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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

As I’ve said before, Russia will NEVER let go of its islands. What is Putin coming to Japan for? This NE Asia seems to be heating up..fast.

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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context

China is blinking. Canada, stand strong. I strongly dont desire Mr. Schellenberg to be hurt, much less executed. China has a lot more to lose in this game. I hope the world community comes to his aide.

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Posted in: N Korea tells Japan it may raise wartime labor issue See in context

A war between North Korea and Japan would bring in South Korea. The two Koreas are working to build ties. There’s no way Moon or Kim would allow Japan to (again) divide them. China would have a field day enjoying a South Korea indirectly joining its sphere of influence. Trump might go through a ‘now what?’ moment reluctantly sending his troops in to keep the waters in peace. I see diplomacy will reluctantly win out. Nice!

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Posted in: Probe of IOC's Takeda hangs over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Another idea would be for Istanbul to sue Tokyo for a few billion dollars for undermining an otherwise clean game.

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Posted in: Probe of IOC's Takeda hangs over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Wasn’t there some news a few years ago about a quid pro quo connecting the Brazil World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Something like you give us your votes and we’ll give you ours?

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

Is it a matter of sovereignty, tradition, humanity? Will there be an I'm sorry for the animal-like treatment? Will they suddenly let him go without a comment? How Japan has changed.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

You give these women / girls good salaries respect for them would go up. They would be freer to choose quality mates.

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Posted in: Russia accuses Japan of whipping up tensions in islands dispute See in context

Then lets just give the land back to the Ainu. Forget the superpowers.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

Interesting to compare this case to the one in Canada where Meng Wanzhou, Huawei CFO, was released with a requirement that she wear an ankle bracelet. There’s no fear she’ll escape with them on. Power play in Japan with foreign nationals? The world is comparing these two cases, looking at how criminal cases are handled in each ‘civilized’ nation. Ghosn may be on trial in Japan but Japan is on trial in a bigger court. The world is watching and comparing. This level of inhumanity in the 21st century is incredible. What’s cooking, Japan?

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Posted in: French start-up offers 'dark web' compass, but not for everyone See in context

Great. I hope it has a positive effect on world crime. I hope other organizations build on this and improve it.

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Posted in: S Korea demands apology from Japan for flight over navy warship See in context

In the meantime china, an avowed ‘enemy’, is laughing as it prepares to intrude into both nations’ waters. Only Korea & Japan united can china be contained. Oh well, this ain’t gonna be a good year, me thinkest.

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Posted in: Feminist filmmakers tackle adult movie machismo See in context

I’d like to know what guidelines are being used for emancipation. I don’t necessarily disagree with her but is this headed toward a reverse discrimination or a leveling of the grounds.

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Posted in: Russia eyes missile defense buildup on disputed isles See in context

Like all other seized lands, Russia is surrounding itself with taken land as buffer zones protecting what it considers their legitimate land. Strategists on this side of the bufffer areas must learn this. China has done the same, just look at the lands between the other powers and it. Others suffer for their own capricious wants.

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Posted in: Man orders female store clerk to prostrate herself over misunderstanding with his change See in context

How about the security cameras behind every cash register?

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Posted in: Tokyo court approves detention of ex-Nissan boss Ghosn until Jan 11 See in context

I just hope that those responsible remember that what goes around comes around. It’s not about money. It’s a power play and the new head of Nissan will be proven to be behind this.

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Posted in: About 40 dogs burned to death at Nara breeding facility See in context

How can people escape alive and let 40 dogs die? Not enough care for the animals they profess to take care of. Something is fishy here.

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Posted in: Let foreigners enter, but don't let them obtain Japanese citizenship, doctor urges See in context

Oh my. I have a Japanese wife. Now what? I’m here to stay. You know what, I believe I’m helping improve the race.

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Posted in: Japanese students’ eyesight the worst in recent years; smartphones and mobile games are blamed See in context

This will not end soon. The addiction is now just in its second generation. I dont see any reversal coming soon. Quite the opposite, much more will be coming soon.

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Posted in: S Korean destroyer directs fire-control radar at MSDF plane See in context

Too much tension is building up in this area of the world. Whatever the name of the sea or islands you choose to use, the fact is these two countries need to cooperate. South Korea needs to apologize.

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Posted in: Abe's search for Russia peace pact: Best chance, last chance? See in context

If I may think out loud. I sense Abe is projecting future problems with China and possibly North Korea. What I see him doing is to proactively neutralize any cause Russia may have to join forces with an enemy, and what Japan in a future date could be seen as a military engagement. He’s playing hard ball but has few aces in his hands. I want to see the outcome.

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Posted in: Burnout, stress lead more companies around the world to try a four-day work week See in context

Good idea. Work 32 hours them get a p / t job doing some other job where people are urgently needed in the workplace. We wont need all the foreigners here. Sounds like a win-win. Don’t believe this.

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Posted in: Japan's plan to pursue aircraft carrier raises question of necessity See in context

Michael G, there's Diego Garcia just as few short miles from the African east coast. I really don't think China can do much harm when US & British have that area well secured.

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Posted in: Japan to stop charging extra for pregnant women's hospital visits See in context

What does our gov't think about when charging these fees? I've never seen such autistic-type mentality. Where's the empathy towards a people seeking gov't support to fulfill a fundamental duty / service? It's as if they were being punished for this. But of course, big business takes priority over we small fry.

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Posted in: Born free: Ex-returnee Rui Yamashita and the raw art of entrepreneurship See in context

Fresh air.

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Posted in: Russia to move troops into new barracks on disputed islands near Japan See in context

More than Russia I see Japan preparing for war. Russia has always been militant. Our Dear PM is now militarizing and the next PM will pull the trigger. Abe is now laying the groundwork. Pity. Sides quickly will be taken. We can all see who will be siding with who. We need a good statesman here; someone who knows how to see things from the other’s point-of-view and negotiate intelligently. We don’t have that now. We need a win-win mentality which at present doesn’t exist. We’re still at a winner takes all mentality. The more things change indeed the more they do remain the same. We don’t learn.

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Posted in: Japanese electronics firms look to re-engineer their design mojo See in context

Why do we need the Japanese government to tell multinational corporations what to do? Who’s on the front Line? Who’s learning from their mistakes? Why isn’t there an example of individual thinking to lead the way? As long as the government continues to butt in Japanese business will not use their ingenuity.

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Posted in: Putin calendar sales surpassing those of Japanese stars in Japan See in context

He old be on the January calendar of the series ‘Leaders you love to Hate’.

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Posted in: 65% against Diet passage of foreign worker bill: poll See in context

Steamrolling. That’s all the LDP is good at. What other real successful has our Dear Leader had? Want to keep foreigners out? Make babies..lots of them..although a little late for that. Anyway, changing the constitution has priority over your desires, Japan. Gaijins are coming. BTW, where did the exact 345,150 number come from? 150? Someone has nothing else to do than to calculate a number which truly doesn’t exist?

Anyway, gaijins, welcome.

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Posted in: 5G: a revolution not without risks See in context

I’m not so sure I’d go for a black rotary..too extreme. ;). However, I AM happy with my iPhone. I’m addicted to the convenience. Can’t go back at this time. Will it be worth the additional costs? We’ll see.

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Posted in: Identity crisis: data misuse an unseen twist in DNA testing See in context

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I just sent mine in. I’ll try to keep out of the law’s hair.

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