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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

My husband, who was one of the board members of Japanese Railwat East, never got involved with financual issues leaving the work to his secretary and other junior staff. He never cared about his own family finance leaving all to me, his wife. Japanese wives are rich,managing all of her husbands' income so that husbands can work fully consentrating on their work. Wives give pocket money to husbands. My husbands' senior, the president of JR East, said: I am happy that my wife is kind to give me 100,000 yen per month. He earned 60,000,000 yen a year. Japanese CEO earns quite modestly.

It is quite natural that Mr Mizutani was fully controlling Mr Otani's money just as a Japanese wife would.

A big culture difference. Japanese wives might be luckiest in the world.

(In expensive restaurants we see mostly wives, rarely husbands who might be having Soba noodles.)

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Posted in: Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by virus outbreak See in context

Once Japan was very poor, in worst condition after World War II being devastated by US bombing. People were howerver bright and active for recobstructing the country. Japan has got richer and people lately look exhausted and not happy with weaker family bobdadge. The virus problem has ironically brought the family back home to stay longer. TV shows that the viewers have increased. Let's see if the birth rate will increase. Japan has got poorer? No problem. We started from zero.

We can survive as we have 100yen shops.

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