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wow , he has been arrested at last. why didn,t he come to my station , even though i am not a japanese , but i am very good at identifying a suspect. i would have been 10 million yen richer by now . Anyway, thank the smart guy and the police also for a job well done and i hope he pay dearly for the crime he has committed.May his soul rest in peace.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after pushing woman off platform at Tokyo station See in context

well, it is a pity that an innocent middle aged woman has to suffer the sin she never committed , but thank God that she survived the accident.this young man must have been so confused about life but he was not right pushing the woman wanting to kill her , i think the law has to take its course. But again, i have to warn most companies in japan that they are the cause of most of this problems, you know that you will not give someone a job after getting an interview, why did you invite him for an interview in the first place? dont you know that japan is such a suicide society where someone can take a dangerous decision when he losses something so wanting without getting it?they demand for one thing or the other when you vist the hallo work looking for a job and the job is just less than 150,000 yen.please japanese companies , stop dissapointing people because you are making fullery of that person after wasting his time and money coming for an interview.

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