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and? motive? more info?

You raise a good point. The nature of the Japanese prosecutorial system (i.e. leaning on suspects until they supply a confession) creates a scenario wherein offenders are basically given the power to assign whatever motive they see fit, with little questioning. That's probably why so many crimes get waved away with the old "I was stressed and wanted to let off some steam" chestnut.

When the onus is on prosecutors to investigate and present an argument regarding motive there is a chance to look deeper into individual psychology in a public forum. Whenever trends emerge it gives legislators the chance to try and address the social factors that might be leading to such offenses in the first place, with the possibility of preventing future cases.

When you allow perpetrators to self-diagnose their issues you forfeit that chance.

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The government will allow only male adults from the imperial family to attend the ceremony because the Imperial Household Law stipulates that only males can ascend the throne and minor members customarily do not take part in succession rites.

Why wait to be told? Female Imperial family members should boycott any such ceremonies until their right to ascension is granted. Their status is nothing but ceremonial in nature these days, so denying half (or more) of the constituency from attending in ceremonial affairs essentially invalidates their continued existence at all.

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What is a "Japanese style pub"??

Text book translation of izakaya.

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One of the repeated mantras used to justify his incarceration has been the potential for him to tamper with evidence. An apartment would be one of the logical places to find such evidence (relating not just to Ghosn but to Nissan as well), so shouldn't cancelling the lease and removing his possessions also count as such?

Not having a private residence also makes him more of a flight risk in the eyes of the judges, so this seems very calculated on the part of Nissan.


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... didn't the Japanese meteorological agency make a statement about the rainy season being over last week? I guess they were wrong!

The term "Rainy Season" is a misnomer, which is why every year results in a slew of incredulous comments on this and other notable websites. The facts are these:

Yes, there is an identifiable weather pattern that falls around the same time of the year, every year.

Yes, there are clear, appreciable signs allowing meteorologists to determine when it starts and ends.

Yes, the nature of this weather pattern makes is statistically likely to result in a higher chance of rainfall.

That last part is key, as it is only a tendency. Failure to rain does not mean that the weather pattern itself is not present and exerting influence. Obviously other weather patterns, particularly typhoons, can result in the same or greater rainfall too, which is what makes the name itself a nonsense.

Bottom line, I really wish the Japanese meteorological community would adopt some less suggestive name for the phenomenon in English, if only so we can avoid this pointless run-around each year.

Of course this is no consolation for the families of those affected by rain-related deaths. Tragic in any respect.

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