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Posted in: Rise of the 'mama-katsu'– women handing out favors to young men they meet on SNS See in context

Easily falls into degeneration. It’s easy to see how lonely people are. See them all the time. So sad. Weak families, long work hours. Mama-katsu is just one solution. It ends worse for others. I help them the best I can.

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Posted in: Ultra HD blu-ray player See in context

It’s not about about more visual or sound, SONY owns so many movie and music labels. They’re protecting themselves with ever more complex copy protection algorhythms to protect their investments. THAT’s what you’re paying for, the folks producing the new software.

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Posted in: Limiting screen time for your kid? It's harder than it looks See in context

By far this is an understatement. Half of the problem is peer pressure. Schools, PTAs, etc. are not strong enough to fight the billions of dollars companies spend on promotions. Governments are not about to stand in business way, either. A simple solution is for families to build stronger bonds. The more attractive a family the less games, TV, etc. are. It’s a wake up call. Whether a disease, mental disorder or whatever - these are terms to ease minds - the truth is that until and unless families DO things together society will continue to weaken.

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Posted in: Ghosn's income under-reporting 'may reach $71 million' See in context

OK, now that they’ve all but killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, lets see what happens to Nissan & co.

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Posted in: Auditors fail to unveil background of murky state land sale See in context

I guess fairness is not a word to be used in this judicial system. How can they not get to the bottom of this? Who’s seeking a raise or promotion?

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Posted in: Nissan's Saikawa: 'Ghosn child' who ousted mentor See in context

Saikawa is Japanese. The government implicitly is backing him. Right now he can do no wrong for the government. It’s a fight between Japan’s government and the French government. Saikawa is the point man. He knows all the inside secrets. Interesting. It’s becoming an international government vs government rather than a business or tax problem. In fact, Ghosn is a political prisoner.

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Posted in: Austere detention center contrasts with Ghosn's globe-trotting lifestyle See in context

Amazing. You are convicted on cheating a bit on your taxes and you end up neighbor with a criminal who cold bloodedly killed many on Tokyo’s Subway systems.

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Posted in: Gov't plans 5% rebates for some cashless payments after tax hike See in context

Prediction: it ain’t going to do much. Too many conditions.

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Posted in: Nissan's Saikawa: 'Ghosn child' who ousted mentor See in context

Saikawa, please show us you’re better than your mentor was. The world, not only Japan, is looking.

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Posted in: Electric toothbrush suppresses bacteria that causes plaque and gum disease See in context

I believe in electricity as a means of curing. It predates drugs and chemicals. This is but a beginning. Good. How much?

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

Mother nations should clearly give guidance of what to expect when they look to work here. You can blame this government here all you want but the truth is the countries where these usually young workers come from should care about what’s happening to their children. Abandoned young ones.

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Posted in: S Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation See in context

What if Tokyo dealt directly with the victims and not the government? I’d love to see the women and their families find peace. Money or no money, there’s the individuals’ dignity which both governments must deal with - together; neither the Japanese nor South Korean government has shown enough care to satisfy the former slaves’ peace of mind.

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Posted in: S Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation See in context

Japan’s big mistake, after the facts, was to deal with the South Korean government instead of the poor girls themselves. Why is the government handling the money, how many women or their families did they take care of? How did the South Korean government help the women? No one really cares about the former slaves, just their own pride.

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Posted in: Transport ministry eyes inspection of JAL, ANA over pilots' drinking See in context

So, who will be first to be caught, a Japanese or foreign pilot?

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Posted in: Transport ministry eyes inspection of JAL, ANA over pilots' drinking See in context

Please at least make it sound like you're doing a sincere job & not some government agency trying to put a pacifier in our mouths.

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Posted in: Japan's tax agency gears up to pursue hoarded funds abroad See in context

Just waiting for the day nations break down and all become one, forming A central government. This would make things soo much easier.

Sorry..dreaming out loud.

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Posted in: Japan airs concern after U.S.-China feud causes APEC disarray See in context

“Chinese President Xi Jinping took aim at Trump's "America First" trade agenda”

In China its the CCP first, Xie Jinping. At least Trump puts a nation in front. In China it’s a party or figure head.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

I’m watiting for Chapter 2 in this thriller.

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Posted in: News of Ghosn's arrest stuns Nissan employees, customers See in context

One more nail in the coffin of Japan, Inc?

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Posted in: Lonely hearts rediscover joy of letter writing in search for spouses See in context

We’ve seen Japanese women even marrying Muslims and wearing the head scarf. Many Filipinas have married into Japanese society. Japanese men have long been looking outside to make their Japan homes. It’s only the beginning. Many new little halves are on the horizon.

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Posted in: Nearly half of dementia patients in Japan put in restraints: study See in context

My mom is 91. Though she suffers from many ailments, dementia is not one of them. She loves lard, animal fat, etc. This is pseudo science from vegans, etc. Nothing wrong with a good steak or pork with some juicy fat. Look elsewhere for Dementia causes, I say.

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Posted in: Fabrication allegation rocks popular Japanese TV variety show See in context

Who allows garbage on the shows? That’s the person they should fire. Making fun of viewers makes the channel look cheap, untrustworthy. Why is so much garbage coming out lately?

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Posted in: Smartphones raising a mentally fragile generation See in context

You cant live with a dumb phone because then they’ll really be left out. This would cause more serious problems. If anyone has power or authority to change this, its the school system or PTA. Of course in this country it’s not going to happen. Parents are also happy when the kids are off their back, so to speak. The future will be worse.

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Posted in: Top hotel chains in China apologize after dirty cleaning expose See in context

Where’s the QC? Same problem as always, it seems: the promise and reality. Maybe the new definition of Omotenashi.

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Posted in: Abandoned subway station in Tokyo open to the public for a limited time See in context

It’s cool. I like the idea that it itself would become a hakubutsukan. I’m not a tecchan but i do enjoy seeing science and history and how this evolved.

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Posted in: This place is the pits: China opens luxury hotel in quarry See in context

I’d like to see the view from the hotel, not of the hotel.

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Posted in: Japan's cyber security minister admits never having used computer See in context

Let me see, maybe his boss can help out.

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Posted in: After conquering the world, smartphones face uncertain future See in context

People have money. Thy just want to spend. Give them a new gadget to play with. They’ll buy. Need a new good idea.

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Posted in: Global leaders must adapt to Trump's post-midterm world See in context

2 + 4 = 6 more years?

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Posted in: This is heavy: The kilogram is getting an update See in context

That’s it. I’m going on a diet tomorrow and lose that microgram.

Sorry. My keyboard is acting up.

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