someone else’s ‘qualified’ input. Those ‘qualified’ are paid to guide, mislead and / or toe a line. Your own intuition will do the job.

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It’s about time Tokyo got internationalized - more internationalized. I like that area. I’d like to try some international getemono; let’s see what ‘unique’ foods they offer.

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context

How about a Japanese judge for the international court in The Hague?

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Ghost will be remembered more than our dear PM will. What else, what goes around comes around. I’m very disheartened at this nation who tries so hard to look good yet always does something in the international eyes to shoot itself in the foot. Corny? Everything else has been said. This ghost story is only the beginning. Ramifications of this self serving legal system are just now going to appear.

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Posted in: MUFG Bank to end over-the-counter int'l cash transfers to combat crime See in context

Yes, they are wimps. Last time I went to open an account they ask for my US Social

Security number, not My Number. They kowtow to Uncle Sam, they told me.

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Posted in: Rights groups criticize Japanese gov't over bill on Ainu ethnic minority See in context

As far as I see what they care for is tourist money to be spread. Give them Ainu a bone. Sad to see this government’s attitude towards their supposed people.

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Good ole divide and conquer. Does Abe choose his islands or US bases?

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A mention is all? But better than nothing.

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I expect things will get better. You don’t come out of 60-70 years of a Cold War with just a few meetings. There’s good faith on both sides. Keep going Trump & Kim.

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Posted in: Rare oarfish, seen as harbingers of doom, snagged in Japan See in context

The plot thickens. Will we rock or not? I did have some dark premonitions lately, though. Just saying.

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There she is, just behind her brother-in-law. You can see her hair. Poor picture to use in this report.

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Posted in: 'Shoplifters' director apologizes for French film awards no-show See in context

Small mistake. Must’ve really cared about the award. I wonder what’s on his mind, really.

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I’d like to see an objective cannabis vs alcohol comparison. Alcohol is a mega bucks industry. Cannabis is trying to survive. Who’s paying for these studies, anyway?

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Posted in: Love hotel’s sushi room allows you to consummate your relationship in a unique way See in context

You’ve got to either be desperate or odd to enjoy one of these rooms.

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

Tell me, other than a few extrmists, who cares? Possession in 9/10 of the law. Are we going to war for this? And suppose Abe / Japan got these islands, then what? Militarize them? Throw a bunch of ultra-nationalists there? I guess prosperity ≠ maturity.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers tout U.S.-Japan-S Korea alliance as Seoul, Tokyo feud See in context

There are good reasons for all sides to be unsatisfied. As everyone says, leave it on the back burner as we solve present problems. Russia & china are playing the divide & conquer game. Korea & Japan must keep their heads cool during this time.

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Whatever the cause, lets be glad there’s one less military competition..especially on the atomic and space scale.

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Bottom Line, it seems, is to keep the Old Boys Club intact. Give lip service; OK. Whereever Japan’s at, it ain’t gonna change. Nothing. Japan’s here for Japan. Don’t expect more. It really hasn’t changed much since the Meiji Restoration until Black Ships force themselves through. Until it makes economic sense, we’ll have to accept things as they are.

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I’m dyslexic and can fully relate. Couldn’t, cant remember the simplest things. I’ve struggled for years reading simple thing; I read words that aren’t there. Until I realized I was dyslexic I couldn’t understand MY problems. Later it all became clear. I’m OK with it now.

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Deep sorrow ≠ I’m sorry.

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I believe our emperor just might do it. He’s a man of peace. The LDP may want and try to stop him but this may be his departing gift to world peace. Heart above politicians.

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NYC hasn’t seen many HQ in almost have a century. The big guys moved out. Is there a return back? Low income people have been moving out of the downtown or almost downtown areas for years. Regardless of where Amz chooses to establish HQ2, the area will have problems. Stay in NYC.

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